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The Apocalypse. This is what happens when these two world-class professionals work together. Jim Edwards and Russell Brunson created this amazing product, Funnel Scripts, for those who hate copywriting…but also for copywriters. Here is a brief Funnel Scripts review. Here’s the link for the Funnel Scripts free webclass.





Everything is copywriting. Definitely. Your squeeze page, your email, the text blocks on your website page, your blog post, your ad, your social media post, your funnel… Everything has to do with copy. You can spend years learning to be a good copywriter. It’s a job. And you know what? This doesn’t have to be your job.

There is a good story about Henry Ford. Robert Kiyosaki tells this story in his “Cashflow Quadrant“:


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“… a group of so-called intellectuals came by to condemn Ford for being ignorant. They claimed he really didn’t know much. So Ford invited them into his office and challenged them to ask him any question, he would answer it. So this panel assembled around America’s most powerful industrialist and began to ask him questions. Ford listened to their questions and, when they were through, he simply reached for several phones on his desk and called in some of his bright assistants and asked them to give the panel the answers they sought.

He ended by informing the panel that he’d rather hire smart people […] to come up with answers so he could leave his mind clear to do more important tasks, tasks like thinking.” (p. 30)



As a business person, this is your job: thinking. You need to set your strategies. This takes a lot of time. So, even if you have to know every aspect of your business, you don’t need to be in expert in every field: if you can delegate work or some work in less time, do it.



Copywriting is one of those things you would happily do without. But at the same time it is the most important thing because, basically, it is the ability to put together words that lead your audience to do something. So we hate it – especially because it needs a lot of time, even weeks, but we need it.

You have two options:

  • Do it by yourself.
  • Hire someone else.

If you choose the first option, good luck!

If you choose the second option, good luck!

Russell Brunson spent $20,000 for his first good copy. Jim Edwards spent $1500 for 6 emails. Look for a copywriter on Upwork: have a look at their prices. And guess what? when you hire a copywriter, usually the data you provide are simply added to a blueprint. That is: you provide data that are inserted in a preset form. There is no differentiation. So you will need to edit that draft, to put it at work, and you have no guarantee that it will work.

I am not telling that copywriters are useless: they do one of the most high-skilled jobs. I’m just saying that not everyone can spend a lot of money.



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All you need to do is:

  • Choose the headline among those provided
  • Fill in the blanks
  • Choose the format
  • Download

That’s all.





dotcom secrets book


That’s crazy!
I’ve already told you how much I love this book, so I am really happy that Edwards had this amazing idea! This is a real life changer!


This is what this Funnel Scripts includes:

  • Unlimited access to Funnel Scripts
  • The Perfect Webinar Wizard
  • Easy Survey Wizard (survey funnels)
  • VSL Wizard
  • Masterclass Wizard (establish yourself as an expert!)
  • Podcast and FB Live Wizard
  • All Dotcom Secrets scripts
  • Email scripts
  • Sales letters scripts
  • Monthly group coaching live webinars with Jim Edwards
  • Copywriting Secrets Masterclass

and a lot of other things – they are too much! (You can see what is included here) for a worth of $127,394.

But do you know how much does it cost $797. Yes. Just one payment to have access to all the copies you need for your entire life.

And there is a 30-days guarantee.

That’s impressive. Period.



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