Step by Step – How To Verify Your Website With Bing

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Today let’s get our websites indexed in Bing using Bing Webmaster Tools. To be indexed, you need to verify your website: we need this verification to rank in Bing. Verification = more traffic = amazing business!

If you want to know how to verify your website with Google Search Console (former Webmaster Tools) click here.

This article wants to be a very brief and effective step by step guide.

Let’s start!

P.S. Being indexed in Bing doesn’t mean success. The basis of your business must be content and quality. Always.



According to statcounter, these are the market shares of the 6 main search engines in April 2020 Worldwide:

  • Google 91.89%
  • Bing 2.79%
  • Yahoo! 1.87%
  • Baidu 1.1%
  • YANDEX RU 0.54%
  • DuckDuckGo 0.45%

The share of Bing raises to 6.55% in the United States. In both cases, Bing comes right after Google.

This means that if you rank in Bing you reach 94.68% of internet users worldwide. 94.76% users in the US.

According to Statista, the number of active internet users in April 2020 amounted to 4.57 billion people.

Now, I have a question for you: there is any reason why we shouldn’t get indexed in different search engines to reach a larger amount of people? The answer is “No”.



WordPress hosts billions of pages and millions of websites. It has a large market share and I guess that most of your websites are on WordPress, so I want to share very specific info related to this platform.

To verify my website I used the same plugin I showed you in my previous article (to see how to install it, click here): the “All in One SEO Pack” plugin – you DON’T need the pro version.

Let’s start!

The first thing you need to do is to create – if you don’t have one – a Microsoft account relevant to the website you want to verify. Then, sign up to Bing Webmaster Tools.

bing webmaster tools frustrated affiliate marketers

Once you sign up, a page like this will appear:

bing webmaster tools frustrated affiliate marketers

Enter the URL of your website.
P.S. If you have already verified your website with Google Search Console and you want to import your site, just click on IMPORT. I preferred the step by step process to be sure, since the import process is still a beta version 🙂
Click on “Add”.

A page like this will appear:

bing webmaster tools frustrated affiliate marketers

Fill all relevant fields and in the “Add a sitemap” field paste the URL of your sitemap – if you don’t have a sitemap or you don’t know where to get your sitemap URL, read my last article – DON’T WORRY, IT IS VERY EASY.


Now continue, and a page like this will appear:


bing webmaster tools frustrated affiliate marketers

Go to the meta tag section.

Now, this step gave me some problems but don’t worry: if you are not able to verify your site at your first attempt, try until it works.

Select ONLY the alphanumerical code and, without releasing the mouse, copy clicking Ctrl+C.

Go to the General Settings of your All in One SEO Pack page without closing the Bing Webmaster page. Copy the code in the Bing Webmaster Tools field. As you see below, when you copy there is a blank space before the code. Leave it and save changes. Go back to your Bing page and click “Verify”.
bing webmaster tools frustrated affiliate marketers

That’s all!


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You reached the end of the article and you submitted your website to Bing Webmaster Tools! Your website will be verified in a while.


If you want to improve the content and if you have any questions, leave a comment below!

Feel free to visit Frustrated Affiliate Marketers and discover if there are any articles that could be useful to you!


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14 thoughts on “Step by Step – How To Verify Your Website With Bing

  1. It is very important to be indexed by every search engine and like you rightly pointed out, Bing is gaining more recognition. I just followed your step by step approach to be verified  by Bing Webmaster. Very easy steps. Thank you for adding more value to my Site. Please, does Yahoo and others also need verifications?

    1. Hey! Thank you for your comment!In reality if your website is verified with bing it is verified also with Yahoo! – even if I’m studying some methods to optimize the website for Yahoo quickly because normally it takes 6-8 weeks for your website to be shown on Yahoo..too long. Then, there are other search engines like Yandex or Baidu (Baidu is a struggle because it is only in Chinese, but you can get all the Chinese market………) and I’m going to publish articles to share with you my methods:)

  2. Thank you for this valuable information about indexing our websites with Bing. While Google is the leader in search engines, ranking in Bing adds beneficial effect.  I greatly appreciate the steps of getting verification with Bing Webmaster. Getting this right can be very frustrating, I have tried a number of times until I let go. I am sure to get it this time going with your direction. Debbie.

    1. Hey Debby! Thank you for your comment! You’re right: i had some trouble too, but finally I got it and I wanted to share with you all!:) 

  3. Excellent information, thank you! I will be sure to follow your instructions tomorrow. A great post, I have only been concentrating on Google until now but because of your post, you have given me the chance to index on Bing as well. Thank you for your post 😀

      1. Hi me again. I’ve just got my site on Bing Webmaster Tools, thank you! I did go off at a tangent though and went via the Import from google route. Of course, then I didn’t get to see what my verification code is (doh!) so I can place it within SEO plugin. Do you know where I can find it on my Bing Dashboard? I’m looking everywhere but can’t find it. Thanks for any help. Susan 😀

        1. Hi Susan! If you go to Webmaster Dashboard and then click on “Configure my site”, then “Verify Ownership”, Webmaster tells you that your site is verified? If the answer is Yes, then don’t worry: the verification code of the meta tag is just one way to verify the website – the way I used to keep things under full control – but if you managed to import your website from Google, then in theory the verification is done. Just check the verification through the steps I mentioned and let me know!:)

          1. Hi, I´m so sorry!! I´ve just seen your reply! I went to the dashboard and can´t see any verification code but I can see the various pages of my site are listed in the Site Performance data so I presume everything is ok. Thanks again.

  4. hello dear, I’m so delighted that I was opportune to see and get to read this your preview or step-by-step process to verify a website with L although blink my not been frequently searched engine but you do have some benefit being ranke,d on it will definitely will make in traffic from it to any more visitors to your website visit us we all know there’s traffic and traffic this income thanks for sharing such an intriguing content…

    1. Hey Evans, thank you for your comment! You’re right, even if Bing is not Google we shouldn’t underestimate it also because even if people using Bing are less than those who use Google, the traffic from Bing and Yahoo is a higher quality traffic!

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