Use Facebook Audience Insights to laser target your Audience

Let’s analyze another free tool provided by Facebook that will allow you to increase your sales: Facebook Audience Insights
First of all, I want to share with you an image that will allow you to understand what to do and what are the main aspects you have to take into account.
Then, we will go through a short step-by-step guide.
private Facebook Audience Insights infographic
As you can see, we have no location, no targeted demographics, nothing.

The first step is to add the interests you chose among those you found thanks to Facebook Graph API.
The second step is Demographics: once you added the interests, have a look at the demographics. Then, fill the age and advanced sections with the info you found: for what concerns the age, select the range with the higher percentage of interests; in the advanced section you can choose the language, education level and everything you think can be relevant to the product you are promoting, always making your choices according to what the Demographics section revealed after adding the interests.


Now, let’s have a look at the Location: where the relevant audience is from?
When it comes to location, it is always good to choose only one country per ad: doing this will allow you to select the specific cities, to further laser targeting your audience.
Choosing more than one country won’t give you this opportunity, and your ad will become too dispersive to be effective.

Now, you can add the most relevant cities to the location section in the left bar.

Your audience is now well targeted. You can have another look at Demographics to see if percentages changed, so you can further optimize your choices.

In the Activity section you can see how many ads your audience usually clicks: of course, the higher the number, the better.
In the Page Likes section you will see the pages liked by your audience and, if relevant to your product, you can decide to add them in the interests – if available.
Perfect, now you have a laser targeted audience and it will be extremely hard to waste your money!

You can save it, so it will appear in your audience option when you will create your campaign.


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