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Facebook Audience Insights is a great free tool you can use to identify your target audience. Identifying a relevant Audience is the most important thing you need to do when you want to sell something. In this post I will explain to you how to create Facebook Audience: once you create it, you can use it to sell your products either through paid campaign or for free.

Creating a target audience through Facebook is useful because you can collect data from a community of 2.6 billion monthly active users: you can know where they come from, what they like, even how many times they have clicked an ad on Facebook!

So, if you are at a total loss when it comes to decide to whom you can sell your products, learn how to use this powerful tool!

No matter if you are an affiliate marketer or the owner of the product: we are talking about marketing strategies, they can work in any case.



where to find facebook audience insights
You can find Audience Insights in the Business Manager section. You just need to select “Audiences” in the “Advertise” section, as showed in figure. If you click on the first “Audience” you find in the Business Manager section, you will be redirected to the saved audiences: here you can also create “Custom” audiences or “Lookalike” audiences, but we are not interested in this right now. We need to create an audience from scratch, analyzing the whole Facebook community.


Once you click on “Audience” and select “Everyone on Facebook”, a window will appear showing different sections: Demographics, Page Likes, Location, Activity.

For your convenience, I am going to show you a practical example of what I am talking about.

Let’s say that I want to sell a product related to the social media industry and that, for any reason, I want to sell that product in the United States – let’s say I want to collect more email addresses from that country to use them for remarketing purpose.

I type “United States” in the Location section and “social media” in the Interests section.

Then I move to “Location”, next to “Page Likes”, and I have a look at the top cities: that green “+100%” you see next to Tampa means that people living in Tampa are 100% more likely to be in the group you selected – that is, people living in the US and interested in social media – compared to Facebook users.

Keep in mind all cities with a “green percentage” – that is, a percentage above 0.

As you see above “Demographics”, right now we are talking about an audience of 60M – 70M people (broad).
facebook audience insights demographics
Once you have done all this, move to “Demographics” and have a look.
TIP: If you want to select more countries, you can do it, but keep in mind that to have a target Audience you need to be more specific and select cities, not whole countries: to select more cities, one have to choose only one country! Facebook won’t allow you to select different cities from different countries.


Let’s look at these data:

  • 60% of our group are women, 41% are men. Among them, the majority being 25-34 year-olds (in any case, most sellers to select only people above 24, because usually they are those who can spend money more freely).
  • 49% are married.
  • 62% have a college education.

This is the moment to clean our data. This means that now you should select the majority of relevant audience.

Let’s select only 25-54 year-olds. Let’s deselect High School in the “Education Level”. Let’s look at the interests of the majority of people in the “Advanced” section to select them. Let’s look at the pages they like – “Page Likes” section – to type their name in the “Interests” section – do it only for pages that are relevant to the products we want to sell.

Look at the “Activity” section to know how many times people included in this group clicked on an ad on Facebook – so you will know that people in this group are wiling not to skip an ad if they see one.


Let’s have another look at the “Location” section: it will appear different from the first one.
facebook audience insights location
Keep in mind – or write down…maybe it is better – all cities with a “green percentage” – that is, a percentage above 0.

In the “Location” bar you can type all those cities, since they are all in the same country.
TIP: You can type only cities, not boroughs or counties. If there is a borough or county among the “green percentage” locations, simply look for the capital city of that place and type the name of the capital instead of the name of the county.

See what happens:
facebook audience insights location
Have you seen the green percentages? Now they are impressive. And look at the size of the audience: 10K – 15K people.

We passed from a broad audience to a very well-defined audience, in a few minutes and for free.

Now, save your audience, give it a name: you will be able to use it every time you want, and if you want to run a paid marketing campaign on Facebook you can simply select the saved audience while you set up your campaign.


TIP: Don’t use this tool too much. If you reach the queries limit it will stop working for one or two days. This is a policy that Facebook uses to protect the privacy of its users.



Congratulations! Now you have 15K possible customers!

As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, you need to know if people are willing to buy the product you are promoting: trying to sell something to people you know nothing about is very risky. So don’t waste your money, efforts and time! Remember: the first rule of marketing is “Know your audience”. Many times – unfortunately – we don’t have enough data to sell a product, so we need to look for those data: messing around is not a good strategy if you want to succeed.

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Success is a matter of strategy.



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  1. Identifying your audience is one of the keys to success on Facebook, I thank you for sharing this free tool and strategy with all of us who are reading your articles. If more people would share what is working for them we all could experience more success, I thank you for sharing your own personal Facebook strategy with all of us


  2. Thank you so much for this highly informative article! I have actually never heard of Facebook Audience until now, but I agree that this is an extremely effective way to garner traffic and sales. This tool allows us to essentially peak inside of users’ brains to see what they like, what they tend to click on, and what they’re more likely to purchase. This is like a cheat sheet in the best of ways! Haha I have bookmarked your site, and will definitely spread the word! God bless you!

    1. Thank you so much! I really appreciate your words…and your actions too!! Remember: you can use this tool also for free ads websites, cause they usually ask you to select specific cities!

  3. Hi Rosalia

    Thanks for your article. It is very informative and helpful. I tried setting up Facebook Audience Insights before, but got lost along the way. I will be following the steps in your article to set it up.

    Thanks again for writing such a comprehensive article. Individuals who are looking for help with Facebook Audience Insights will be happy when they see your article.

    Keep up the good work.

    All the best

  4. Thank you for sharing this information with us. I am starting in WA and in this field. I did not know this tool and your article shows how productive it can be. I believe that effectively using it refines the scope and makes the search for potential customers more efficient and effective. Thanks to your article I have already opened an account as Business Manager. Thanks again for sharing.

  5. I have always struggled with FB marketing, thanks for deciphering the “Audience Insights” feature step by step, I have bookmarked the site and I am going to use this, when I log onto FB the next time – Thanks for sharing this info in a lucid manner.

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