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The series of articles dedicated to Affiliate Bots V2.05 continues!

Before publishing the article dedicated to the AutoMailer Software, the email autoresponder software included in the product, I would like to share with you a selling strategy that uses a combination of six software programs included in Affiliate Bots V2.05:

  • The Resell Database Software
  • AI Search
  • Rapid Video Software
  • 1 Click Affiliate
  • 1 Click Video
  • Web Widget

This strategy focuses on choosing PLR products and sell them to make a profit.

What are PLR products? Go on reading!


Don’t skip these links!

Please, if you want to fully understand what I am talking about, don’t skip the following links: they will give you more precise info about the Affiliate Bots V2.05 and some of its software programs!


PLR Products – Definition

PLR stands for Private Label Rights. Private Label Rights products give you the possibility to acquire not only the product itself, but also the rights related to that product. There are several types of rights the creator of the PLR product can give you: resell rights, giveaway rights, the right to use that product for personal use and so on. The best is when you find a product that gives you all those rights, so that you can use that product as if it were totally yours. And it is even better when you find such PLR products for free!


The Resell Database Software

The Resell Database Software is a software included in Affiliate Bots V2.05, that gives you a list of the best websites where you can download PLR products. You just need to check them and find the one that fits your needs. In this list, you will find free PLR products, products that give only certain rights and products that give all the possible rights available; PLR products to sell; you will find PLR products for sale; free ebooks with resell rights; you will find websites that give you the opportunity to sign up for a membership that will allow you to have access to thousands of PLR products. It is up to you to choose the website and the product you want to use!
resell database software affiliate bots v2.05


The Selling Strategy

In my previous articles, I told you that I am going to share with you my strategies – that is, how I use the bots and software programs included in Affiliate Bots V2.05. This is only my strategy: the only limit in using the product is your imagination!


Step #1 – Resell Database Software

I browse the websites included in the Resell Database Software: they are always updated, so I check them before organizing my next sale. Once you find the product, the best practice is to personalize it, at least in the way you market it!

In my case, I found a very interesting PLR product that allows website owners to add an ad rotator to their sites.

I named my product “Show Your Ads“, I personalized the source code and the user guide, in order to make it extremely easy to use and personalize, I concentrated the full software in one file and organize it to avoid customers even to use FTP credentials! I chose to make that because I considered the opportunity to use it as a valid Google Ads alternative, since I am able to add all the products I want without being bound to Google policies, and I can keep the whole commission on the products I promote, not just the few money given by Google – actually, I am using the software on my website, as you can see! Moreover, now I am able to sell advertising spaces on my website, so I created multiple streams of income using a single software.


Step #2 – AI Traffic Search Engine

I check competition using AI Search: this software allows you to control 100,000 website according to keywords. You can check how the websites you find get traffic, if they have affiliate programs, if they have an e-commerce, if they use build-listings methods. You can check the websites taking into account SEO, Alexa rankings, age of the website, social media and so on.


ai search software affiliate bots v2.05


This step is extremely important, because you can study your competitors and, then, do better! You can have a new idea, a different strategy to market your product, you can evaluate if it would be better to use different keywords and more. All this in a glance, and from the same platform – but if you want to deepen your knowledge about your competitors you can easily follow the links provided by the software.


Step #3 – Rapid Video

I use Rapid Video Software to create a video for the product.

From Affiliate Bots V2.05 main page go to “Rapid Video Creator” and download the software to have it on your computer.
rapid video creator affiliate bots v2.05


This video creator is extremely easy to use. It could seem even too basic, but the point of the software is exactly to speed up your work and keep things extremely easy.


rapid video creator affiliate bots v2.05 b


To create the video for Show Your Ads I used also Canva to create more particular images – but if you don’t want a particular style, you can use only Rapid Video – and then I assembled the video using Rapid Video Creator. This is the result:


Finally, I upload the video on my YouTube channel to get the embed code – I will need it for step #5.


Step #4 – 1 Click Affiliate

At this point, I use 1 Click Affiliate to write the copy (click here to read the article dedicated to 1 Click Affiliate!).


