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As you know if you are already a fan of Frustrated Affiliate Marketers, my goal is to help you growing your online business. That’s all. For this reason, I am going to introduce you to a great tool to increase your sales conversion rate: Privy.






Privy, inc. […] provides a platform for any business to use to grow its email list and offers a variety of services in connection with the platform, including subscriber marketing and form completion services.” (Privy – Terms and Conditions).

In a nutshell, Privy is a platform that helps you growing your business thanks to a set of marketing tools.

These tools are categorized into three products:

Privy was founded by Ben Jabbawy, who is also the CEO of the company and the co-host of the Ecommerce Marketing Show. With more than 400,000 customers, used in 180 countries, an Alexa rank of 6,726 – 2,271 in the United States, with more than $4 billion in sales generated, Privy is one of the best products reviewed in the Sales and conversions category of the Shopify App Store.




As you know if you navigate the web looking for tools that can optimize your business, there are a lot of services that can make you reach the same results. But, in my opinion – and this is the reason why I am suggesting Privy – the strenghts of this platform are mainly two:

  • You can divide your target audience into segments, and show the right solution to the right person;
  • Prices are not the same for everyone: the bigger the website and the amount of contacts, the higher the price. So, you can choose different plans along with your growth, but if you are at the beginning the cost is extremely low.

So: cost-effectiveness and laser targeting to increase your sales conversion rate.

In any case, you have 15 days of free trial – no credit card required.

But let’s’ analyze each service separately.



We give you the right tips, but you need the business. 

Secure your future now for $49/month




Privy Convert focuses on allowing you to build and/or increase your email list.

You achieve this goal through:

  • Popups;
  • Flyouts – basically, flyouts can be compared to banners or popups, in the sense that they have the same function, but flyouts are optimize for mobile. So, you don’t see something fixed, but something that moves on the screen just drawing your attention without bothering you;
  • Spin-to-wins (my favorite tool: they are the funniest form of ads and maybe the most converting precisely because of this characteristic, so I will dedicate a new article to spin-to-wins to show you how to create them with Privy… Stay tuned!);
  • Banners;
  • Bars;
  • Embedded forms;
  • Landing pages.

spin-to-win marketing technique

Advanced Targeting – As I mentioned before, one of the strenghts of this platform is the advanced targeting: all the advertising you create can be triggered according to URLs, number of visits and cart value. So, only the more interested people will see your ads, they won’t be shown to everyone if you don’t want to. This implies that it is very likely that each visitor will convert to a new lead.

Cross-sell campaigns – Cross selling marketing is a very effective marketing technique that allows you to suggest your customers some products that they can add to their carts according to their purchases, just because the product you suggest could give them more advantages if they purchase those products together. Privy gives you the possibility to create such campaigns, allowing you to provide more value to your customers and increase sales.

Stop cart abandonment – You know when you visit a website but you are not so sure to buy the product they are offering, and when you try to leave appears a discount? That’s it! Privy allows you to create also these popups. Personally, many times I bought products online just because of these discounts, and I am sure you did it, too! You can use the same strategy.

Proven pre-built campaigns – Being used by hundreds of thousands of business owners, Privy has the opportunity to collect tons of data on what works to sell more, and they share this knowledge with you suggesting the best templates.

And more… – Moreover, you can add coupons to your store, automatically deliver the codes of your coupons and use email integrations. And there is one more bonus: the top 10 marketing plays for free!



With the 15 days free trial, you can use all the features of the paid plans, but for what concerns Privy Convert, this tool is free if your website receives up to 5,000 monthly views. The free plan includes:

  • Every popup and display type
  • Every tool is fully customizable
  • All integrations
  • Email and live chat support

If your website receives over 5,000 monthly views, these are the prices:

  • Up to 10,000 monthly views – $20/month: everything from the free plan, plus the possibility to remove Privy branding;
  • Up to 25,000 monthly views – $35/month: everything from the 10,000 plan;
  • Up to 50,000 monthly views – $70/month: everything from the 25,000 plan, plus two private coaching seasons;
  • Up to 100,000 monthly views – $140/month: everything from the 50,000 plan;
  • Up to 200,000 monthly views – $250/month: everything from the 100,000 plan, plus dedicated ecommerce coach;
  • Up to 500,000 monthly views – $350/month: everything from the 200,000 plan.


Privy for affiliate marketing

Apart from the “stop cart abandonment” feature – it makes no sense to use it if you do not have a cart on your website, you can use all the Privy Convert tools also for affiliate marketing. Privy is created for shops and have a lot of integrations especially for Shopify. But, even if you do not have a cart on your website, no one can prevent you from using the marketing strategies offered by Privy and the types of ads you can create with Privy for your affiliate marketing business.



We give you the right tips, but you need the business. 

Secure your future now for $49/month




With Privy Email you can:

  • Create and send professional emails easy, using the templates provided by Privy;
  • Send automated mails to those visitors who abandoned the cart of your store without buying – of course, this tool is useful if you have a store on your website. According to the estimates of Privy, you can save 10-20% of abandoned carts;
  • Order follow-ups automatic emails;
  • Send automatic coupon reminders.

Moreover, you get 12 bonus email templates for free.

According to Privy, “98% of visitors will leave your site without buying. Email is how you’ll bring them back“.

Now, discover how much you can spend to bring your visitors back with Privy.



  • Up to 1,000 contacts – $13/month. This and the following plans include:
    • Shopify integration
    • Send newsletters, promotions, and other type of emails
    • Automated cart abandonment emails
    • Automated order follow-up and coupon reminder emails
    • Create automated email sequences
    • Unlimited email sends
  • Up to 2,000 contacts – $15/month;
  • Up to 3,000 contacts – $20/month;
  • Up to 4,000 contacts – $25/month;
  • Up to 5,000 contacts – $30/month;
  • Up to 6,000 contacts – $35/month;
  • Up to 7,000 contacts – $40/month;
  • Up to 8,000 contacts – $45/month;
  • Up to 9,000 contacts – $50/month.

And so on: add $5 each 1,000 contacts.

The plan changes when you exceed 49,000 contact – up to 50,000 contacts you spend $255/month: once you exceed 49,000 contacts, the plan includes also a dedicated ecommerce coach.




Privy Text is a tool that focuses on text message marketing. It can look like a weird technique, because maybe you think that nobody is going to give you their private number. But it is not true: if you use text message marketing the right way, it is extremely effective to build a stronger relationship with your customer.

The best way to use this marketing technique, is using it as the completion of your email marketing strategy. Privy provides you with the tools to use text message marketing the correct way:

  • You can send automated messages once a possible customer completes an action: after a subscription, or if they add something to their carts then leave without buying;
  • You can grow your list: for instance, you can create targeted popups, banners and so on first and send them via email or showing them on your website, offering a special coupon to those who leave you their private numbers; then, you can automatically send codes via text messages. Privy Text provides you with everything you need, to create ads, coupons, automated messages and exclusive techniques;
  • You receive the guide to get started once you buy this tool.



This is how much you spend for your text message campaigns:

  • Up to 100 contacts and 600 text messages – $10/month;
  • Up to 200 contacts and 1200 text messages – $20/month;
  • Up to 300 contacts and 1800 text messages – $30/month;
  • Up to 400 contacts and 2400 text messages – $40/month;
  • Up to 500 contacts and 3000 text messages – $50/month;

And so on. Add $10 for each 100 contacts and 600 text messages.

Each plan includes automated cart abandonment and after sign-up text messages, and Shopify cart and coupon integrations.




You reached the end of this article, I hope you will find it useful! If you want to stay updated and read also the next articles about Privy, click below and follow this blog!

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