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What kind of Affiliate Marketer are you?

There are different styles to run this business: each of us has different styles and goals. Of course, has any other business people, we have in common that we want to make money being the masters of our lives.

Today, I want to propose you two main kinds of affiliate marketers. 



Profile A – Fast is better

Don’t worry. We are still talking about affiliate marketing.

This group includes all those affiliate marketers who wants to make money faster and secure. In fact, there is no way to make money fast – maybe winning the lottery. Every method requires work. But it is true that if you follow a coach with a proven method, paying him/her and running paid campaigns, the process is really faster.

There are many pros in this way of doing affiliate marketing:

  • You don’t feel lost – this is a thing that happens to all business people: this decreases the probability that you will give up
  • You feel secure: also this decreases the possibility that you will give up. If you have a coach using a proven method, you are sure that you are going to make money if you correctly follow his/her steps
  • The best pro: you will make money much faster than the lone marketer.



  • You are so secure that you could get lazy. This is really bad. This business – and the internet in general – changes so quickly that if you don’t stay up to date you can be cut off. The best is when you have a mentor and you still learn new things every day.


Profile B – The lone warrior

Yes. If you are in this group you are a real warrior.

Affiliate marketers in this group look for information everywhere, until they succeed and they put together their own method. These marketers can choose this way for several reasons: they don’t want to spend money, they are skeptical, or simply they don’t have money to invest in the business.

This group includes those marketers who are most interested in set up a successful method. Money can wait. But when money will come it will be more than secure.



  • You develop your own method since the very beginning.
  • You are always up to date and your method will follow your progress and conforms itself to new technologies.



  • Money could take even years to appear.
  • You have to work many more hours a day to reach the same results of those who choose a mentor.
  • Very easy to give up.



So don’t judge yourself. Your profile depends on your attitude and your needs. Don’t think you are doing wrong.

Just identify who you are: if you choose something that does not fit your attitude, it may lead you to failure or to the desire to give up!


Why don’t you share with us which is your profile?

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If you want to share your profile or if you have any questions, leave a comment below!



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