Step #5 – 1 Click Video Pro

I use 1 Click Video Pro to create the video sales letter (click here to read the article dedicated to 1 Click Affiliate!).


Step #6 – Web Widget Software

If you want to create a personalized widget to have always your product visible on your website, you can use Web Widget.

In my case, I created a widget that appears after 2 minutes and gives my visitors the possibility to buy Show Your Ads with $2 discount if they follow that specific link. This means that, in the launch week, they can buy the product for just $2.

Here’s how it works.

Web Widget is a software included in Affiliate Bots V2.05. It provides you with 1000 credits – that is, 1000 views of your widgets. From the platform, you can create several types of widgets that you can simply add to your website just pasting a piece of code – I pasted it in the “Custom HTML” widget that I find in the “Appearance” section of my WordPress website.
web widget software affiliate bots v2.05


You simply need to access the software from your Affiliate Bots V2.05 platform and click “Create Widget”. Then, you give your widget a name, choose the type you want – you can also see previews to be sure that the widget you choose is the right one, decide when the widget has to appear and the position of the WebWidget Badge. Now, according to the type of widget you choose, you can set several personalized fields but, in any case, you will have the space to add the link you want to send your visitors to. Once your widget is ready, a piece of code will appear: you just need to copy it and paste it wherever you want on your website. It can’t be easier!

Moreover, on the platform you will find a section with the widgets you created, so you will always be able to modify them and get a new code.



Now, you can sell your product. You can sell it using your own strategies: social media, paid traffic, free traffic, you can use the websites included in my giveaway… you can do whatever you want!



Click Here to read the full list of tools included in Affiliate Bots 2.05




In the next months, I am going to create another software. I asked myself “What is the most difficult thing to take care of when you have a tons of things to do each and every day to run your business?“, and the answer was “Backlinks“.

Backlinks creation should be one of the aspects to include in your SEO strategy, because they allow your website to grow its authority and better rank on search engines. But, of course, they have to be good quality backlinks.

So, I decided to create a software to help you – and myself – to make this part of our work easier.

You know, to get high-quality backlinks you need to work hard, to organize your content to get links from someone else’s website,  to create parterships, to use several complicated strategies (have you ever heard of the “broken link” strategy? Basically, it consists of a process in which you visit websites and scrape them to find broken links, then you create content related to that broken path – if you don’t have a piece of content that can be used, then you contact the owner of the website and tell him/her that you have the right content to fix the problem, then you ask for a link to your content, then you hope and wait. It is a very effective strategy, but there are only 24 hours in a day and if you don’t have a team, it is very hard that you are going to implement it!).

I am creating software to avoid all this work, not because I don’t believe in hard work, but because if you are alone running your business you need to keep things easy and to automate most of your work if you want to be able to do all the things you need to do every single day.

But I need testers, so this is the idea: I am adding a form below, and if you meet the requirements you can be selected as a tester. Testers will get the backlinks creator software and its updates for free. At the beginning, only 10 people will be selected. These are the requirements:

  • Being available to answer my emails within 72 hours when I send you messages related to the software;
  • Buying Affiliate Bots V2.05 through my links. Why? I told you many times that I really appreciate this product for the logic behind its technology, and for this reason I decided to create a product following the same logic: no irrealistic promises, full control of your work despite the software. If you want to test my future backlink creator, I need to be sure that you understand the logic behind its technology and that you are familiar with a specific kind of platform.

So, if you meet the requirements and want to test my software, sign up to this form!




You reached the end of this article! Thank you! I hope that you enjoyed it and that it will be useful to create your next strategy. If you like the content, do not forget to sign up to Frustrated Affiliate Marketers newsletter!

And do not forget to grab my giveaway, it will be extremely useful if you want to promote your products for free!

Have a nice day!

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  1. I’ve never dug into PLR stuff myself, so I can’t offer much from my own views on the topic,

    That said, you covered the topic really well and the content is nice and long. I checked out a few of the Affiliate Links and it’s not my thing, but it is an interesting topic so I saved the links for a deeper review later. 

    I did notice there was a “PRL” instead of a “PLR” near the top of the article. Not sure if that was intentional to grab a keyword spelling error or if it was an accident.

