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affiliate bots v2.05
Believe me, I know how you feel. I was once the same.

You see, it got to a point where I was sick of being one of the guys who knew he should make money, but just couldn’t get it working.

So I decided to take a stand.
I hope you were caught by those few lines, because I didn’t write them. Well, not directly. I used a copy bot that could easily write the whole article for me. When I found it, I thought of how much time I could save if I left it writing – I’m one of those people who dream to make more money and work less with the passing of time. But it is not the moment now. I want to write this article for you to let you know that I bought it for 12 dollars. This and other 36 bots. All for 12 dollars. That’s crazy, isn’t it? Now I want to tell you something: take a cup of coffee and read this article. At the end, you will find a special giveaway for you. In the meanwhile, if you allow notifications, you will receive an alert for every new article I will write about each bot and how I am using them to increase my sales.

Are you ready? Let’s go!

Update: 30 August 2020


1 Click Affiliate, copy bot review: read how I created a 1000 words review in six minutes using one of the bots included in Affiliate Bots V2.05.


1 Click Video: read how to create a Video Sales Letter in 5 minutes using Affiliate Bots V2.05.


Great Combo: read my fast selling strategies realized using 6 of the software programs included in Affiliate Bots 2.05.


Affiliate Bots V2.05

affiliate marketing bots

I found this product while I was looking for affiliate marketing bots. I was not very interested in the affiliate marketing bot itself, but in the technology behind it. I can create automations, and I was trying to create one that could help me with my job but that could look human enough. Let’s be honest: I spend my whole day doing researches, managing social media, finding solutions to help other affiliate marketers, finding solutions to better run my business, answering emails, looking for collaborations, participating in other marketers’ activities and so on. There are days in which I think that 24 hours are not enough. And when you put all this effort and maybe the results are not the ones you expected, it is even worse. To misquote Russell Brunson, there are days in which I would like to have a boss to tell me what I should do and then go home and sleep. But affiliate marketers and business owners are not like this: it is our attitude that drove us towards our path to freedom. So, when such a bad thought hits my mind I take a breath, sometimes I cry (sigh) and then I go on and work even harder. If you can relate, reach the end of this article and try my bot as a marketing solution.

Affiliate Bots V2.05 is a new product created by Chris X, a well known marketer who owns a patent for his “affiliate bots”. This product is the newest tool of a series of software programs created to help marketers with their job – for this reason I like him.

So, while I was trying to figure out how to create a great affiliate marketing automation I did what I usually do – I looked for experts. I found an affiliate bot review and I told myself “Ok, let’s buy it and study it to learn as much as possible“. I clicked on the affiliate link – this is part of my “marketing etiquette“: if I want to buy a product I buy it using an affiliate link, because I pay the same amount of money but another marketer makes a sale – and I bought it.

Honestly, I had some doubts about the product but they became to go away when I saw the landing page: it was not very appealing, but it was claiming more than 400 dollars a day in commissions. The reason why I had less doubts at this moment is that $400/day are a lot of money, but it is not like saying “You are going to make $100,000/day in a while!“: a lot of people promise such an amount of money – I call them magicians, because it is very unlikely that a normal person is going to make $100,000/day in a while without working, without investing thousands in ads, without having experience. So, such promises remind me those magicians’ tricks: you see the result but you can’t see the work, techniques and failures behind the trick. You are just surprised and – most of the times –  surprise is the only benefit of those promises.

$400 dollars seemed much more realistic, especially because you realize that you are not going to make them in a while, but in a few weeks – you discover this if you analyze more carefully the landing page.


