My IG Diary – Day 6

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  • Number of followers: 668;
  • New followers: 4;
  • Lost followers: – ;
  • Sales on IG: – ;


Need to automate!


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Automate engagement … but wisely


Today, I decided to started using a free tool that helps you to automate the management of your social accounts: Phantombuster.

Maybe you know how much I love bots buut, as I always say, use them wisely!

I already use bots to automate most of my affiliate work, and I think you understand why: with all the things we have to do each and every day, taking care of all the aspects of a business can be overwhelming and, sometimes, almost impossible.


It is true that we all have 24 hours, but the options are two:

  • You work 24 hours/day
  • You have a team.


If can’t work 24 hours/day and you have not a team yet, the only thing you can do is using automation tools.
“Bot” is not a scary word, is just another word to define automation.

Since I use them for my affiliate work, I decided to use them also for IG. Of course, I don’t consider automation tools as a replacement for my “human” engagement, but since time is important for the IG algorithm, automating part of the engagement means that I provide the accounts I follow with immediate engagement and their content will be easily boosted.


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Phantombuster is a “phantom” bot that you can use on LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Quora, Craigslist, GitHub, and many other platforms.


It can collect data, send automated messages, automated emails, put likes, comment, and a lot of other things!


Of course, it has paid plans. But it has also a free plan.

With the free plan, you can use just one phantom for 10 minutes/day. You just need to sign up, choose a phantom, associate it with your social account and set it up.


For instance, you can choose to activate the phantom manually or automatically – if automatically, you can choose how many times it has to run each day.


In my case, I chose the “Auto like” bot, to automatically like the posts of the accounts I follow.


First of all, I decreased the number of people I follow: Phantombuster is very careful, and the creators of the platform set all the necessary limits to avoid you to be banned. Since I want to use the free plan, and it lasts only 10 minutes/day, I reduced the list of accounts and left only the most relevant ones, in order to be able to like the posts of them all.


Then, I started setting up the phantom.

The first question they ask you is to set your “cookie”. To find it, you just need to install the Phantombuster free extension. Once you add it, Phantombuster will ask you to associate your social account. Then, Phantombuster will fill automatically the cookie field.


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The second question is related to the accounts you want to engage with. And they want a link.

I wanted to add the people I follow: 150 accounts. To provide the link, I opened a Google sheet and, to compile it, I used another free extension: Export List of Followers from Instagram – despite its name, you can also collect the data about your following.


I asked the platform to give me the list of the accounts I follow on IG, and I downloaded it. Then, I simply copied the list and pasted it to my Google Sheet. Then, I clicked on the sharing option to get a public link, and I shared it with Phantombuster.


Then, I decided how many times per day my phantom has to run and I activated it.

This will help me a lot in managing my engagement rate, especially because, as I told you yesterday, I need to focus more on the creation of content for my reels in these days!


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That’s all for today! Don’t forget to follow @2playpolls if you want to watch my 10,000 followers in 30 days experiment!


See you tomorrow! 🙂

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