Step by Step – How To Verify Your Website With Google Search Console


Today let’s get our websites indexed in Google! To make this, we will use Google Search Console (former Webmaster Tools). We need this verification to rank in Google. Verification = more traffic = amazing business!

This article wants to be a very brief and effective guide to get your website indexed in Google in a two-step process:

  • Verify your website with Google Search Console
  • Submit your sitemap to Google Search Console

Let’s start!

P.S. Being indexed in Google doesn’t mean success. The basis of your business must be content and quality. Always.


frustrated affiliate marketers google search console
WordPress hosts billions of pages and millions of websites. It has a large market share and I guess that most of your websites are on WordPress, so I want to share very specific info related to this platform.

For SEO purposes I use the “All in One SEO Pack” plugin. It helped me also to be ranked in Google.

P.S. = If you want to use my method and this plugin is not installed among yours, you can easily install it going to “Plugins” (in the dashboard of your website), then “Add New” and type the name of the plugin in the search bar. Install and activate the plugin. You don’t need the PRO version!

Let’s go, step by step.

Of course, the first step is going to Google Search Console and sign in with your Google account.

Use the account that is relevant to your website.

Add a new property.
frustrated affiliate marketers google search console
Select “URL prefix” as a property type. Enter the URL of the website you want to verify. Click on “Continue”.

A window with several methods to verify your website will appear. You will see a recommended method. DON’T select it! Scroll down to see “Other verification methods” and select “HTML tag”.
how to verify your website with google search console frustrated affiliate marketers
A meta tag will appear. It will have this aspect (this is a fake meta tag, the purpose is to explain you what you need to copy) :


You need to copy only the alphanumeric code between quotation marks. In this case, it is Kcdbc2376hsiu85yHI98793.

Copy it and DON’T close this window.
all in one seo plugin frustrated affiliate marketers
Open another window and log in your website. Go to the General Setting of your All in One SEO plugin.



Scroll down to the “Webmaster Verification” section and paste your alphanumeric code in the “Google Search Console” field. Update options.
webmaster verification frustrated affiliate marketers
Go back to your Google Search Console page and click on “Verify” and “Done”.
how to verify your website with google search console frustrated affiliate marketers
Now, your Google Search Console page will look like this:
google search console frustrated affiliate marketers


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Now, let’s move to the second step. You need to add your sitemap to your Google Search Console. To carry this step out I use the “Google XML Sitemaps” plugin.
P.S. = If you want to use my method and this plugin is not installed among yours, you can easily install it going to “Plugins” (in the dashboard of your website), then “Add New” and type the name of the plugin in the search bar. Install and activate the plugin.
google xml sitemaps



Now, go to the “Settings” section of the dashboard of your website. Select “XML – Sitemap“.



A page will appear, and there you will find the URL of your sitemap.


google xml sitemaps frustrated affiliate marketers
Go back to your Google Search Console page and select “Sitemaps”. In the URL field, since your website’s domain is already in place, just add the final part of your sitemap URL, that is, sitemap.xml

submit your sitemap to google search console

That’s all!



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You reached the end of the article and you submitted your website to Google Search Console! When I submitted this website, it took only a few hours to verify the property of my domain.


If you want to improve the content and if you have any questions, leave a comment below!

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28 thoughts on “Step by Step – How To Verify Your Website With Google Search Console

  1. You made it so easy to get my site on Google. I had to first sign up, but after that, your step by step guide made the rest easy peezy 🤗
    It’s great that the all in one seo plugin has everything set up for easy installation.
    Thanks for the great info👍

      1. Hi 2 playpolls,
        That is a good and clear set of instructions regarding getting the website index quickly. With the Google console, getting website index to the search engine is a lot easier and faster. As compared to the time when i set up my website 3 years ago.

        The steps have to done correctly. And it take time for the spiders to crawl the website. The wait is the most hardest part. And not all website get index. So it is back to checking what go wrong and try again. Those were the fond memories back then.

        Glad that it is a lot better now 😊.

        To your success,
        David Koh

        1. Thank you so much for your comment David and for sharing your experience! Actually it is an easy process, the problem is that there are too many info out there and sometimes they are not updated. When I indexed the website it took half a day to gather and try only the useful info, and I hope that those who will read this article will find it useful cause I’m trying to make them save a lot of time!

          1. Hi 2playspolls,
            You are absolutely right. Simple and unique website is faster to get index as compare to bigger and more complicated website. It usually take a day or 2 at most.