Click Here to read the full list of tools included in Affiliate Bots 2.05


My doubts vanished when I discovered that work was required: Chris was not telling you that you would earn $400/day because you use a bot, he was telling you that you are going to make $400/day and much, much more because

  • you use those tools properly
  • you cut costs (one of these tools is an email autoresponder, always included in those famous $12, that you can use forever without renewing your subscription each month)
  • you have the opportunity to work smarter rather than harder, so you are going to spend less time progressively
  • you concentrate your work in a few tools
  • you get access to tons of data related to products, competition and affiliate programs
  • you are always informed on new products and best sellers according to your niche
  • you can create banners and video in a while
  • you can create the copy of your ad or product review in a while
  • you get information about Google SEO and the most famous affiliate programs
  • you get information about domains: you can know what domains are available/unavailable and how much they are worth – so you will be able to easily associate them to a website and to buy and sell them at the right time
  • you can discover the strategies of the richest websites and search engines in the world (Google and YouTube included)
  • you get bonuses – a couple of these are related to traffic, to allow you to create a targeted list
  • you have “60-Day No Questions Asked Money-Back Guarantee

And a lot of other things. So, as you can see, these bots bring an impressive number of benefits, but you need to know them.  I know that you will find many reviews that will tell you that internet marketing bots are scam, but Affiliate Bots V2.05 is not the case. This requires a lot of work, especially at the beginning – I didn’t write this article soon after the purchase, because I needed time to discover all the characteristics of this tool!


WARNING: it works for any niche and it is a one-time payment.


For this reason I decided not to write one review for the entire product – I’d need an entire book to write the Affiliate Bots 2.05 review! – but to just introduce it to you: I will write a different comprehensive article for each main bot and the different techniques they require to increase your sales. So, once again, allow notifications! 
affiliate bots v2.05

Here’s your Giveaway

Before introducing you to the giveaway I prepared for you, I want to give you a tip: you will see that the price of the product is $17. But if you buy it following the discount link or you try to leave the page without purchasing the product, you will receive a discount of $5 – if this is the first purchase you make with this vendor. So, the final price will be $12.

Now, your giveaway. Since I know that by asking you to purchase this product without a comprehensive review you need to take an act of trust, I prepared for you a very good giveaway.

If you buy Affiliate Bots V2.05 using this link, I will send you a website design item of your choice for free – you can find them here. I will be able to track sales and the form submission, and if you buy the the product using our link you will receive an email with the details to obtain the website design item you like.

Remember that purchasing Affiliate Bots V2.05 you will experience at least two benefits:

  • you will receive full support to use the main bots through my articles
  • you will increase your sales because you will improve your strategy

Thanks for reading the whole article and don’t forget to leave a comment if you want to share your opinions!

Have a nice day!

follow frustrated affiliate marketers

PS: Just to be sure and to provide the best service, if you buy this product with us or if you don’t receive your giveaway email in two days let us know in comments!



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168 thoughts on “Bot: Marketing Solutions Presented By A User – Affiliate Bots 2.05

  1. Hi, wow this seems too good to be true, as an affiliate marketer, I know the hard work it needs to get things done. I sleep each time less, I think I am gonna try it, maybe it is not hard to learn and I can automate the process, to write articles takes a lot of time…Do you think this will help me?



    1. Hi Isabella, thank you for your comment! I think it can help! Of course, the bot can write according to keywords and niche and it is extremely simple, but if you want to keep things real, always double check – it writes pure copies, so it is very good for reviews, but it is always good to put something yours in order to keep your article more ‘human’. Moreover,if you don’t like it, you have 60 days money back guarantee!

  2. Nowadays I see more bots on several websites, they seem to become more popular. They are certainly a great help for the affiliate marketer, taking a lot of work of his/her hands. I know what you mean when you say that sometimes the 24 hours in a day do not seem to be enough. How do website visitors view bots? Are they generally accepted as part of a website now? 

    Would bots be more useful for websites in the making money online niches or for any niches?

    1. Hi Christine, thank you for your comment!

      I would like to precise that these bots are not installed on your website – except for the autoresponder – so you have full control of your website, always. You just use it to make things easier because you can write a copy in a while, make banners in a while, make videos in a while, get full info about the products and competition of the main affiliate platforms – ClickBank, Warrior50, King of the Zoo and so on – in the sense that you know exactly the trending products and the new ones. More a thousand of other things I will fully analyze in the next articles. It works for all niches!

