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If you want to discover Facebook hidden Interests and how to make money with Facebook Ads, read this blog post!
I will show you how to make money with FB Ads using a tool that not everyone knows: Facebook Graph API


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How to make money with Facebook Ads?


If you are a marketer, I bet you ask this question tons of times!


It is not a secret that Facebook Ads is an overcrowded competitive environment, and precisely because everyone uses it, you need to know the tools that will give you a competitive advantage.


The difficulty of making money with Facebook Ads relies on its very system, a bidding system that respects the most elementary among the economic rules: demand and supply.

The more demand for a good, the higher the price of that good. Suppliers will face a more competitive environment because everyone will try to make some profit from that highly demanded good. This might result in a lower price for buyers, but in a higher cost for suppliers.


Now, consider the Facebook Ads Interest as the good, and yourself – the Marketer – as the supplier – no matter if the product is yours, in any case, you are the one who is publicly selling that good on Facebook. The Facebook Audience represents the buyers.


If a Facebook Interest has a wide Audience, Marketers will think that they can make a profit more easily, because demand is pretty high. So, they will start selling that product.


In a self-fulfilling prophecy process, where “an originally false expectation leads to its own confirmation” (Britannica) – as in trading, they would be right, but in this case I’d define the process as a reverse self-fulfilling prophecy.


In fact, in logical terms, it is true that if there is a high demand for a specific product it is convenient to sell that product – so, the “original expectation” is true, but this doesn’t lead to the “confirmation”, and you know why? Because we have to take into account competition.


And here’s the trick: to make money with Facebook Ads you have to find an Interest with low competition, but that has still a wide audience. That’s where Facebook hidden Interests come in.


We give you the right tips, but you need the business. 

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Note: Of course, part of the game is targeting the right audience, so you won’t waste money displaying your ads to people who are not interested in the product you are selling.

If you are interested in an “advanced” method to target the right Audience, I wrote a blog post on this: “How to identify your Target Audience – Try Facebook Audience Insights“.


We give you the right tips, but you need the business. 

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Facebook Hidden Interests


If you are familiar with Facebook Ads, you know that part of the targeting is choosing the right Facebook Interests.


Through interests, you can target people that fit your product’s niche.


Choosing the right interests means that you avoid wasting your money showing your Facebook Ads to people who are not interested in your product, at all. So, spending time to identify the right interests is as important as choosing the right demographics and locations.


Now, when you try to choose the interests related to your product, you have two options on Facebook:


  • You try to explore the lists provided by Facebook;
  • If you already know what might be the relevant interests, you can type them and see if you find them.


In any case, you will be able to see only the interests that anyone else can find – unless you have very clear ideas and you don’t want to explore other opportunities. And Facebook supports the interest you thought of.


Too many variables.


This is not convenient if you want to have a competitive advantage and you want to find less competitive interests.


Fortunately, you can easily solve this issue using the tool I’m going to show you.

The name might sound scary, but it is easier to use than it seems.


This tool is Facebook Graph API.


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What is Facebook Graph API


As we can read on the Facebook Graph API Homepage,

The Graph API is the primary way for apps to read and write to the Facebook social graph. All of our SDKs and products interact with the Graph API in some way, and our other APIs are extensions of the Graph API, so understanding how the Graph API works is crucial.


Ok, don’t worry. Let’s try to fully understand this definition – because, in my opinion, it is not easy.


First of all, I want to share with you some definitions.


What is an API?

API stand for Application Programming Interface. In a nutshell, it is an intermediary: it receives your requests, it sends them to the relevant server, and it gets back to you with a response.


We use APIs all the time: every time we perform an action with our phones, computers, or whatsoever, from searching something on Google to fill a form, we are using APIs. Otherwise, we wouldn’t understand the info we receive, or our data would be totally exposed to the server, or the server would expose all its data.

To explain what an API is, MuleSoft provides a very good example of how an API works:

Imagine you’re sitting at a table in a restaurant with a menu of choices to order from. The kitchen is the part of the “system” that will prepare your order. What is missing is the critical link to communicate your order to the kitchen and deliver your food back to your table. That’s where the waiter or API comes in. The waiter is the messenger – or API – that takes your request or order and tells the kitchen – the system – what to do. Then the waiter delivers the response back to you; in this case, it is the food.


Voila! Consider an API as a waiter who allows two entities – you and the relevant part of the server, that is, you and the kitchen – to communicate.


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What is an SDK?


SDK stands for Software Development Kit, and it is just a set of tools that allows developers to create applications on other platforms. Of course, every platform has its tools – also Facebook, and the SDK collects them to let you understand how to work with that platform.

