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Wealthy Affiliate: Work from home

I want to dedicate a page to a platform that was a life changer to me: Wealthy Affiliate. If you are looking for a product that can solve many of your problems, to earn money online and help you to boost your traffic and your sales thanks to a committed community and an all-in-one platform, sign up today. Don’t worry: you can start for free, and your free membership can last as long as you want. If you’re asking “Is Wealthy Affiliate worth it?” my answer is YES, and I’m going to show you why.

Here you will find my Wealthy Affiliate review. Hope to see you in the community of this top affiliate marketing site!

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The platform is SiteRubix, a builder and hosting platform that allows you to build your website in a few seconds, literally. It uses WordPress.

For free: 1 website

Premium Membership: Up to 10 websites

The only thing that is not included is the domain: as you know, the domain becomes yours and no one will be able to use your domain until you own it. The domain is your asset, and even if it is not included, you can buy it within the platform. And it is extremely convenient, since if you buy it there the price will never change. In fact, usually, the price of domains increases over time, since it is ever more important to you as time goes by.

The best thing is the website support. If you have a website, you know that when you have some problems you need to contact the support and receive an answer in 1 or 2 days if you are lucky. The website support of Wealthy Affiliate solves your problems in less than 5 minutes – when I experienced an issue or had a question, this was the time necessary to solve the problem. I was totally shocked.





Wealthy Affiliate is a community of affiliate marketers, created for affiliate marketers and by affiliate marketers. In this community, the logic is that you have to give more than you get – the same logic that should be used for any kind of business to be successful. You can enjoy discussions where people will ask you for honest comments and feedbacks about their websites and their content, and you can do the same. Don’t underestimate this aspect: visitors who see that your content is full of relevant comments, will judge your website reliable – think of it: isn’t what we think when we visit a website?



This platform offers one of the best affiliate marketing courses I’ve ever found because of the topics it covers: each lesson is something you need to create or improve your business, and you can put it into practice immediately. You will find free lessons about how to build a business online and free lessons about affiliate marketing – step by step lessons. If you become a premium member the number of lessons available increases – as you can see in the table above.

The only con I have to report falls within this section: some lessons are outdated, but don’t worry: you can request an update and, in the meanwhile, ask the community and get help from the founders.



If you want, you can choose to also promote Wealthy Affiliate. You will be provided with all the tools you need. But that’s not all: every lesson has a link. If you share it and someone jumps to Wealthy Affiliate and decides to sign up, you receive a commission. And here’s the best part: this is maybe one of the best affiliate programs, since the cookie lasts basically forever!

This makes Wealthy Affiliate affiliate program one of the best affiliate marketing programs in the market!

You will also find suggestions related to the best products to promote – mainly from ClickBank – in order to promote them or to have the opportunity to write reviews in order to get ideas to create your content.

Moreover, you have the opportunity to create your own blog within the platform. Now: Wealthy Affiliate is an authoritative website according to Google so, if you write an interesting article and for any reason someone jumps to your article to solve his/her problem, the credit goes to you. All content is indexed in minutes and it jumps to the first places in Google Search, so you can take advantage of the authority of Wealthy Affiliate. If anyone decides to sign up after reading your article, you get cash credits.

I was forgetting: every year Wealthy Affiliate organizes a conference held in Las Vegas for its best affiliates, all-expense-paid.



If you decide to become a Premium Member, after three months of membership you can decide to create your own training program within the platform. Well, you get paid for that.

THE PRICE: Premium Membership costs $49/month. It includes training, websites, help, support, site content, research and SEO tools. As I said, since you have the opportunity to get cash and affiliate credits, you can also pay your membership using those credits. What more could you want?



If you decide to sign up for free by clicking this link you will be introduced in my group and you will receive not only the help of the whole community – some hundred thousand people – and founders, you will also receive private support from me also within the platform. This will improve our communication and you will be able to ask me tips and give suggestions without using emails.






You reached the end of this article!

Be part of the community and grow your business. You can sign up for free and your free membership can last as long as you want, so you will be able to see for yourself what this platform has to offer. No scam. No credit card required.


If you want to improve the content and if you have any questions, leave a comment below!

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