            And your article really help a lot in saving lots of time. Keep up the good work.

            David Koh

          2. Hey David! Thank you so much for your comment! My goal is to help and I’m very happy when I achieve it! I really appreciate that you found it useful!:)

  2. Thank you or this article with clear steps. It looks so easy now. Search console is a great tool to track the status of your links and many more things but people fail in the first step of getting the website verified. This should help a lot.

  3. Thank you for the article explaining how to set up Google search console! I was having struggles with my setup but now I can refer to your article to help me seamlessly and quickly fix my mistakes. 

    I must have been using the incorrect code or putting the code at the wrong place. I was also possibly not using the HTML tag either. 

    Thanks. Justin

    1. Hey Justin thanks for your comment and glad I could help! Feel free to contact me if you need help!

  4. Hey, great work. There are some people who don’t know clearly how to link with google search console. Even some of them asking me also. Now I got a good article about it. I will guide them to this site. I would like to have another article about creating search console with other SEO’s as well such as Yoast, Rank math. Keep up the good work buddy.

    1. Thank you for your comment and your cooperation! I’m going to read your articles to improve this kind of cooperation if it’s ok! Moreover, you gave me a great tip and I’m going to work on the article you suggested!

  5. Step by step sounds like the easy way to get a chore done when setting up a new site. There are so many ways of saying things, and it helps to find advice in words you understand.

    Working online is a dream for many.  We know there are so many steps for getting thing done.  Sometimes to just re-read directions about what we already know really does show us how we were needlessly making this particular step hard on ourselves.  Even though I already have the “how-to” on Wealthy Affiliate, having an additional set of instructions will give me more confidence with this important step to getting my next site up and running.  Thank you,

    1. Hey Sami! Thanks for your comment and glad I could help! I tried to keep the process as simple as possible:)

  6. Hi there,

    Thank you for this insight information about  to get are website ready , this is an important process that one should take into consideration, submitting a sitemap to google search console is one of the most important key factors of SEO that one should never skip  and as well as submitting  a website to bing webmaster tool. Thank for letting me know about this really help me. thank you for your time.

    1. Hey Mike! Thanks for your comment! Just  to let you know, I’ve just published an article about Bing Webmaster:)

  7. This tutorial is amazing! Every step has been explained so well. And all the steps have been simplified to the basics, which is great. Often, tutorials can be very confusing, but this one is an exemplary tutorial. The pictures attached with all the steps add on to understanding each and every single step with so much ease. It is a very well written tutorial. It has helped me a lot to get my website verified with Google. I can’t thank the author enough for coming up with such a brilliant tutorial. Thanks for sharing, some important steps were updated me too from this tutorial.

    1. Thank you so much for your comment! I really appreciate it! I tried to keep it easy and, above all, updated! Thank you again!:)

  8. Hello there,  thank for this very detailed,  consized and very informative article, I must sa that this very timely to me as I am in the process of building my websites and this information has really made it very easy for me by giving me step by step approach on how to verify my website with google search. You don’t know how much help this is to me. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi Jomata! I can’t tell how much I’m happy for being able to help you! Thank you so much for your comment!:)

  9. Heloo Dear, I must say a big thanks to you for sharing this insightful and informative article. This is exactly what I have been searching for, steps on how to verify my site with Google search console. Search console provides one with so much amazing and  incredible detailed information and insights about a site’s performance. This article is indeed really useful. 

  10. hello dear I could say that I am very much opportune to stumble upon such an intriguing article on steps to verify a website in Google Search console to say that ever since I built my website never actually verified it with google and it’s literally because I have no idea of such… thanks very much for sharing such an insightful ideal..
    I look forward to embracing more of your insightful articles from your website

  11. Hey nice article you have there. Thanks for sharing such a timely information to the public. This article is most useful to me, I have been combating on how to verify my website with Google search for sometime now, it seems to be a difficult task. Having stumbled into this article and gone through the simplified step by step process that is involved in verifying a website with Google, I am convinced that I can now have my website verified at ease. Thanks for this insight, keep the good work. Warm Regards

    1. Hey, thanks for your comment and glad I could help! This is my goal!:) It’s true, it is not that easy especially because there are many info out there and sometimes updates that are not taken into account by some reviews, so I want to keep it easy and share the exact way I used to verify my website since I was sure about this method!:)

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