      I want to make an example:

      Let’s say you decide you want to promote a ClickBank product today. You access the platform, you go to the bot that control the ClickBank products. You insert your niche and evaluate what’s most convenient for you. Then you go to the bot that writes the copy: you insert the name ofo the product, the niche and all the details you want to add. It prepares the copy in a while – just double check it to make it more ‘human’. Then you go to the bot that prepares the banner to add an image to your review: you just need to put the name of the product and it prepares the banner. Then, if you want, you can go to the video banner and it makes a video for your product in a while – so you can also promote on YouTube. You put everything on your website – if you want to create a new website it creates that for you. All this work requires something like 15-30 minutes. And you used just a couple of the 37 bots to make that. 

      Can you imagine how much time you save???

  3. This is very interesting, I had been looking into bots to automate some of the tasks that I currently do to help save time. This almost seems too good to be true but it depends on how you use it I guess. I am going to try it out though because 12 dollars isn’t too much. Thanks for the info!

    1. Hey Tony! Thanks for your comment! Turn on notifications so we will able to share with you our strategies to use them!

  4. This is really nice and I think it will be really good for me to be able to try out and see how I will be able to give an accurate solution to this as well. I didn’t know about this bots before now but I think they are really good and I should be able to use them in my business too for myself. You did a great job explaining how the boys work as well. Thanks for the bonus too.

    1. Hey Jay, thank you so much for your comment! You are right, they are really good and they are something that not all marketers know or use, so it is a great advantage to use them now. If you decide to buy it through my link, don’t forget to let me know here in the comments, so I will be super sure that you will receive your bonus!

  5. Thank you so much for sharing with us a wonderful and informative article. The main theme of this article is about Bot Marketing. It is truly incredible that you have illustrated this topic so well in your article. I have learned a lot by reading your article and gained a lot of knowledge about it. Of the points mentioned in your article, I like Affiliate Bots V2.05. To increase my online sales I  bought this affiliate marketing Bots through which I got double the sales. The Bots is very popular now, so for those who want to increase their online sales, I would definitely like to recommend this Affiliate Bots V2.05 for purchase or use.

    1. Very well said! But I think that it will be really popular in a couple of years – and maybe even the price will increase. So, let’s buy and use it now!

  6. Hello there, the world is evolving and we are making use if more AI than ever before and its really good because we can’t always be there to run it. I would be really glad to have a hot work for me as an affiliate marketer because we all get busy at one point in time and can’t always have the time for business. This would save us affiliate marketers a lot. 

  7. Wow Rosalia, this bot concept sounds really interesting. I didn’t know such bots exist, but this sounds almost too good to be true. It would be amazing to have a bot write down most of your article. I know you’d still have to review and update to keep the post human, but this would take so much of the pain off your plate. Definitely something I will be looking into more, thanks for introducing the concept!

    1. Hay Priya, nice to see you again – I really appreciate that you read my blog! Thank you for your comment and feel free to contact me if you need more info!:)

  8. What a great deal of information that you have given out in this awesome and interesting article I must give you a big thumbs up… I encountered an article like this on the internet and it changed my knowledge about Bot: Marketing Solutions and gave me a new system to approach Affiliate Bots V2.05…I am an affiliate marketer myself so I have been using this Bots V2.05 to increase affiliate sales for a long time. So from my real experience, I say you must use it to increase your sales through which you can also benefit. Thanks a lot for sharing.

    1. Hey, thanks a lot for your comment! Bots are the new frontier but not many marketers know them, so it is very good that you are using them right now!

  9. I really thought this was just another affiliate garbage. But after reading your article, I find it very useful. After going through the link you’ve provided, I find it hard to get all those products for $17 with $5 discount. What do I have to loose? I’m buying it. I mean, I just bought it.  I already signed up for your monthly subscriptions. I will look forward to receive them. Thanks for introducing this cool multi-program.

    1. Hey John, thanks for your comment! You have already received your giveaways and I will send you an email every time I will publish a new article related to this product! Thank you again, and feel free to contact me if you need support or if you have any questions!

