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google structured data markup helper


Today, let’s talk about a problem I am sure many of you experienced or are experiencing: Google preview doesn’t work. Basically, this happens when your snippet is not working.

It can be a huge problem, because many times it means that Google is not reading your page correctly – if you are taking care of SEO – or simply that Google decides it’s not going to show your preview. In fact, according to Search Engine Journal, “rich snippets aren’t promised by Google“. But let’s take a step back to understand what is a snippet and how it works.

What is a snippet

In a nutshell, a snippet is the Google preview you see when you search something on Google, that is, those few lines where you can find the link and title of the page Google showed you according to your query. Snippets can be divided in rich snippets and featured snippets:

  • What is a rich snippet – Rich snippets are made up of the basic elements of a snippet plus a brief description of the page;
  • What is a Google featured snippet – Featured snippets in Google are those boxes that sum up a page. As you noticed while navigating on Google, these featured snippets are not shown for any query, and despite what you might think they are not so clicked as ‘natural’ results.

Snippet definition makes it easy to understand that snippets are part of that magic world named SEO – or Search Engine Optimization. So, you can optimize them using some techniques and tools. I know it can seem a little overwhelming, but knowing how to deal with snippets is worth it. Just think about this: how many times you clicked a link that looked weird, with no title or descriptions? I guess I know the answer: never. Then, if you don’t want your pages fall among these weird results and lose traffic, go on reading and put in practice what I am going to tell you.



WordPress snippets 

Now that the meaning of snippet is clear, let’s look at how snippets work.

When this website was indexed by Google for the first time, this was the result:
wordpress snippets not working - the solution


Pretty weird. When I discovered this, thanks to my Wealthy Affiliate – thanks to which I can know which of my articles are indexed in Google in a glance, I started making my researches to discover how to solve this problem, hoping it wasn’t caused by Google itself. And it came out that a lot of people had my same problem.

I decided to start looking for Google tools to possibly create rich snippets for my WordPress website, and I found it. It is the Google Structured Data Markup and you can access it from the helper section. Once you are there, you can simply add the URL of the page you want to optimize and insert the category of that page. If you don’t find a relevant category don’t worry: we can solve it later on.
google structured data markup helper
Once you are ready, you can click “Start Tagging“. A page like the one below will appear.
google structured data markup helper
What is Google Structured Data Markup –  According to Google, “Structured data is a standardized format for providing information about a page and classifying the page content; for example, on a recipe page, what are the ingredients, the cooking time and temperature, the calories, and so on”.

Basically, using structured data helps Google to interpret your page. For this reason it is so important if you don’t want to waste all your work and to receive the amount of traffic you deserve!

According to the category you selected, you will see some fields on the right that you need to fill. To fill those fields, start selecting a part of text. Once it is highlighted, you can select a relevant category: the field corresponding to that category will be automatically filled. Once you finish, you can click “Create HTML“. If you don’t know how to fill all the fields don’t worry: we are going to solve it in a while.
google structured data markup helper categories and fields



An HTML code will appear. You can copy it and click “Finish“. The page will show you a box related to the next steps you have to take with Google Structured Data Markup. You can click “Structured Data Testing Tool“.
google structured data markup helper next steps
This action will allow you to have access to the full code of the page you entered before. If you had problem filling some fields or you want to modify the category you assigned to your URL, you can correct your code here. If you need help, you can open

There, you will find suggestions to choose categories, a full list of categories, “how to” to fill each field.
schema frustrated affiliate marketers


As you can see, there were some problems and warnings related to my URL, but thanks to Schema I can solve each of them.
google structured data testing tool


At the same time, Google suggests you to use its new tool to test results: Google Rich Results Test. Also here, you can paste an URL and decide to test results for both mobile and desktop.
google rich results test
Using this tool you can take the most important step: verify if your page is actually eligible for rich results! Fortunately, my page is eligible.
google rich results test
I check if the Google code appears in the same way I created it before. If the answer is no, I modify it. If the anwer is yes, I simply copy the relevant code: you can easily recognize it because it presents the category you chose and the fields you filled.
google rich results test

