My IG Diary – Day 1

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  • Number of followers: 784;
  • New followers: – ;
  • Lost followers: 9 (2 lost, 7 removed);
  • Sales on IG: – ;


Here we are: the first day of my IG diary.

This is what I did today: I posted twice, then I spent the whole day “cleaning” my IG account!




As I told you yesterday, I use some tools to manage my account.


Today I used Feed Preview and Followers – Unfollowers.


I was a little nervous for Feed Review, but then I understood the functioning of the app and everything is OK.
In fact, when you schedule a post and receive the notification you just need to tap the notification and then tap again to post on IG. The app allows you to complete the action either with the IG app or with Google. Once you are on IG, you need to click the “+” button: the post you planned will appear. Now, you just need to paste the caption that was automatically copied by Feed Preview. You can add the alt text, the location and, if you want, tag people.


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I used Followers – Unfollowers to clean the account: I used the “Don’t follow back” feature to discover who didn’t follow me, even if I started following them.
I also decided to remove some followers because they were “ghost” followers – as I told you, they can be extremely harmful.


For what concern those who didn’t follow back, I started this day with a question in mind: how can I make my IG account reflect my personality and my business? And this was the answer: I don’t want fake people around me and my business.

So, even when those who didn’t follow back were “influencers”, I decided to have a closer look at their accounts.

Accounts with hundreds of thousands of followers can represent a huge possibility: even if they don’t follow back, if you interact with their content you have access to their large audience.

But I have a question for you: do you think it is normal that an account with hundreds of thousands of followers has a lot of likes but just 10-20 comments? I stopped following also this kind of accounts 🙂


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For hashtags, I am using a new technique – new in the sense that I’d never use it: I’m not considering the number of hashtags, I am just considering their relevance and the number of posts for each hashtag.
In fact, in theory, you should use hashtags according to the number of followers you have: if you have a small number of followers, you should use hashtags that have a “small” number of posts – you can discover the number of posts very easily, you find it when you search the hashtag on IG.

I don’t play by this rule, but I avoid using hashtags that have several millions of posts, and when it is necessary to use them – because of the relevance of the hashtag – I mix it with hashtags that have just a few thousands of posts.

I don’t know if this technique, focused more on relevance, will work. I will tell you in the next days 🙂


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See you tomorrow for the second day of my IG Diary! Don’t forget to follow @2playpolls to follow the journey closely 🙂

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