My IG Diary – The Creation

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This Bridget Jones’s style intro perfectly fits the purpose of this new series of blog posts. I think it will be useful to my twenty-five readers – as someone said. Since we live in times where social media are ever more important for those who run a business, and since I am one of those who are not so comfortable with social media, I decided to share my journey with you.


As of this writing, my Instagram business account, @2playpolls, has 793 followers. No sales closed thanks to IG. And the last post dates back to August 1, 2020. Since I want to see if it is true that social media are a game-changer when it comes to business, I want to run an experiment: put together all the known best practices to improve a business social media strength and reach my goal – a little ambitious, to be honest: at least 10,000 engaged followers in the next 30 days. And I will share my results, strategies and progress with you, every single day.

At the end of each day, I will publish a blog post where I’ll keep you posted on the details.

I decided to do this for two reasons:

  • The fact that my success or my failure will be publicly shared, makes it more exciting and so makes me more focused – I told you, I am not a social media lover, and it is very easy to stop posting;
  • The second reason is that if I will succeed, you will be able to use the same strategy to grow your social media account. Every time I see mentors on IG, I really don’t know if they are successful because they apply certain strategies, or because they pretend to be successful so well that people follow them. In my case, since I am more interested in the engagement than in numbers, I don’t want to pretend. I want to stick to the general plan and see what happens. Pure, easy and honest.

This is the reason why I named this blog post “the creation”, because I’m going to share with you the general strategy I realized before starting. In the next days, you will see “My IG Diary – Day 1”, “My IG Diary – Day 2”, and so on.


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The Goal

As I told you, my goal is to reach 10,000 engaged followers in 30 days. The number of followers to reach is not a random choice. In fact, when you reach 10,000 followers you can start using a very powerful tool: the Swipe-Up.
So far, you can use the swipe-up in your IG stories only if you are running paid ad campaigns or if you associate your story with an IGTV video.
But, when you reach 10,000 followers, you can use the swipe-up to redirect people to a specific link, directly from your stories. So, it is very easy to redirect people to your blog post or your product.


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The Plan

To start my journey, I organized a 30-day content plan.
In my case, since Frustrated Affiliate Marketers was born from 2PlayPolls, I decided to maintain the same business account, @2playpolls, but to include also Frustrated Affiliate Marketers.
This because it is not unusual, on IG, to find accounts related to business that cover more than one topic, without reaching the level of specificity of the pages that you find on Facebook, for instance.
Of course, being 2PlayPolls focused on passive income and Frustrated Affiliate Marketers on marketing, the content will be different according to the different focus.
For what concerns 2PlayPolls, the style is essential and professional. For what concerns Frustrated Affiliate Marketers, the style is more focused on creativity and design. I will specify in the description of each post if the post is related to 2PlayPolls or to Frustrated Affiliate Marketers.
In any case, the content will reflect the main feature of my businesses: to provide high-quality, useful and fresh content.
So, I won’t post content that represents just a reformulation of famous posts or similar stuff. The content I want to post is original, also in its form.
For the first 7 days, I decided to post 2 times/day, because I want to show as much content as possible, but without being intrusive. For the remaining 23 days, I will post just once a day, to focus more on relationships and engagement.
To know when to post, I had a look to my IG Insights, to know when my followers are active. During the journey, I can decide to change the time for posts if I see that my Insights change.
To make my work a little easier, I will automate the process as much as I can. Of course, I need some tools.


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The Tools

To reach my goals, I am going to use several tools – free tools.
They cover all the aspects of my content calendar: from graphics to hashtags, to automated replies to reach my new followers. Below, you will find all the tools I use and their descriptions.

Note: Since I want to use only my phone to run my IG business, most of the tools below work only on phones and not on computers. But the point is that I want to run the business easily, no matter where I am or what I’m doing, so the phone is the best choice to reach this level of freedom. But, if you need different tools, I can suggest some that you can use on your computer. Just leave a comment at the end of the blog post πŸ™‚


  • Canva: my beloved Canva! I use it to create the final version of the post, to choose the right size of the image or video and to add the logo.

  • Autodesk SketchBook: this app allows you to create drawings. It is completely free, and it is so complete and functional that I label it as the best drawing app around. Drawings are a really good way to be very original!

  • Color palette: I use this free app when I want to choose the best combination of colors for my graphics.

  • Pixaloop: this app allows you to create animations very easily.

  • Resplash: the app version of Unsplash. Here you can find amazing artists who share their photos to be reused – also for commercial use. Many times, I find inspiration just looking at their pictures! Of course, if you use one of their photos, be polite and give them credit!

  • ADV Screen Recorder: I use this app when I need to record my mobile’s screen.

  • Film Maker: this app is extremely useful to create and edit videos.

  • InShot: with this app, you can edit images and videos. It is more “basic” than Film Maker, and I use it especially when I need to make quick changes or to modify the format of my videos. In fact, I realized that the animations created with Pixaloop can’t be uploaded to Canva. So, I upload the animation first to InShot and save it in a different format. Then, I upload the InShot video to Canva for the final editing.