  10. Hello there, I’m really impressed with what you’ve done here and its really scarce that bit is coming into affiliate marketing and I love the idea actually. I really would love to learn how to automate the hot to fit your site and what you want it to do. This would be very cool and have us have some more times to ourselves and family and possibly the time for more business 

    1. Hi Justin, thank you for your comment! You got the point: we should spend more time with our families and we should have more time to think of the next business move. Moreover, it is very important to know the bot market right now because in a couple of years marketers who do not use them won’t be able to deal with competitors

  11. hello there amazing article here this really dragged my attention as i was glancing through it i just could not ignore it this bots are incredible and all at affordable prices and it really good it can really reduce the work load i think am going to get one after now thanks for sharing with me.

    1. Hey Joy! Thank you for your comment! Yes, you are right, the price is impressive and they are going to make your life easier! Don’t forget to tell us in the comments if you decide to buy it using our link, so we will be super sure that you will receive your giveaway!:)

  12. Its very true that there are lot of  things to benefit from the development and modernized technology that we have. It has helped every sphere of human existence and this bot marketing solution is a very good example of it. What amazed me the most is the price of the bots, it’s not expensive compared to what it offers.

    1. Hey, thank you for your comment!

      You are right, and it looks like automation is going to be the new frontier in marketing. Actually, the most successful affiliate marketers use bots or invent them every single day. So it is very important to stay updated and start using them!

  13. Very interesting, I had never heard about affiliate marketing bots but I was searching for different marketing solutions and this article headline caught my attention. Does this kind of program work for any niche or does it work better for certain niches more than others?                

    1. Hey Huy, thank you for your comment! It works for any niche, because the data it uses are based on the main affiliate programs, not on specific niches!:)

  14. Bots is such an uninteresting name. They remind me of what we usually try not to get on our website. We identify ourselves to show that we are not bots. I would have called them little helpers or rescuers of sorts. That’s what they are. They help you discover what iI consider to be the most challenging:  A tag line approach, an interesting hook for your article. Furthermore, I don’t believe that you could our friendly bot could have written your article with as much brio or as much dedication than you have. 
    All in all, you are right. Getting help is paramount to succeeding in any business. Since you are giving a great incentive to try the product, I’m positive you will have plenty of takers. 

    1. Hi Joss, I really loved your comment because I always like dealing with different opinions. 

      I can tell you that I chose to name them “bots” because actually they work like bots: they collect data, analyze and use them and are able to create only when you give them input. Honestly, I would have considered a little dishonest to call them with a different name because of what you mentioned: if a marketer doesn’t like bots, he/she knows after the first lines that it is not going to be an interesting topic according to his/her opinion. 

      It is true: the first thing we hear when we create content is that we should avoid looking like bots, but the problem is that our competition uses bots. Understanding the logic and the technology behind them is extremely important to stay in the market. 

      Right now, a little percentage of marketers use bots – and that little percentage makes billions – but in a few years, they will become more sophisticated and popular, basically because a lot of people want exactly what I want: more time to focus on priorities

      When I create a video for my social media or for a website, I spend hours to adjust the audio, choose the right images and text and so on: I know that it increases my visibility, but is it really necessary to spend hours on it? All those hours prevent me from thinking of a good strategy for my business, from spending time with my family, from focusing on building campaigns and so on. And when I realize that all those hours are not necessary, but that I need some videos because this is how the market works, I have two choices: I pay someone to make the video or I use automation. The automation costs less, and – especially for beginners and for those who do not have an established business yet – this is a great point!

      Moreover, these bots do not need to be installed on your website – except for the autoresponder: you have access to a completely different platform to manage them, so you are always in full control of your website.

      All this to say that unfortunately, we like it or not, we need to be always updated when it comes to technology, and we always need to develop new skills to stay in the market. Understanding how bots work means that we will be able to use them properly and our work won’t be negatively affected if we use them properly.

      All this being said, thank you again for your comment and please feel free to leave other comments or to contact me!


  15. Wow. Affiliate bot. That is an amazing idea. You have left me wondering if it is really as great as you say. I’m curious as to how they work. I mean how do these bots work? I wish to know if this tool is right for me.

    Yes, I would like all of these benefits you outlined but knowing how they go about providing these benefits would certainly influence my choices.