How to add Google Structured Data Markup code to your WordPress without plugin

Now, let’s see how we add the Google Structured Data Markup HTML code to our WordPress website’s pages or articles. You can use this method either if you want to add the code to already published articles and pages or to new content. The first thing you need to do is to check if the “Custom Fields” box is active on your page or post. To do this, open your published or new page/post, look at the right side on top of the page and click “Screen Options“.
wordpress custom fields
At the bottom of your page/post you will find a “Custom Fields” box. Under “Name” click on “Enter New” and  type “schema“. In the value section you can paste your code. Click “Add Custom Field” and update your page/post.
wordpress add new custom field


Now, go to your dashboard and click Appearance –> Theme Editor –> header.php and paste this piece of code:

?php $schema = get_post_meta(get_the_ID(), ‘schema’, true);
if(!empty($schema)) {echo $schema;}?

Before the closing tag.

[Thanks to WPtorc for this piece of code!]


add custom field to header php wordpress


Save the file and refresh the page. Wait to see if the Google website preview works – now, it should.



You reached the end of the article! As you know, we are always here to help affiliate marketers and small business owner to boost their sales and better understand the mechanism of search engines. Being indexed in Google using Google Structured Data Markup will help your business increasing traffic to your website.

If you want to see the strategies we shared so far, navigate our posts section.

If you want to share your opinions, questions or improve the content, leave a comment below.

Have a nice day!

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    1. Hi Aparna, thank you for your comment and hope this article will be useful for your WordPress work. I’ve tried to keep things as simple as possible but I know it can look a little tricky. Google Structured Data Markup and Markup scheme is part of technical SEO. I’m not a fan of this part of SEO but it can be extremely useful. 

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      Thank you 1M times for your comment! I am very very happy to see that you appreciated the article and the website, I really spent a lot of time end efforts to create my favorite website!

      To answer your questions:

      1) I use Astrid. I am not saying it is the best or that there is the best theme, because what I think is that the theme of your website has to represent your brand and personality – in my opinion, this will make your job more comfortable since it is your office basically – and your niche. For instance, if you have a fashion website it needs to be different from a fitness website, because your customers expect your website to have a precise look according to the topics you are covering. Appearance matters! For this reason, I always suggest searching themes on WordPress according to a topic, and not to just scrolling until you find the good one (there a lot of professional web designers behind those themes and they fully know what people want to see!)

      This said, to make my website exactly how I wanted it to be I customized the theme adding some strings to the CSS code. I don’t know if you are familiar with coding, but you can do that going to Appearance –> Customize –> CSS. If you need help I am here:)

      2) To answer the second question I will tell you something: if you can do or learn to do something, do not use a plugin. For instance, you don’t necessarily need a plugin to verify your website with search engines, you do not necessarily need a plugin to create a form, you do not necessarily need a plugin to create a table of content, and a lot of other stuff that will make you able to install less plugins and speed up your website. For this reason, I suggest you visit this website,

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      Sorry for giving you such a long answer:) and feel to contact me to share your thoughts or asking whatever you want!

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    1. Hi Alblue, thank you for your comment! It is my pleasure to know that you find it helpful. Now, the answer: unfortunately, you need to repeat almost all the steps. The point is that for every page and post you submit to Google Structured Data Markup you will collect different information for each field (for instance, if the category you choose is “Article”, the body of that article will always be different). 

      The only step you don’t need to repeat is changing the .php file, but to do that you have to give the same name to all custom fields (not the same value, but the same name!). In this case the name I gave was “schema”: if I give the same name, the .php file will call the same function for all relevant fields with the same name, and it won’t be necessary to add other pieces of code to your .php. I hope I answered your question! But if you have any other questions or comments I am here to help you! 🙂

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    1. Dear Line, Thank you so much for your comment! I am very happy when I can help colleagues!

      To answer your question, I know that a very common plugin is Yoast. But I have to tell you something: I don’t use this plugin, so I gathered info from those who use it vising WordPress forums where people look for solutions to problems related to their websites, and this is what I discovered. First of all, when you use free plugins it happens that they don’t give full support or that they don’t disclose all the technical stuff you need to know to be in full control of your website. Then, I discovered that even when you get the premium version and you ask for support, the answer is often “it is not a problem of our software, it’s Google”. So you don’t know how to solve the problem neither what the problem is. For this reason, I’ve always thought that we must be in full control of our websites because knowing the problems allows us to start solving them. 

