My IG Diary – Day 7

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  • Number of followers: 673;
  • New followers: 5;
  • Lost followers: – ;
  • Sales on IG: – ;


Just some quick updates today (I’m still working on my reels!).


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As I told you, I’m still working on my reels – they are very good, but they are taking me a lot of time that I had not budgeted.


As you can see from my initial summary, my followers are increasing – even if slowly – and the number of followers lost is always diminishing. I think that IG is understanding my intentions, even because I’ve noticed that the suggested accounts to follow are more relevant to my niche.


I’m receiving more DMs and adjusting the notifications. In fact, before my pause from IG, I had activated many notifications, but not all were relevant – my fault.

Now that the situation is slightly improving, I started leaving more relevant comments to relevant influencer accounts – many times I am the first one.


I will go on using this method and see what happens – of course, I will keep you posted.


I leave you with my last reel – published yesterday:



Let me know what you think about it!


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See you tomorrow!

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