    1. Hey Candy, thank you for your comment! Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter, so you will receive all the new articles and you will discover all the details! But we can tell you this:

      Basically, bots work according to data they collect. So they are able to realize video, write content according to the keywords or the details you choose, to collect updated data on thousands of products and so on. You should always double check their work – it is always better to make your work more human – but, based on our experience, they help you to make the work you would make in a whole day in less than a hour if you use them properly. This is the main advantage: you can focus on strategies and branding for instance, or on new ways to share your content. This speed up things a lot and help you to achieve better results inless time!

  16. This is a great site for affiliate marketers – especially those just starting out.  I am just starting out myself, and the information you give is great. There is so much that goes into building and maintaining a site.  I am going to try the bots for my site.  It is a lot of work, and if the bots can help ease some of that time, it is worth it! I hadn’t thought about using bots, or even realized how much they could do for you and for your site.  This is definitely something I will be trying so thank you!  I look forward to more posts on the subject.  

    1. Hi, thank you for your comment! I really appreciate that you found the info useful! Do not forget to subscribe to our newsletter, so you will receive all the new articles!:)

  17. Wow. I’ve heard that copy bots are a scam too. This is interesting. It seems the biggest benefit for this product is the stats it gives you. Have you been using it? Does the copy make sense that it puts together? I am still concerned about having duplicate content but it’s worth checking into. Thanks for the article and sharing the info on this tool 

    1. Hi Paula! Thank you so much for your comment! Actually your question is really good and I added the answer to my first article about the bots included in the product, to show you what I do to be sure that what I create is not duplicate content when I write a copy using the copy bot: “Warning: I am a bot“. I hope you will find it useful!:)

  18. Very good information about these bots and I have to say that it could be very beneficial for me since with my regular work it is very difficult for me to be writing reviews for my website in the daily basis and  12 dollars to try it for 60 days is not bad I think that is a very good price and I can Afford to pay 12 dollars. I hope it helps me in my dream of making a dime as an affiliate  marketer. 
    I’m on the niche of soccer you this bot will help on my journey? 
    Thank you and hope to hear from you.

    1. Hi, thank you for your comment! It works for any niche, because the data collected by the bots are based on affiliate marketing programs – ClickBank, Warrior50 for example – so no matter the niche!

  19. hellloo dear, thanks alot for sharing such an amazing content with us all, i was actuallly doing some research online when i saw you article on affiliate bots, wow i am really amazing with what it can do and it almost seems to good to be true, that for the info i believe i have been engkightened more thanks alot

    1. Hi, thank you so much for your comment! I published the first article about one of the bots included in the product: “Warning: I am a Bot“. I hope it will answer at least some of your questions!:)

  20. Bit s are very popular now in our day to day use and this is because of the simplifications that we human want in making out endeavors easy to use. Both online and physically, bots are being used to do tasks that are gonna be stressful for the man and this makes them nice. What makes it a problem is the price.

  21. Thank you for your post. It is useful for me. I started my online business for a while now and I get busier and busier. There are endless tasks for a business owner. Particularly for someone like me, I have several websites to take care of.

    I heard about bot, but never take it seriously. After reading your article, I feel that this is something for me. Affiliate Bots V2.05 provides tools to help affiliate marketer. I love your comments on That you are going to make $400/day and much, much because …

    With this tool, I am going to work smarter rather than harder. I am so happy that I find this effective tool. I am going to try this right now.

    1. Hi Anthony, thank you so much for your comment! Just to let you know, I published the first article about the softwares/bots included in the product. I started with the copy bot – you are right, many of them don’t look very serious, but I think they are really useful if you use them properly: “Warning: I am a Bot“. I hope you will find it interesting!:)

  22. This is quite an interesting topic that I have seen addressed recently by someone else but they did not mention a particular product, just that they were not as happy with the results of the bot. I could definitely see where using some for of automated system to answer emails and the like could be useful and for $12 one-time fee that’s honestly not such a bad price. I’ll be looking forward to your review of each of the different products.

    1. Hi Rachel, thank you so much for your comment! You know, in my opinion, sometimes it is how you use them that makes the difference – unless the products other marketers use are really bad! Honestly, I find this very sophisticated, but of course I use it my own way to avoid problems and get good results. For this reason I decided to share with you my experience. I published the first article about the bots/softwares included in the product and I started from the copy bot: “Warning: I am a bot“. I hope you will find it useful!