      I’m not saying that you shouldn’t use plugins, they make life easier, but please do not rely on plugins for your business 😉

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    1. Anthony thank you so much for your comment! Even if Google Structured Data Markup pertains to technical SEO and it can look a little tricky, I tried to keep it as easy as possible. I really appreciate that you noticed the effort 🙂

  22. hello there, Thank you for this article. I have come across this term snippets but haven’t tried going deep. Others say they help in rankings. And now today you have taught me a liitle more; reporting your pages to google. I attended a wealthy affiliate training but it seems they don’t talk about snippets. Is there any difference between snippets and site maps?

    1. Hi Paul! Thank you so much for your comment I really appreciate it!

      To answer your question: 

      In a nutshell, sitemaps ar the complete structure of your website, that is, URLs, all links included, no follow and follow links, and so on. They are the general structure that Google use to have a general view of your website (for this reason they go crawl websites periodically, too see if there are any changes in the structure, additional links for instance). 

      While snippets are something more precise. First of all, they are a little part of your website, the part shown on search engines according to a user queries. I don’t know if you noticed that when you search something, the description under the link in search results call the keywords you used for your query. It is not a piece of general information, it is what you were looking for. But sometimes these snippets do not work. SO you go and tell Google “Hey there, I wrote this. If my page is indexed, show this piece of information when a user search for the keywords I rank for”. And you can do this using the markup schema. You are simply helping Google to correctly show your info. This is how you optimize snippets, and you integrate this information using Google Structured Markup and adding its piece of code to the pages and posts of your website.

      I hope you will find this answer sufficiently clear! If not, I am here to help – I try to explain things the same way I explain them to myself, avoiding too technical stuff 🙂 🙂 

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    The site has very useful and relevant information. I like the detail and sequence flow of ideas. I was able to follow the step by step instructions in the procedure. The information was very helpful to me because I applied it on my website.

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    1. Hey Billy,

      Thank you so much for your comment and your feedback, especially the one about the referral link: the most important thing to me is to share the things I did and discovered over the time to obtain a very good business website!

      Now, I don’t know if I’ve fully understood your problem. If I didn’t, please tell me.

      You need to repeat almost the whole process for each page and article you experience problems with – URLs are different and content is different, maybe also the categories will be different (if it is an article, you choose the article category, if it is a webpage like the home, you can choose the webpage or something similar. You will decide how to present your URL each time).  

      The only step you don’t need to repeat is changing the .php file, but to do that you have to give the same name to all custom fields (not the same value, but the same name!). In this case the name I gave was “schema”: if I give the same name to all custom fields, the .php file will call the same function for all relevant fields with the same name, and it won’t be necessary to add other pieces of code to your .php. 

      I hope I answered your question! But if you have any other questions or comments or if I didn’t understand your problem, I am here to help you!

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    1. Hey, I can’t tell how much I appreciate your words! Thank you so much! I am actually sharing all the steps I took and strategies I implemented to completely set up my business 🙂 So stay tuned!!!

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    1. Don’t worry! I’m here to help! But I can tell you it works a lot! I experienced improvements in Google rankings in just one day!

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    1. Hi Lisa! You are right: I don’t know why but it looks like when it comes to technical stuff content creators think that using a complicated vocabulary makes the content more authoritative 🙂

  27. Excellent article, thank you!  I learn something new every day.  I usually use Yoast or my schema stuff, plus the Schema plugin itself, and I’m STILL confused.  I know exactly what schema markup is.  What I have issues with, is when I add it to a page, it shows up on the front of my website, too.  SIGH.  So sometimes it throws off the whole look of the page, even though I have that same information in a different form inside the article.  This is a different way of doing it and I’m going to look into seeing if I like this way better.  Thanks again for the amazingly helpful article!

    1. Hey, it is a pleasure to read your words! I’m glad to see that now you can try a different way to optimize your results, and please feel free to contact me if you want! 🙂

  28. This is an amazing blog. Having written articles before, I had no idea about the snippets and how to enrich them or even how to put a code on my web page. This is as great a lesson as it is useful. I’m betting a lot of affiliate marketers know nothing about this, or know something, but don’t know how to implement. 

