What is the Best Affiliate Marketing Program for Beginners in 2020?

what is the best affiliate program for beginners in 2020 wealthy affiliate

Let’s start saying that when you choose an affiliate program, you need to take into account many aspects:

  • Is there any training to sell the product in the most effective way?
  • Are there tools for affiliate marketers to promote the product easier?
  • Are the commissions clearly defined?
  • Do I have the right support?

So, what is the best affiliate marketing program for beginners in 2020? An affiliate program that answer all these questions positevely, my suggestion for you: Wealthy Affiliate.

: This is not the first time I talk to you about Wealthy Affiliate.





Why you need affiliate training?

Because affiliate marketing is not so easy as many want you to believe. In this IG post I shared some data related to affiliate marketing, and you know what? It looks like ever more and more firms and companies are using affiliate marketing as their marketing strategy. So, affiliate marketing is no more something that only pertains to the digital world. The reason why this change is occurring is that affiliate marketing is cheaper for firms and, morever, it doesn’t require an increase in the number of employees. Every firm can set its requirements but, in most cases, all those who want to join the program can do it and start promoting the product of that firm. Affiliate marketing represents a win-win strategy, and it doesn’t require a great investment for firms and companies. At the end of the day, those who make the higher investment in terms of money are the very affiliate marketers – when they don’t use only free strategies. Think of how many of them use Google Ads, Facebook Ads, PPC, funnel sofware programs, graphic programs, copywriting software programs, content creators, web hosting and so on. Affiliate marketing has a whole market behind it, and everyone is profiting. Moreover, being an affiliate marketer means doing a high skilled job. Affiliate marketers are completely autonomous – in fact, as I always say, affiliate marketers are real business owners, not just people who earn commissions from other people’s products. Considering this, you can easily understand why affiliate marketing is not as easy as many think. Selling products is not for granted: nowadays, with all the competition we face, it is not said that you make a sale just because you share a post or publish a website. You need knowledge, you need to test a lot and see what works.

To make the process easier, a good affiliate program organizes training based on that specific product: the owner of the product collects data from all its tests and share them with the affiliate marketers, as well as he/she shares all the updates related to those data. What is the banner, the swipe file, the target audience that converted best so far? All this is shared because there is no secret: both the owner of the product and the affiliate marketer want to make money, there is no need to reinvent the wheel, but to work with what worked so far.

And this is the first point because of which I suggest Wealthy Affiliate. For its affiliate program, Kyle and Carson realized a full affiliate bootcamp that explains how you shoud promote Wealthy Affiliate. And the best part is that you can reuse the same method with other products.
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Wealthy Affiliate – Join Now for Free. No credit card required.



Is Wealthy Affiliate a scam?

Let me answer this question starting with some definitions.

According to Merriam-Webster dictionary, a scam is “a fraudulent or deceptive act or operation”.

Definition of fraudulent: “characterized by, based on, or done by fraud“.

Definition of fraud: “an act of deceiving or misrepresenting“.

Definition of deceptive“tending or having power to cause someone to accept as true or valid wht is false or invalid“.
Now, we can easily understand why Weatlhy Affiliate is not a scam – despite the opinions of some marketers.

Wealthy Affiliate is not deceptive. It gives you exactly what it promises. No secrets, no frauds. Wealthy Affiliate’s cretors are so secure of the value of their product that they give you the opportunity to start for free and to set up an account that can be free as long as you want. But if you really use it you will discover that it is much more effective to go Premium and you will desire the premium membership very soon. The Wealthy Affiliate premium membership discloses a set of opportunities that you could not give up.

When I discovered the price of the premium membership I was incredulous. I mean, you can create an account for free and it can last as long as you want. Then, you spend just $19 for the first month. Then, $49 for the next months. Considering the value of what you get, the price is extremely low – tell me if you found something that is worth more for a lower price, and I will join!


Wealthy Affiliate –Join Now for Free. No credit card required.





Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth It?

