What to do when your advertising access is restricted and your FB Business account is down



Facebook Ads is something that can be extremely profitable for affiliate marketers. Despite opinions may vary, we all agree on two points:
  • If you use it the wrong way you are wasting your money.
  • Facebook would lose patience even to a saint.

Today, I would like to focus on the second point, because you should be aware of this before running any paid campaigns, and unfortunately not many people tell you this part of the story.

When it comes to Facebook Ads, many things can make you lose your patience.

First of all: sometimes your ads are rejected, and you don’t know why.

Second: sometimes you try to create more Audiences with Facebook Audience Insights, and suddenly it stops working.

Third: sometimes the business account of your page is “Not Allowed To Advertise” and, also this time, you don’t know why.

When the first point occurs, it is not so bad: you can review your ad until it will be accepted.

When the second point occurs, you start getting nervous: you need to stay 1/2 days without using Audience Insights, and you fix the problem.

When the third point occurs, you throw your computer/phone out of the window: this is a big problem and many times there is no solution. Even worse when this problem affects also your personal business account: all your pages will be restricted.


We give you the right tips, but you need the business. 

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But don’t worry: there is a trick. It requires a lot of work, but especially if you are risking your whole business I bet you will be more than happy to solve the problem.

So, what to do when FB business account is down? Require a review and hope to solve the problem. Despite of this, you should always follow these tips that will make your business impenetrable.




Putting all your effort in one Facebook page is like investing all your money in one stock: if that unique source of income is down, you fail. This is the truth.

Not everything depends on your will. So differentiate and be independent.


So if one is down you can use the other. Simple.

Once you use a different account, you need to set different pages. Now, if you want to have the same page you had before, go to your restricted account, select the page you need and make it private (you simply need to change the option, from “public” to “private”, in Settings).

Go to the new account and create a page using the same content. Just slightly change the name of the page.

Then send a message to all the users who had previously liked your restricted page, to ask them to put a new like to your new page. That’s all.

Now you can activate your new business account for your new page.

The inconvenient is that before having the possibility to select certain options in paid campaigns, you need to spend at least $10 in paid ads: this is the method through which Facebook verifies the “seriousness” of publishers and avoids too many accounts from the same person.


Especially at the beginning, I often happened to see ads like “With our service, you will have up to 100000000000000000000 websites for free”. And I always thought: “Why the hell should I have more than one website???”. But then it hit me.



2PlayPolls Website


If you read my “About Frustrated Affiliate Marketers” post, you know that my main account is 2PlayPolls: it deals with passive income, but since it is too broad a niche and I know a lot of things, I needed different websites. I use this website to communicate with frustrated affiliate marketers because I want to share with you my experience in affiliate marketing to avoid you the frustration I suffered at the beginning.

You’re welcome.

Having different websites mean that you can narrow your affiliate marketing niche. You have the possibility to create different pages on social media: this also means you can create different pages and different business account on Facebook.

This requires a lot of work, but the beauty of websites is that there are tons of platforms where you can create them for free: the leading platform, as you know, is WordPress.

Just one tip: always try to use the same logo for pages and websites treating similar topics. This will make you recognizable even if you need to create new pages because the old ones are restricted.


Generally speaking, if you want to run a paid campaign you have to follow some simple rules:

  • Since Facebook wants to give its audience the best experience (Remember: Facebook is a social media, people don’t go there to buy stuff! If you want to know how to make people switch their “social media mindset” to a “buyer mindset”, watch this two hours video), improve your landing page: you need it because in 90% of cases Facebook doesn’t allow you to put your affiliate link in the ad. Your landing page needs to be consistent with the ad you are sharing: there must be no interruptions in the user experience, so your landing page must recall the ad you published;
  • Select the “Special Ad Category” option if your ad is related to housing, credit or employment;
  • Improve the quality of your ad or Facebook can punish you: if you do not create a good experience for the user the cost of your ad can increase.

This said, Facebook can reject your ad for no reason. But if you follow the rules this possibility is very low.




This must always be your priority.

The advantage of the internet is that we can make tons of money from the comfort of our home, but the other side of the coin the bad side – is that we are too vulnerable:

Your only website is hacked? You fail.

The only social media you are using for your business is down? You fail.

So, DIFFERENTIATE and always reinvest your money to create different streams of income and to improve your business.

follow frustrated affiliate marketers

Now, spread the word and go work!



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10 thoughts on “What to do when your advertising access is restricted and your FB Business account is down

  1. Hi! I have been discovering this ugly truth that following Facebook’s policies doesn’t always work. The advice you have given us here is simple but effective. I’ll begin by creating several accounts. And I’ll also try to be as independent as I can. These tips will definitely help.

    Thank you very much for this post!

    1. Hi Ann! Thank you so much for your comment! You got the point: being independent is the best thing we can do for our businesses!:)

  2. Hey nice article you have there, your thoughts are indeed invaluable. This is exact article I have been searching for, my advertisement on some platforms has been denied in recent time, this has really got me worried, because I have been loosing some possible sales. Nevertheless, I am convinced that with the tips highlighted in this article, everything will definitely returns to normal

    1. Hi! Thank you for your comment! I’m happy that you find it helpful. Advertising, especially on these platforms, can be very hard! but we can always find a good solution!:)

  3. Hello dear, thanks a lot for sharing such amazing concise information with us all, I really love your work here, I must say I really value these post a lot, your ways of advertising is really something to save and come back for future reference, I suggests you have a subscribers page so we all can follow your works dear

    1. Hey thank you so much for commenting and for the tip! Actually I added a newsletter to my homepage so if you want to stay updated just sign up!:) I will add also a member page in the next months!:) 

  4. Well written and every informative. I recently started using Facebook for my business to try to drive traffic.to my website and it really isn’t as easy. I have tried once advertising and it was declined but I never thought of creating another page. Will try that out and the multiple websites idea too, already I have 3. Thanks for sharing this 

    1. Hey Donny thank you for your comment! I really appreciate it! But don’t forget: creating multiple pages will be useless if your whole account is down, so it is better to create also a different account to be sure!  

  5. Hello there, thanks for sharing this wonderful piece of information here with us. I must confess, i really did enjoy going through your article as it contains useful information’s one needs to be aware of especially me because i have faced these problem severally without know what to do, i think i will put these your tips to play now. Thanks for this

    1. Hey! Thank you for your comment! I’m glad I could help! I experienced these problems too so I can relate and I tried to share what I did to solve the problem:)

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