    Thank you for this information. I have subscribed to your page and will be getting messages from you. I have also bookmarked this article. Great job! Do you recommend the book on Structured Data Markup Helper – The Complete Guide 2020? If this is about your own experience, then you are the author, Russell Brunson the author, I presume? I am following your Amazon account.

    1. Hi Joss! thank you so much for your comment, I really appreciate your words! Structured Data Markup Helper – the complete guide 2020 is not a book, but a piece of content I created to share my experience with other marketers because I think it can make the difference! For what concerns the book of Russell Brunson, I really reccomend it because it is a full guide to build funnels, and written by the founder of ClickFunnels! It is really worth it! Moreover, thank you so much for subscribing: we will send you articles that can be really helpful for your business!

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    1. Hi Hilde! Thank you for your words, you really got the point: we should avoid plugins when we can because a slow website is not good for rankings!

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    1. Hi Wilfred! Thank you so much for your comment! You are right, it is something not many consider but it is extremely important to know some technical stuff!

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    There’s a lot of great info in your article.

    I will definitely be adding a custom field to all my posts/pages.

    Thank you for all the great info.

    1. Hi Margarette, thank you for your words! I am really happy to know that you find it helpful! I’m here to help:)

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    1. Hi Paolo, thank you for your comment! I can relate because I had the same problem. And after using Google Structured Data Markup I solved it and my website has another look in Google Search results!

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    1. Hi Sharon! Thank you so much for your comment! I am very happy when I discover that you find y content useful!!

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    1. Hey Eunice, thank you so much for your words and for your feedback, I really appreciate it! And no, you don’t need to download anything. Just create the code with schema markup and integrate it to your website as shown in the article! I am here to help and feel free to contact me if you need support! 🙂

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    I am still a little confused. Do you mean the quote under the listing?

    It sounds as though I could use some help and Wealthy Affiliate would be a good place to get it.


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    Best regard – Sean Sorath 

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    I have been going through the training with Wealthy Affiliate and completely get the need for maximizing our content to be recognized on Google. However, I still learnt about using the data markup in a bit more detail and an easy to understand way. I believe that this article will certainly help a number of others.

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    1. Hey Imelda, thank you so much for your comment! I really appreciate it and I am happy to see that it can be helpful! Feel free to contact me if you need more info! 🙂

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    1. Hi Emma, thank you so much for your comment! No, I didn’t learn it at Wealthy Affiliate. My process usually is the following: since I’m pretty unlucky when it comes to web and technology, I always have problems. I find a way to solve them and I realize that many people have my problem, but answers are not comprehensive. So I test solutions, look at codes and write them if necessary. I solve the problem. I share my knowledge in a comprehensive and EASY way. So usually my content is the result of bad experiences and I don’t want other marketers to have to suffer! 🙂 

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    Also, I found it to be a very thorough explanation. I really appreciate it, especially that bit of code you managed to pull from somewhere.

    Keep up the good stuff, cheers. 🙂

    1. Hi Matiss, thank you so much for your comment! It was really hard to find the right piece of code, I had to test many! But coders are a great community, as we are in Wealthy Affiliate! Feel free to contact me and I loved your comment, really!

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    1. Thank you so much for your comment! I am happy to see that you find it useful! And thank you so much for signing up and for the bookmark! I always try to keep things easy – they are complicated, so don’t need also a complicated language! 🙂

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    1. Hi Jay, thank you for your comment, I really appreciate your words! Feel free to contact me if you want more info!:)

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    1. Hey Karl, thank you for your comment! I am happy that you are not experiencing problems, I was very unlucky! 🙂 

  48. Thanks for sharing this information. Getting ranked with Google is a pretty important thing, and especially when you are new to blogging, getting ranked can put you on top of the world. There are many factors when it comes to getting ranked with Google, but having good rich snippets is real important. A greater majority of my blogs are ranked with Google, now with over 200 written, I have been with it for a little while now, but some of my earlier blogs didn’t have real good snippets, although I have been getting better at it as I progress along.