Here’s another practical example, an example of how an SDK works provided by Nordic APIs:

Think about putting together a model car or plane. When constructing this model, a whole kit of items is needed, including the kit pieces themselves, the tools needed to put them together, assembly instructions, and so forth.

An SDK or devkit functions in much the same way“


That’s it! Think about when you buy a cabinet that needs to be assembled: the SDK consists of the pieces of the cabinet and the instruction manual. You use the SDK to build the cabinet, but you can use it in different ways once it’s ready.


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Back to Graph API


Now, we can get back to Facebook Graph API.


It’s the main Facebook API, its name derives from the idea of a “social graph” — a representation of the information on Facebook (Facebook Graph API Overview).

For what concerns our topic, Facebook Hidden Interests, we can use a token to directly communicate with the main Facebook’s API.


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How to Leverage Facebook Hidden Interests


So, let’s get to it, shall we?

Let’s understand what to do and where to go to discover our hidden interests to earn money on Facebook Ads through a step-by-step guide.


Step #1 – Facebook for Developers

Facebook for Developers dedicates an entire section to the Graph API. Once there, if you don’t have an account just sign up, then move to step #2.

Step #2 – Use Facebook Graph API Explorer

Graph API Explorer is the application that will allow you to create the access token to assemble the URL you need to discover Facebook Hidden Interests.
Before using it, go to the “My Apps” section, click “Create App” and provide all the info Facebook needs (don’t worry, just a few, easy info).
Once your new app is created, get access to the Graph API Explorer as shown in the image below (Graph API -> Tools -> Graph API Explorer):

Facebook Graph API Explorer - to reach it, go to to the Facebook Graph API page, then click "Tools": there, you will find the Facebook Graph API Explorer

Now, you can generate an access token. Also in this case, don’t worry because it is extremely easy and you don’t need any special permissions!

Once you create your access token, you will see a series of numbers and letters: that is the token, copy it.

Step #3 – Create your URL to discover Facebook Ads Hidden Interests

Brass tacks! Let’s create our URL!

We are going to have access to a number of Facebook Ads interests that your competitors don’t even know – and that will cost you less when you will realize your Facebook Ads campaign. And all this, thanks to a simple URL!

It is made up of a few elements, and you can use it for all the interests that run through your head.
Here’s the URL:

https://graph.facebook.com/search?type=adinterest&q=[interest]&limit=10000&locale=en_US&access_token=access token


With this URL we are communicating with Facebook, we are asking to show us the interests related to our main topic.

In fact, to use it, you just need to replace the word “interest” with a broad topic and “access token” with the access token you copied before.


Step #4 – Leverage the relevant hidden interests to make money with Facebook Ads

Now, let’s see what happens when I use this URL.


I want to discover the hidden interests related to the broad topic “Marketing” – since I deal with affiliate marketing, the products I promote are usually related to online marketing.
So, I replace the word “interest” with the word “marketing” and I add my access token. Then, I copy the URL and paste it in the search tab.
In the video below you can see how many interests I found:


From the interest “Product”, with an audience of 883,810,420 people (!), to the interest “Whole Foods Market Charlotte”, with an audience of 0 people (!).

I found all the interests related to Marketing covered by Facebook, interests that Facebook would never show me, interests I wouldn’t think of. Now, the only thing I need to do is to choose the one that is the most relevant and at the same time with a smaller – but still large – audience, to bid less and to reach a very targeted audience. This will impressively increase your sales.

We can have access to tons of Facebook data (!). And we can use them in our Facebook Ads Campaigns (!!!).

For every interest related to the broad topic you choose, you know the ID of the interest, the name of the interest, the size of the audience interested in it, the path – to find the interest and add it to your Facebook Ads, and the specific topic that identifies that interest.

Now, we have a competitive advantage. Now, we can make money with Facebook Ads spending less. This is how to use Facebook like a pro!



We give you the right tips, but you need the business. 

Secure your future now for $49/month



Facebook Ads


I hope you enjoyed this blog post, because we learned two fundamental things to make money with Facebook Ads:

  • How to target the right audience;
  • How to target the right interests.


Of course, Facebook Ads also deal with media: choosing the right visuals is the other big game-changer.
At the same time, if you have the best visuals ever existed but you don’t choose the right audience or you target a too competitive interest, you are going to lose a lot of money and you will close no sales.

So, always keep in mind that Facebook Ads is a great tool to make money, but you need to optimize every single aspect of your ad and to analyze your data to have a competitive advantage, because basically everyone sells on Facebook, but only those who have the right knowledge make money.


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See you next time 🙂

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