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We reached the end of our Facebook Ads journey, but it is not the real end.

In fact, we didn’t consider another fundamental aspect of Facebook Ads: Visuals.

Visuals are not only a good image or a good video. Visuals are what switches Facebook users’ mentality, from a “social” one to a “buyer” one.

Moreover, good visuals will increase the engagement rate of your Facebook Ads, one of the parameters used by Facebook to evaluate how much your ads must cost. In fact, being Facebook a social media, it wants you to create ads that fit the needs of a social media platform. Otherwise, it will punish you by increasing the amount of money you spend to host your ads on the platform.

So, being visuals such an important aspect of your ads, I want to leave them to a real expert, Robby Blanchard.

For those of you who don’t know this name, Robby Blanchard is the #1 Clickbank’s Affiliate. A man who makes $2M/year and his success is based precisely on Facebook Ads.


As experts do, he provides free training. But the video training I want to share with you is extremely important, because at the end of it you will find the very ad that made him thousands per day.


I know it is not an easy task to watch an almost 2 hours video, so I want to reward you with a bonus.

Here at Frustrated Affiliate Marketers we sell a very useful piece of software that allows us and our clients to show different ads every time the pages of this website are visited or reloaded – you can watch Show Your Ads in action in the header and in the footer of this page.

We use it also to sell advertising spaces on our websites – Frustrated Affiliate Marketers sells them at €10,99 each. But, if you watch the free training video, we will host your ad here for free.


So, bookmark this page, because here you can find two fundamental things:
private commission hero




We reach the end! Thanks again for your time!

I hope you enjoyed this short journey and that you found it useful. If you enjoyed our content, don’t forget to follow Frustrated Affiliate Marketers to receive our content.


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