My IG Diary – Day 2

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  • Number of followers: 651;
  • New followers: 5;
  • Lost followers: 138 (2 lost, 136 removed);
  • Sales on IG: – ;


Today was a hard day. I had to remove 136 followers!


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Today I finished to clean my account. Yesterday I focused on the “Don’t follow back” aspect of the following and on some ghost and maybe “fake” accounts. Today I focused on the people I was following. If before this journey I was following almost 500 accounts, now I follow just 165 accounts.
I don’t want to be a snob, but I want to focus on the accounts I am more interested in to be really helpful also for them, and to leave very relevant comments.
Moreover, I focused on DMs: I decided to remove most of them, also because I need to track all the giveaways I’m sending to new followers.
Of course, the cleanup doesn’t end here: every week I will take at least one hour to identify and remove ghost followers.


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A new format


As I told you, the account @2playpolls is dedicated to 2PlayPolls and Frustrated Affiliate Marketers, and they have two different styles.
2PlayPolls was using a particular style before the most recent restyling: a little video square included in posts that pointed out the actions you can take with an IG post: like, comment, share or save.
But now, I decided to give it a different style, to make it even more professional, and it is a new format – I’ve never seen it on social media, but let me know if I’m wrong in comments! I’ m going to share it with you below:


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As you can see, the format consists of adding a vertical banner with the purpose of showing the actions you can take with my post. In my plan, I will use this format also for different purposes … Stay tuned!


Now, to show you the difference between the 2PlayPolls posts and the Frustrated Affiliate Marketers posts, I’m going to share with you a picture of my new feed:

@2playpolls Instagram feed


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The Amazing Discovery!


As I told you, I am not a social media expert – this makes my experiment even more interesting, because if I will succeed it is pretty sure that you can succeed, too!
After getting rid of ghost followers and fake accounts, I was ready to focus on engagement and on finding very good IG experts. And I found one of them!
This account is Squared: they deal with Instagram education for entrepreneurs and they share their knowledge also through their amazing website, Squared Academy, where you can find tools and courses to become successful on IG.
They’re very good at their job, this is a fact: they have 97K followers and the level of engagement is impressive, with hundreds of comments under each post!
The tool I discovered thanks to Squared was created by my beloved Gary Vee: the tool is Dollar Eighty. This Chrome Extension allows you to manage IG engagement.
You can add the extension, sign up, then open your IG account on your desktop to associate it with Dollar Eighty. Once you log in, you will find a quick and easy tutorial to start using the software. You can select hashtags, location and accounts and it will show you the posts related to your choices – you can decide to see the most popular or the most recent posts. You are provided with tips to grow your following and with the opportunity to follow, like and comment directly from the platform.


Your comments will be saved, so you will be able to reuse them, but the software won’t allow you to use the same comment more than 5 times in the same day: this is because they don’t want you to become spammy (they’re so cute!).


You will be able to leave up to 90 comments/day.


Some features are only for Premium subscribers, but with the free version you are still able to leave up to 10 comments/day for up to 10 hashtags, to like and follow.


I signed up and had a look at the software: I’m going to start using it from tomorrow, so I will be able to tell you more about Dollar Eighty in the next days! 🙂


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Other things I did today


I posted twice and I used the second part of the day to focus on engagement.
The fact that I removed all those ghost followers and that I stopped following a lot of accounts gave me the opportunity to leave more interesting, long and relevant comments. I improved the reach of my posts and, as you can see from the little summary at the beginning of each article of my IG Diary, I got new followers – differently from yesterday. Even got a funny reply from Dean Graziosi!


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Well guys, that’s all for today! From tomorrow I’ll be able to focus only on engagement and let’s see if I reach my goal! 🙂

Don’t forget to follow @2playpolls if you want to watch the experiment!

See you tomorrow 🙂

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