    1. Hi Neil, thank you for your comment! I think that this info are really important for those who have not a large number of articles yet – like me, this website is really young. Usually, time fixes a lot of problems because Google recognizes more authority to your website. But it is also true that I had this problem with snippets only with WordPress. A website I had created with Wix had rich snippets at the very beginning, so I told myself “there must be a way to solve the snippets problem”. And this is what I did. Sometimes it can be very overwhelming to try to handle the technical stuff, but knowing it is always a good thing in case of problems.

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    1. Henry, you don’t know how much I can relate! You are right: SEO is a nightmare. I fully agree with you! But it is necessary, so we must deal with it. And it is for the reason that I try to keep things as easy as possible, because when I started I only found complicated stuff! Thank you for your comment!

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    1. Hey Kimberly, thank you for your comment! You are right, they are extremely useful for technical knowledge! Feel free to contact me if you need more info!

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    1. Hey, thank you so much for your comment! Feel free to contact me and don’t forget to read our articles: you will find a lot of very useful tips! 🙂

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    1. Thanks to you for your comment! We need to help each other in order to really succeed! So, let’s spread the word! 🙂

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    1. Hi Mercedes! I can’t tell how much I appreciate your words. We are a great community and we always try to integrate what you learn on Wealthy Affiliate – of course, they can’t cover everything, but their strength is that they can also rely on the knowledge of their members. If you need anything else, I am here to help! And thankn you again for your words!  

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    Thanks again,


    1. Thanks for your comment Tony! I am happy to see that it can be useful for you! Feel free to contact me if you need more info!:)

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    I was always wondering about how the snippet should be used. Your article definitively helped me.

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    Thank you for a great article.

    1. Thank you for your comment! I really appreciate your words and I will do best to share other useful information! 🙂

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    So just to confirm what your saying. If we follow what you said within this post, our snippets will appear every time?

    1. Hey Michael! Thank you for your comment! You need to apply this to every URL you experience problem with (the only step you have not to repeat is adding a piece of code to .php file, but you can avoid it only if you give always the same name to custom fields) and then waiting for Google to process it! Feel free to contact me if you have any problems! 🙂

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    Thanks for sharing this information!

    1. Hey Christine, thank you so much for your comment on our Google Structured Data Markup Helper – The Complete Guide 2020! I am glad to know you found it useful! Feel free to contact me if you need more info!

  65. A helpful article indeed. It is true that lakhs of people are being frustrated every day not being able to understand the actual mechanism of affiliate marketing. One of the most important reasons is the lack of grasp on the issue of the ranking of their websites and its reach to thousands of people. The way Google snippets are discussed here has at least benefited me quite a bit. It is not possible to do affiliate marketing successfully without understanding these issues properly.

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    1. Hey Michael, thank you so much for your words! I can’t tell how much I am happy to see your comment! I suggest you to subscribe to Frustrated Affiliate Marketers newsletter so will be able to send you other useful articles! Thank you again! 🙂

  67. That’s a really useful article – thanks for posting it! It was also a good introduction to Schema, which I’d heard about but not used. And that was the first time I saw the term ‘micro data’… so much to learn! Look forward to more. Keep up the good work.

    1. Hey Tom, thank you so much for your comment! Happy to see you like our Google Structured Data Markup guide!:)

  68. It took me a while to find out that Google clipped the first couple of lines in your post to use as ones rich snippet. When my posts started to rank I could easily see what Google posted. Some looked good and others looked nonsensical. Just like you discovered. 

    A webinar I attended on SEO addressed this specific situation. I learned that WordPress provides us the opportunity of writing our own rich snippet. Since then I always check what Google picks. If I like it I leave it as is. If I don’t, I can change it. 

    In fact, WordPress enables us to see what the results will be when someone gets our post as a result of a search. 

    I handled this differently from how you did. What do you think of this approach?



    1. Hi Edwin, thank you so much for your comment and your question! I guess you are talking about plugins – if not, please correct me. If I’m right, I can tell you something: I used a plugin since the first day of my website – I have to say that I am not a fan of plugins, in my opinion it is far better if you can understand what’s going on and solve problems without relying on their support – but Google still showed those weird results you can see in the first picture of the article. I told myself “maybe it’s a matter of time”…then I asked for help in the plugin support section, and they told me it was a matter of time. But I was having this problem only with Google and only with WordPress – I’ve created other websites using Wix, and results were good from the first day! 