  • Display Purposes: Display Purposes is a platform that helps you to find the most related hashtags once you insert the main hashtag you want to use for your post. Moreover, you can find the countries and cities where that main hashtag is used – so, you can add the right location to your post; and you can analyze your account to discover if there are problems you can fix. There is no app so, to find it easily on my phone, I created a direct access to the website on my screen.

  • Feed Preview: I use this app to schedule my posts. You can upload your media and descriptions and decide when to post them, but it won’t post them automatically. You will receive a push notification when it’s time to post and you need to complete the action manually. This helps to solve the problem of Alt Text: in fact, I didn’t find apps that allow you to manage the alt text (but, as I explained in the first story of this highlight, it is extremely important to take care of the alt text for a better reach), so, the fact that I can complete the action manually, allows me to add alt text (you will find it in the advanced settings when you prepare a post on IG). Moreover, this app helps you to see how your feed will look.

  • IG Quick Replies: this new function of IG is very interesting and useful. Even if it doesn’t work as an IG bot – that is, it doesn’t send messages automatically, you can save a lot of time pre-setting direct messages. You find the quick replies in the “Settings” section of your business or creator account.
    In my case, I used Quick Replies to set a message for the new followers.
    To welcome every new follower, I share with him/her a giveaway: the 10 Buyer Triggers. It is a way to show my gratitude with another useful piece of content, because I really appreciate it when a person chooses to follow my business account.
    It won’t be the only giveaway: in my plan, I want to share several giveaways according to the level of engagement of my followers. This allows me to work also on another front: the creation of funnels.
    In fact, my whole strategy isn’t as simple as it might seem reading this first article: in the next days you will discover that it is a combination of strategies devoted to reach the maximum results possible with less efforts – basically, it follows the Pareto Principle (80% of results from 20% of efforts).
    I didn’t create all the giveaways I am going to share with my followers: some of them are the results of the modification of PLR products. If you want to know more about the tool I use to find the best PLR products, you can read this article and then follow the specific link.

  • Linktree: you can use Linktree to add several links to your IG account.

  • Followers – Unfollowers: this app allows you to know who stopped following you, those who didn’t follow back, the “ghost” followers and so on. It is very important to manage this aspect of your IG account, because it is related to the very functioning of the Instagram algorithm.
    This blog post published by Later shows very well what I mean, so I’m going to quote it below:

    The Instagram algorithm wants to prioritize posts from your friends, family, and accounts that you care about.

    So in order for Instagram to show you what you want (what you really, really want), the algorithm uses your interactions to piece together who is closest to you.
    Instagram will try to calculate this relationship and your interest level as soon as you follow someone new by serving their content in your feed.

    The same applies to people who follow you: IG will try to show them your posts if they usually interact with you.
    Now, when you post something new, IG will show it to a small percentage of your followers: if they interact with your post, IG will show the post to a higher amount of people, and so on.
    If you have ghost followers, you risk to waste the opportunity for your post to be shown only to people who interact with it.
    So, use the app to identify ghost followers and stop following them: this will signal to IG that you are breaking the relationship, and the possibilities that your post will be shown only to people who engage will increase.


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Let’s start

I told you: it’s been a while since I haven’t posted on IG. So, today I will post just a few stories to tell my followers that I’m back, what kind of content they’re going to see and to show the old posts in my stories.
In fact, I decided to archive the old posts to have a blank feed.
This strategy is often used by those creators who are growing the number of their followers: in fact, it seems that the impression you give when you have hundreds of followers with no posts is pretty cool, and you make new visitors curious about your account πŸ™‚

Now, let’s see if I will reach my goal. And if you want to follow the journey closely, don’t forget to follow @2playpolls.
See you tomorrow at My IG Diary – Day 1 πŸ™‚

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8 thoughts on “My IG Diary – The Creation

  1. It is nice of you to share with us your social media success as this pave way for motivating others and acquiring new strategies in flourishing in their social life. For me i didn’t know most of these tools listed here are a thing one can use, i must say i am pretty impressed by your strategic thinking. Looking forward to seeing your next post

    1. Hi Harry! Thank you so much for your comment and thanks for your feedback! It depends: it will be a success or a very public failure πŸ™‚ ahah

  2. Great article and very interesting I might add. I will for sure follow this progress. I have been trying somethign similar myself but gave up after awhile ’cause I didnt have time and instagram in particular is exrremly competetive for businesses. I do wish you the best and like I mentioned above, I’ll be follwing the progress!


  3. There is much to learn from all you have here. I did enjoy reading this article on your IG diary creation. Reading the goals you have to achieve with your IG diary, and the plan you laid out for yourself, I got to learn something new. Another benefit I got from reading this article is getting to know the free you intend using to enable you reach your goal. These are very educating and I thank you for this article.

    1. Hi Nelson! I really appreciate your comment and I am happy that you find it useful! Hope to see you again during my IG journey πŸ™‚

  4. Thank you for sharing your journey on IG. I have learnt several things here. I’ll definetlly check some of the tools you use. I am familiar with Canva, but I had never heard about Autodesk SketchBook. I’ll check it out. I have used Unsplash but had never heard of Resplash. It’s nice to get to know these tools.

    1. Hi Ann! Thank you for your comment! Happy to provide you with some new information and hope to see you again here! πŸ™‚

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