How To Avoid Fake People

Don’t get fake email addresses! – Some visitors sign up with fake email addresses, how to avoid it?

Today I will show you:

  • how to solve this problem,
  • how to add a contact form on WordPress

I will show you two plugins I use on WordPress:

  • Ninja Forms
  • Hustle

When it comes to Affiliate Marketing, we all know that the best way to increase our conversions is to get a lot of email addresses and start using email marketing. Have you tried to collect email addresses? I did.

A lot of people out there tell you that there are billions of people around the world, people who each and every day pick up their phones or take their computers, and open their email inboxes, even several times a day.

So it should be easy, shouldn’t it?

Well, I’ve tried to collect emails in tons of ways and you know what? It’s not easy, at all.

People don’t trust you and people don’t want to receive tons of emails from you. So, while we think of thousands of strategies to get emails, our possible customers think of thousands of strategies to get our products without giving us their email addresses, and this is the most used strategy: they give you a fake email address.




I experienced this especially on social media. Of course, I worked a lot to set up my accounts, to follow social media policies, to create my landing pages, to find free products to provide value. I did all this job, and what I ask is a simple email address (maybe I am weird, but if someone asks for my email address to give me a free product I am more than happy to provide it. I’m not that picky!). And then, after reaching the milestone to be able to share my perfect link on social, some users over there come and steal my products. It sounds like this:

Name: jfdsigfdsiui

Email address:

Now I want to ask you: how can you stay calm when something like this happens? The bad news is that unfortunately, this is part of the game: many people will see you as another scammer and won’t believe in you. I mean: of course, I want to sell you something, but if I am pretty sure that you are interested in that product, what am I doing wrong?



Have you noticed that I mentioned “free products”? Exactly: the best way to provide value and to show your good intentions is to give free products to your possible customers. Remember: You have to be a helper before being a seller!

Despite the fact that many affiliate marketers offer any sort of products, I think that they should be relevant to your niche: people visit you because you have some products or content they are interested in, so there is no point in giving irrelevant products. Maybe in a second time, when you have loyal customers, you can also offer products not related to your niche but that are used by everyone, I don’t know, a set of earbuds for example.

But let’s get down to business: how to avoid fake email addresses?



Not redirecting to the product. Simple. Set up a form to submit that redirects to nothing, just to a “thank you” message. In this way you will collect email addresses and you will reply with your free products.

I suggest using this technique only when it comes to giveaways: when it comes to affiliate products, you can get a little nervous if people give you fake email addresses, but in any case, they will be redirected to the product through your link, so it doesn’t matter that much. The point is that you can’t interrupt the user experience if you are promoting someone else product. If you are offering a giveaway, people will be more willing to wait for an email.


How to set up this form on WordPress? Personally, I use two plugins, one to set a pop-up (you must have seen it when you opened this post) and one to set the contact form.


To set up the form I use Ninja Forms.

how to install plugins on wordpressIt is very easy to install new plugins: you only need to go to the “Plugins” section and “Add New”.

It is also very easy to set up: you just need to go to Ninja Form and “Add New”. You can create your new form from scratch or modify a template.

Once you create it just click on “Publish”. Now, go to the “Pages” section and “Add New”. Once the new page appears, just click on “Add Form” and choose the form you want. Publish the page and copy the URL.


How to add a form to a page on WordPress



Let’s create the pop-up. I use Hustle (good name). You can use the same procedure you used to install the Ninja Forms plugin.
Hustle on WordPress
As you see, there are many features you can use.
hustle on wordpress
To create the pop-up, or any other thing you need, just choose the content type then select all the things you need. If you want to create a pop-up similar to mine, choose the informational type.
hustle on wordpress


Now select all the things you need in the different sections: Content, Appearance, Visibility, Behavior.

If you want to create a pop-up similar to mine, add a CTA (call to action) button and insert the URL of the page we have created before. Once you have finished, “Publish”.
hustle on wordpress
This will happen:

  • Possible customers or people interested in your offer, see the pop-up.
  • If they want, they can grab it clicking the CTA (call to action) button.
  • They will be redirected to the contact form page.
  • Once they fill the required fields, a confirmation message will appear.
  • Control the “Submissions” section of your Ninja Forms plugin: then you will find all the email addresses. Now you can email each contact sending the content you want to offer (better if you set a free email automation, so you won’t need to do anything).

I use this strategy for two reasons:

  • By doing this you are less intrusive and more effective: as you have seen my pop-up is small and can be closed very easily, you can also choose not to see it anymore; moreover, since your visitors are walked through different steps, if they reach the end it means that they are really interested in your offers.
  • I have the possibility to make my page always visible, even if you close the pop-up. This gives you more time.

frustrated affiliate marketers
But if you want something easier, you can just create a new module with Hustle and select the “Email Opt-in” content type: you will be able to show your offers and collect email in the same place.

hustle on wordpress



Congratulations! You reached the end of the article!

I hope you find it useful!

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Just a final tip: remember to be a helper before being a seller! This will help you to improve your business and boost your trustworthiness.

Now, go work!



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