      So I told myself “there must be a technique or a tool I don’t know, for sure” and Google Structured Data Markup was the solution: first of all, because I can assess if Google has a problem with my website; second, I am in full control of the language I use to communicate with Google. 

      For this reason, I prefer this method, but please tell me about your experience because I can always change my mind! Thank you again for your question!

  69. Thanks you for this very interesting review of the Google structured Data tool. This is new to me and could be very helpful, as I am looking for ways to increase traffic to my sites. I am wondering though why the Google bots would need this extra information, it should maybe not be necessary?

    It is also a good thing that you can ad this tool without adding another plugin, which might influence you page speed adversely. I will keep this tool in mind as at one point of time I am going to do a try-out. How did it help you?

    1. Hi Jerry! Don’t worry, it is not necessary if you are not experiencing problems with Google previews or if you use a plugin and it is working properly. In my case, I had problems: if you look at the first picture of the article, my snippet previews looked very weird! Using this method helped me to solve the problem for the pages I tested it!

  70. Hi There, I cannot absolutely ask for more than what I have just read through in your post, exactly some of the ingredients that I need to optimize my web pages with the google structured data mark-up helper.  This works perfectly well as am continue to test my web pages. Brilliant piece of information. Thanks

    1. Hey Joel, thank you so much for your comment! I am happy to see that you found it useful! Feel free to contact me if you need more info! 🙂 

  71. Snippets are not something I have given any thought to if I am honest. Sometimes it’s enough of a challenge to get your articles indexed let alone think about any preview as such. However, your article clearly states what you have to do and why you should do it. How much time do you think it would take to pull it all together for a whole site? SEO and how those results are presented is certainly an art form!

    I found a very useful tutorial for snippets and google. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi Phil! I can tell you that when I did this for the first time I saw the first results after a few days – for content already indexed. I can’t say how much time a whole site requires, but I can tell you this: first of all, if you see that some content is not indexed, go to Google Search Console and index the content manually to try to speed up things – of course, the last word is always Google’s word. Once indexed, check if your snippets have problems. If they do have problems, use this method and wait  for a few days to see if it’s ok – I know, it is a long process, but if you do it every time you create content it is better.

  72. Wow, this is very technical, I would need a whole day to absorb it. But hey, very helpful indeed. I haven’t had a problem with the way Google shows metadata on an indexed post, but I would try and look into this more. I am wondering how is the Structured Data Markup Helper helpful for rankings? It sounds complicated, but I think since it’s Google’s, your post would help me in one way or another in creating structure/organization within my site. Thanks a lot, I will try it out. Cheers, A

    1. Hi A, Thank you for your comment! I would say that the first benefit you get is that people engage more with your content – no one will never click on a weird link. And good engagement and CTR in general is good for rankings!

  73. Great read. I didn’t realize just how much went in to creating a great snipet! It is good to see the details that you have put on this site. I also, don’t think I put enough thought into what is popping up when people scan over my websites. This will definitely give me another tool to use when developing my own sites.

    1. Hey Shane, thanks for your comment! I am happy to see that you found it helpful! Please feel free to contact me if you need more info!:)

  74. Very good article. I’m just starting with this online marketing, and this question about snippets appeared. I really did not know very well how they worked, so looking I came to your page.

    I am working with Word press so I will try this what you say. And the good thing is that I am seeing that a plugging is not necessary, right?

    I was intrigued with what you were saying where you learned this. I’m going to check the wealthy affiliate site you’re talking about. Is this site a course, or as an on-going school?

    I ask you this because I would like to learn, but not as a single course, but with a place where new things are learned daily and can be shared. Is that so?

    I’m going to take a look at it! And grace for explaining me about the snippets


    1. Hi Jason, thank you for your comment! You’re right: you don’t need a plugin – the best part. I am part of Wealthy Affiliate, but I didn’t learn this there: this article is the result of my research to fix the problems I had with snippets. But if you need a full course, subscribe to our newsletter: first of all, we always share what we learn. Moreover, we are planning to create training on Wealthy Affiliate. If you subscribe, you will receive notifications for new articles, giveaways and training!

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