My IG Diary – Day 11

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  • Number of followers: 704;
  • New followers: 8;
  • Lost followers: 5;
  • Sales on IG: – ;


New followers, new strategies!


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Engagement, again!


As I told you yesterday – and the day before, I am focusing on engagement, because it is the real game changer when it comes to social media.


In fact, it doesn’t matter how good your content is: if you don’t engage, no one will know that you are there, no one will see your content, you won’t know new people, you won’t exploit new opportunities. In a nutshell, using social media is pointless.


Today, I started sending my followers some giveaways. Since I can’t send more than 700 messages in one day – there are some limitations imposed by IG – this process will last a couple of days. But this is part of my approach: I don’t want to forget about my followers, even if I don’t follow them all (not all are in my niche, and since I have to reason in terms of business, I can’t follow anyone).



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Note: to create giveaways, I use also PLR products: if you want to know which is the tool I use to find the best in the market click here. Then, follow the appropriate link 🙂


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Be proactive


Since I use IG with a goal in my mind, I need to take action. Sometimes, this means that you have to do things that not everyone does.


Beacuse of this, I decided that I had to be more active in finding the right people.


Using the tools I showed you yesterday, I selected dozens of very interesting accounts. I DM them one by one (another reason why I didn’t use all my daily DM for my followers). Then, I created some engagement groups.


Engagement groups, also know as pods, are not approved by Instagram: in fact, if you use them, you are beating the algorithm.

This happens because the members of these groups agree to engage with each other: you don’t reach people because of your content or thanks to hashtags, you are planning your reach.


So, to use them and to manage them, you need to risk, to set rules and to be careful.


In my previous IG life, I joined some groups and let me tell you a couple of things:


  • If they are too large, it is almost impossible to engage with every member, and the group becomes useless;
  • If they are not relevant, they will last just a couple of days. In fact, I was invited to groups made up of dozens of accounts, and each account had a different niche: that’s not good, because if I want to talk about affiliate marketing, and you talk about beauty, it is quite sure that I can’t leave you a relevant comment when I engage with your content.


There are tons of engagement groups out there, especially on Telegram, but, since I didn’t find groups with the characteristics I was looking for, I decided to create mine.


In the next days, I will tell you if this strategy works 🙂


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That’s all for today!


If you want to watch my experiment, “10,000 followers in 30 days”, don’t forget to follow @2playpolls!


See you tomorrow 🙂

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