Wealthy Affiliate is an all-in-one platform created by affiliate marketers for affiliate marketers. Being professionals, Kyle and Carson knew what other affiliate marketers need and they acted accordingly. Since the very beginning of my job as an affiliate marketer, while I was trying to figure out a good strategy that could work for me and after thousands of videos where other affiliate marketers were claiming that affiliate marketing was the easiest way to make money online, I was very frustrated with affiliate marketing: being frustrated with affiliate marketing is a condition that almost all of us experienced, and just a few don’t give up and go on trying. After a period in which I learned how to recognize scams and started selling some products, I felt like I had made progress, but I needed something that could help me to manage my work easier, to be focused and to keep in touch with other affiliate marketers who had experienced my same issues – because, let me tell you something: both affiliate marketing and entrepreneurship can cause a feeling of solitude and confusion, unless you have a bunch of friends in business, and this increases the frustration. One day, I read an article written by a member of Wealthy Affiliate. I had already heard of that and I had even set up a free account, but then I abandoned it because I was not sure it could be worth it.

Big mistake.

I joined again but, this time, I decided to give it a chance. When I discovered all the features of this platform I was just shocked and I signed up for a premium membership very soon.

It was what I had always looked for and I had the bad sensation that I had lost time not focusing on it before, the first time I had that opportunity.

For $49/ month I had everything: training – because I am convinced that none of us should skip new training, even if we have experience and made our first sales: knowledge is everything and many times a new training gives you a different point of you; a section where I can create my content, WordPress templates, set writing goals – very important to set a working discipline, something harder to reach when you work from home – and publish my content directly on my website; the opportunity to build up to 10 websites in seconds – the premium version of WordPress is included in the premium membership of Wealthy Affiliate – and to easily manage it without issues, since the support replies your questions in minutes (another good point: speed!); the posibility to buy domains that will always have the same price, year after year, and to create subdomains and email addresses for free (!); the opportunity to earn money within the platform, thanks to the “cash credits” possibilities; the opportunity to ask for comments and feedback for my website – this aspect is very important, because you create traffic and engagement for free; the affiliate program to earn commissions promoting Wealthy Affiliate; an all-in-one keyword research tool, Jaaxy, that allows you to drive traffic, analyze competition, rankings and trends for free; the support of over 1 million affiliate marketers.

All this. And for $49/month. As I told you, I was just shocked.

So, if you ask me if Wealthy Affiliate is worth it, I answer Yes, definitely.


Wealthy Affiliate – Join Now for Free. No credit card required.



Wealthy Affiliate Commissions

Another good point in favor of Wealthy Affiliate is that commissions are clearly defined.

With Wealthy Affiliate’s affiliate program you can earn different amounts of money according to what you referred.

As you can easily see in the affiliate program details, the affiliate commissions are monthly recurring: since Wealthy Affiliate premium membership is a monthly subcription, you earn monthly comissions for each referral as long as he/she stays with Wealthy Affiliate. Since for the first month of premium membership there is a special price – that is, $19 instead of $49 – referring one person who goes Premium you earn $8 for the first month, then you will earn $23.50 for each month of subscription of your referral. You can use the earning calculator to discover how much you can earn according to the number of referrals – so, if you need a specific amount of money each month, you can understand how much you have to work.
To promote Wealthy Affiliate, you have a whole affiliate bootcamp to know where to start and how to move on. Moreover, you have access to detailed stats, to banners, to the opportunity to write specific automated messages that can be received by each referral, to plugins that you can easily add to your website and to an original tool that allows you to create comparison tables to compare Wealthy Affiliate and other products if you want to use this strategy to sell more.

wealthy affiliate affiliate bootcamp the best affiliate marketing program for beginners in 2020

I almost forgot: if you join Wealthy Affiliate and get at least 100 premium referrals by December 31st, you can participate to the all-paid private conference in Las Vegas. Imagine yourself traveling to Las Vegas for free!

When you join WA, you can promote not only Wealthy Affiliate, but also the powerful keyword research tool, Jaaxy. Also in this case, commissions are recurring. You earn $20/month for each referral who upgrade to Pro, $40/month for each referral who upgrade to Enterprise.


Wealthy Affiliate – Join Now for Free. No credit card required.




You reached the end of this article and I hope you will find it useful – and I also hope that I clearly told you why Wealthy Affiliate is the best affiliate marketing program for beginners in 2020 according to Frustrated Affiliate Marketers.

Let’s recap and see the most salient points:

  • You get training
  • You get an amazing product
  • You get support
  • You get traffic
  • You get engagement
  • You get recurring commissions
  • You get the opportunity to travel to Las Vegas for free

And much more.

I hope you will join the WAs family through my links, especially because you will be part of Frustrated Affiliate Marketers exclusive group and get a lot of giveaways and additional support!

Have a nice day!

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