My IG Diary – Day 3

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  • Number of followers: 653;
  • New followers: 3;
  • Lost followers: 1;
  • Sales on IG: – ;


Today, I seriously thought to delete my IG account!


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It’s hard to stay focused


As you might have guessed, today wasn’t a great day – like yesterday.
I’ve already told you that it is very hard to me to stay focused when it comes to social media. But this blog series helps me a lot, and the thought that I promised to share my progress with you makes me want to go on.
This drop in mood is due to the fact that I realized that my followers don’t engage.
I thought many things: should I post more often? Should I engage more? Should I change content? Should I follow anyone? The temptation was great. But I told myself: No, stick to the plan!
You got your identity, your business and your goal. So, don’t panic.
Even if I seriously thought to remove all followers and delete my account I thought this: it is too early. It is too early for Instagram to detect that I am serious this time.


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This Annoying Algorithm


I don’t know if you realized that, but now IG tells you what are the accounts you least interacted with and your most shown in feed.
To discover them you just need to click “Following”.
And I told myself: Well, if IG tells me this – and if IG gives me the opportunity to remove followers – there is a reason why. For sure.
So, I did a test run. Even if I knew that when it comes to social media you must be social (really??), I wanted to know to what extent. And I watched the stories of an influencer I never engage with. After a few minutes, I restarted to scroll and guess what: for the first time ever, I saw the posts of that influencer in my feed. Did you understand? You engage with that account, you will see a higher number of posts published by that feed. It might not seem surprising – it isn’t, indeed. But think of this.
What if you spend a day engaging with the highest number of relevant accounts to detect what are those who engage with you, then you make a list a start engaging with them systematically? They will appear in your feed, they will engage, your posts will be displayed to a higher number of people. So, you won’t need to follow anyone. And you won’t need to delete your account for intolerance. And you won’t need to remove all your followers, for intolerance.
Tomorrow, I will focus on this extreme level of systematic approach.
All this to say that the moral of the story is: you don’t need to panic, because you can fully control the behavior of Instagram. It just needs time to detect your intentions.


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Note: Yesterday I talked about Dollar Eighty. Today, I started my Premium subscription because with the coupon code “NovemberGrowth” – valid for November 2020 – I had a free month (it costs $15/month).


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That’s all for today!
Don’t forget to follow @2playpolls if you want to watch the experiment!
See you tomorrow! 🙂

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