Use Facebook Graph API to Discover FB Ads Hidden Interests

As I said, discovering the right interests is a fundamental part of the game when it comes to Facebook Ads.

Through interests, Facebook evaluates the audience you want to see your ad.

But using Facebook a bidding system, you can easily understand that the larger the audience, the more interest around a product or niche, the more sellers around, the higher your bid must be in order to succeed.

Accordingly, a smaller audience, still wide, will allow you to better target your prospects and to spend less because you have fewer competitors.

For this reason, Facebook Graph API is fundamental to leverage those interests that are “hidden” because Facebook doesn’t show them – it shows the most popular ones, unless you try to find them manually typing.
Now, I will show you where to go and what to do to discover the full list of FB Interests, starting from a wide topic.

Enjoy this short step-by-step guide!

Step #1 – Facebook for Developers Sign Up/In

Facebook for Developers dedicates an entire section to the Graph API. Once there, if you don’t have an account just sign up, then move to step #2.

Step #2 – Facebook Graph API Explorer

This application will allow you to create an access token that you have to use when you will assemble the URL where you will find all the hidden interests.

Before using it, from the Facebook Graph API page go to the “My Apps” section, click “Create App” and provide all the info Facebook needs (just a few, easy info).
Once your new app is created, get access to the Graph API Explorer (from the Graph API page click “Tools”, then “Graph API Explorer”):


Now, you can easily generate the access token and copy it – we will need it soon.

Note: you don’t need any special permissions, so don’t take care of them.


Step #3 – Create your URL

Here’s the most important step, so let me show you what is the URL you need to use:[interest]&limit=10000&locale=en_US&access_token=access token


Just replace the word “interest” with a broad topic and “access token” with the access token you copied before.


Step #4 – Choose the right interest and make money

I want to show you what happens when I use the URL. I replaced the word “interest” with “marketing” and used my access token. In the video below, you can see how many interests I found simply pasting the URL in the Google Search tab:



For every interest related to the broad topic you choose, you know the ID of the interest, the name of the interest, the size of the audience interested in it, the path – to find the interest and add it to your Facebook Ads, and the specific topic that identifies that interest.
Simply put, you have knowledge. You got access to Facebook hidden data. You’re a pro!


Conclusion and next tool


So far, we have taken into account only one piece of the puzzle, intersts. But your audience is not only this: you have to consider demographics, locations and how many times your audience usually clicks on an ad – yes, you can discover also that!
It is easy to do that using the tool I’m going to show you, Facebook Audience Insights.

Just click the button to reach the next page!


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