    1. Hi Sean! Thank you so much for your comment and feedback! I corrected the mistake, thank you so much for informing me! 🙂

  2. This is an interesting concept you got here I have not heard about PLR products before and I find your article an interesting read. All information with videos make it easy to understand to make an informed decision I like the fact that you invite people for beta testers. Very nice presentation that lay out he plan completely. Thank you for this article

    1. Thank you so much for your comment I really appreciate the fact that you consider my article a good reading! Please, feel free to visit Frustrated Affiliate Marketers again!:)

  3. Hello there! This is an amazing article you have got here. I am sure this informations in your review will be of great help to any one who come across it as it is to me. I will carefully observe these steps so I can gain full understanding of it  especially the AI Traffic Search Engine which analyzes the relationships between sites, content pages, and search engine rankings. Thanks!

  4.  I have a few running products but i have been able to make sales because my selling strategy is really bad… i have tried a few and they were not really good but, I would give this a try and hope for the best…Thanks for sharing this awesome article i hope it helps others as it has helped me.

    1. Hi, thank you so much for your comment! I am here to help other marketers, and I am very happy when I read that you find my content useful!

  5. Thank you for sharing a lovely, informative article with us. The chief item of this article is PLR Products – Product Selling Strategies. It is truly amazing that you covered this subject so well in your post. I’ve learned a lot from reading your post and gained a lot of knowledge about it. I like The Selling Strategy of the points in your article. Reselling database software requires no strategy that you mentioned in your article and can easily sell your desired product. I myself am selling products using this type of software which has doubled my profit margin.

  6. Hello there, thanks for the very wonderful information about PRL products. Some of us have no knowledge as to what that is and personally, I never knew an affiliate marketer can have a private license to selling a particular product and that is really great indeed. I am still not ready for this yet, but I’m sure to do it

    1. Hi Justin! Thank you for your comment! If you don’t want to use PLR products now don’t skip them in  the future: many people are creating entire e-commerces based on them! 🙂 

  7. I have never dug into PLR stuff before but I think it’s a very good thing especially for affiliate marketers that are looking to make some very good money off selling products. I like the strategy but I think that the time might be a very big con for anyone who will want to join in on it. I like what you have shared here.

    1. Hi Jay, thank you for your comment! I want to tell you that time is not a problem: I don’t know if you followed the links I shared, but actually it takes just a few minutes to set the whole strategy: this is the power of Affiliate Bots V2.05, it is a time saver. The only thing that takes time is the personalization of the PLR product, but also that depends on you: the more you want to personalize it, the more time it takes.

  8. This post here is right on the spit and exactly what I am in nned of presently. I have been thrust into the battle of actually making it the right way in affiliate marketing since all my efforts we’re not yielding the right efforts before. Seeing all thou shared here, I can not but be grateful to you. I will try out what you shared here and see the turn out. 

    1. Hi Kimberly, thank you so much for your comment! I am here to help, so feel free to contact me if you need help or more info!

  9. It’s nice to read through this interesting article, I’ve enjoyed every bit of it and it’s taught me a lot about how to sell. I lie how you’ve developed your article to make it very understandable and also it is very captivating. I’ll share this article stop some of my friends so that they’ll gain from it

  10. Thanks for writing this very informitive post on PLR products. I’ve never heard of these and your post was fasinating to me. When I have a bit more time I will deffenatly be checking out more of your posts to learn more about this topic. I’ve book marked your website so it will be super easy for me to come back to.
    Thanks again for informing us about these products.

    1. Hi Lynne! Thank you so much for your comment and for bookmarking Frustrated Affiliate Marketers! 🙂 Feel free to subscribe to the newsletter and to contact me for any doubts or questions! 🙂

  11. This is entirely over my head. I am just getting into the field. Barely understanding what a widget is or how to use them makes it hard to read.
    I did notice the pop up, and sort of get where you are going there.
    Once I have more training and experience I will be revisiting to learn more about PLRs.

  12. Not a bad read at all, thank you so much for this research! I actually just stared reading about setting up back links today, so very cool I came across your article.

    When did you start working on Affiliate Bot?

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