Coding for Entrepreneurs- Why It Is Important

coding for entrepreneurs


If you search the title of this post on Google, you will find at least a million reasons why coding is important, especially if you are an entrepreneur. Today, I would like to share with you my reasons why you should know this magic world that is programming. Stay tuned: I will reveal one reason that maybe you won’t find elsewhere!




It improves your analytical thinking

This is maybe the most common “reason why” you will find online. And that’s true: coding allows you to develop this sort of soft skill that will help you with your business. You learn to be more disciplined, more focused (because, believe me: the mere thought of checking all your code to find one error will scare you so much that you will stay super focused), you fully understand that every action has a consequence. It may sound stupid, but having the certainty that something works the right way will relieve the pressure on your business owner’s life.

You have full control over your business

For many of us, our website is our company, our business. But even for those who own traditional business, the website is their window to the world. Being in full control of it makes the difference, especially for what concerns costs. Actually, I approached coding because when I started I hadn’t enough money to hire someone to build my website exactly how I wanted it, to manage it, to install all the tools I needed, to solve problems and especially to fully customize my website – because in this world appearances do matter!

Of course, since all this requires a lot of work and time, if you have money you let someone else solve this kind of problems – being and entrepreneur, you MUST focus on strategies, but knowing that you can control your business even if you are alone gives you another kind of security.

Coding allows you to have this kind of security.

It allows you to install less plugins – my favorite reason why

And here’s my favorite one, the reason that maybe you won’t find so easily online.

Do you know why this is my best one? Because installing fewer plugins may positively affect the speed of your website. And the faster your website, the better the ranking. And that is really something!

The fact that plugins slow down your website is not always true: there are high-quality plugins, written using high-quality coding, and even plugins that improve your website speed. But let me ask you something: do you really need a plugin to add a form to your page, to collect data, or to add a table of contents? The answer is: no.

So, even if we need plugins to make life easier and our work smoother, we should be able to avoid those that allow us to install just ordinary items. This will allow you to get rid of unnecessary stuff, and consequently to improve our website speed. Since speed is an indicator of rankings, all this allows you to increase organic traffic to your website. Coding makes you able to get all this!



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Despite my reasons why, I’m sure that many of you are thinking “Are you serious? Should I learn also this?” And you are right. So, if you want to install fewer plugins and at the same time avoid to learn all the principles of coding, here’s the solution!

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