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If you read my blog, you know that some time ago I started an IG series, My IG Diary, where I was sharing my 30-days Instagram journey. And if you read that, you know that the best part of my experience was discovering the part of social media we always take for granted: meeting interesting people and professionals.
I’ve already told you that I’d continue this series, but I want to move the focus: not my journey, but the interesting people.
And the first article of this series is dedicated to Sakshi Rangari and the product she is promoting: Bizgurukul.


We give you the right tips, but you need the business. 

Secure your future now for $49/month





We give you the right tips, but you need the business. 

Secure your future now for $49/month


Sakshi: The Person behind the Product


Sakshi is an MBBS student working part-time as an affiliate marketer (this is Sakshi’s IG profile!)


First of all, let me say that I always appreciate students who work: studying is pretty hard, and if you also work this means that you’re doing your best to reach your goals – I know that. So, let me tell you that I admire people like Sakshi!


I knew her via DM. We talked for a while, and I asked more about her business. And this is what Sakshi promotes on IG.


We give you the right tips, but you need the business. 

Secure your future now for $49/month




The product Sakshi is promoting is Bizgurukul.
BizGurukul Private Limited is registered under the Companies Act, 2013 with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Registrar of Companies, New Delhi” (from Bizgurukul.com).

This company offers online courses that not only help marketers to improve their marketing skills, but also focuses on self-improvement.
And I want to say that this is the best part: we all know that we need to educate ourselves to become marketer, but most of the time we focus only on “technical” skills. The part that many people don’t even consider is that you need a strong attitude to be a marketer, a business owner or a self-employed person.
And this program deals with both aspects.
Bizgurukul courses are divided into three categories: gold, sapphire and platinum.


Bizgurukul: The Gold Option


The Gold option includes:

  • Advance Personality Development: this course deals with physical, social and mental levels of a personality development.

    The Physical level considers fitness, diet and look to develop a self-confident personality, able to show this confidence also to people around you.
    The Social level takes into account communication skills – also on social media – and body language.
    The Mental level focuses on the development of a positive and successful mindset.


  • Video Superstar: this course focuses on the importance of video creation, on how to be comfortable with that and on some methods to create a great amount of content without giving up on impact and consistence.

  • Facebook Messenger Marketing: this course includes an introduction to Messenger Marketing, Messenger Marketing tools, Messenger automation and, of course, how to make the most out of this powerful social tool.

  • Digital Marketing Mastermind: this course includes an introduction to digital marketing, the importance of websites (so happy when I find courses that assess how important it is to have a website nowadays!), content marketing, SEM, SEO, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing and Web Analytics.

  • Instagram Masterminds: a full course to understand how to use Instagram for marketing purposes.

  • Spoken English Mastery: the product is thought to consider non-native English speakers, the option includes a language course.

    NOTE: please, keep in mind that presentations are in English, but the explanations are in Hindi.

The cost of the Gold option is Rs. 2,999 (almost $42 at the time of writing).


We give you the right tips, but you need the business. 

Secure your future now for $49/month


Bizgurukul: The Sapphire Option


The Sapphire option includes all the courses in the Gold option, plus:

  • Advance Instagram Masterminds: the advanced course on how to get the most out of IG, plus a section dedicated to Instagram Ads;

  • Facebook Ads Mastermind: a full course that will help you to understand every aspect of an FB Ad – included the Account Structure.

The cost of the Sapphire option is Rs. 5,999 ($82.18 at the time of writing).


We give you the right tips, but you need the business. 

Secure your future now for $49/month


Bizgurukul: The Platinum Option


The Platinum option includes all Gold and Sapphire courses plus:

  • Master Public Speaker: This course deals with everything you need to know to be a great public speaker. It takes into account the work behind the speaker – that is, that sense of self-confidence you need to develop – and the technical aspects of it: the quality of the sound, the tonality, body language and gestures, the clarity of words, the improvement of the thinking pattern, how to structure your content and more.
    Moreover, it takes into account the aspect of the storytelling, an art that we should master even when we are not actually speaking, but also writing – in fact, it is an important part of copywriting.


The cost of the Platinum option is Rs. 9,999 ($136.97 at the time of writing).


We give you the right tips, but you need the business. 

Secure your future now for $49/month


Sakshi on Bizgurukul


Let’s get back to Sakshi!

What she says about the product matters a lot.

First of all, you should know that Sakshi follows these courses. In fact, all those who buy one of the courses receive a referral link. It’s up to them to promote Bizgurukul or not.
If you decide to promote, you get 60-70% commission on every sale.
But Sakshi is really happy with what she bought: the first words she used to describe the course were “Bizgurukul courses have helped a lot of people including me“. And here at Frustrated Affiliate Marketers we love sharing useful products.
But there is another thing we love.
We always encourage people to buy from affiliate marketers, because the product won’t cost more but, at the same time, the marketer will earn his/her commissions. If you need to buy something, why you shouldn’t do it this way??
For this reason, the only link related to Bizgurukul I’m going to share is the link to the Google Form shared by Sakshi!

And, of course, the IG profile of Sakshi (I shared it at the beginning of this article :))


So, mates, if you are interested in these courses, you will find all the info you need.


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See you next time 🙂

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