  23. Hi there!

    Thanks for sharing such amazing solution especially for affiliate marketer. I think it’s so useful since I have been facing the problem of wasting too much time on preparing for an article and publishing a post. It is an indeed good way to solve my problem. I love to write article by my own but since it cost me too much time, I will prefer let the bot to do the job then I edit it. Besides, the price is fair.

    But here’s a problem, it seems like the affiliate link you provide isn’t working. I couldn’t browse through it, can you send me another link for it? Thank you so much.

    1. Hi Jolly, thank you so much for your comment and for informing me about the problems you had with the link. I am going to send you an email and a giveaway to thank you again!!!

  24. I had never heard of affiliate bots before so your article was completely informative to me. As I was reading I was thinking about that human element that would be missing but I see you mentioned that to one of your commenters. I have one question, What is the learning curve or what previous knowledge does using these require?

    1. Hi Alison, thank you for your comment and your question! They are easy to use so they don’t require previous knowledge, but you need to use them wisely – and I will share a lot of info on my blog. Just to let you know, I published the first article about the bots/softwares included in the product and I started from the copy bot to answer all your questions and doubts: “Warning: I am a Bot“. I hope you will find it interesting!:)

  25. This is just a Wow! It looks like this bot is a must have.I have been considering to hire writers, especially for reviews  because , finding a product , researching it and then writing a review is really time consuming and daunting .I guess my problem is solved .Thank you for the insightful article.

    I need to confirm though is $12 a once off or a monthly subscription?

    1. Hi! Thank you so much for your comment! Don’t worry: it’s a one-time payment;) Just to let you know, I published the first article about the bots/softwares included in the product – I started from the copy bot: “Warning: I am a Bot“. I hope you will find it interesting!:)

  26. Awesome buddy, this is really very interesting. I haven’t heard about Bots before. I had been looking into like that to automate some of the tasks that I currently do to help save time. This almost seems too good to be true but it depends on how you use it I assume. I am going to try it out though because 12 dollars isn’t too much. How does this program put into the article the affiliate links though? Just curious; thank you very much for the tip.



    1. Hi, Juma! Thank you for your comment! Just to let you know, I published the first article about the bots/softwares included in the product, and I started from the copy bot to answer all your questions and doubt – affiliate links included: “Warning: I am a Bot“. I hope you will find it interesting!:)

  27. Wow, very impressive. I am sure it makes my marketing business life much easier if I get to buy it.

    First time to learn about Affiliate Bot. 

    I am a slow writer and I plan to be a great Blogger. I hope the features in the series of Bot software have some great tools to help me with my article writing skills.

    Please let me know if it does. 

    Thank you.


    1. Hi TG, thank you for your comment! I published a new article – the first about the softwares/bots included in the product – and I started from the copy bot to answer all your questions and doubts: “Warning: I am a Bot“. I hope you will find it interesting!:)

  28. I came across your article because I was looking for information on email auto responders. I think I am still a bit too new to affiliate marketing to understand/appreciate the full benefits of an affiliate marketing bot, but will look out for your more in-depth articles to learn more about this particular collection, and if I find I am struggling to fit all my work in then a bot sounds like a good solution. But I would always be concerned to make the wording of any article sound like it was written by a real person and not just generated by an algorithm. 

    1. Hi Teri, Thank you so much for your comment! Just to let you know, I published the first article about the bots/softwares included in the product. I started from the copy bot, to answer the questions of all the readers and to show you how I use it to create ‘human’ content: “Warning: I am a Bot“. I hope you will find it interesting!:)

  29. Hi,

    I had no idea that there are bots available for writing. It totally surprised me that there are affiliate bots available and now I feel it’s obvious that someone would have thought of this. Well, I went to the page of affiliate bot V2.05 and I have to tell you that I find this very interesting. Which basically means that I am going to try it out. 

    I hope it works for me. Thanks for the nice idea. 



    1. I loved your comment! It was the same for me: I looked for them in a moment of desperation – I wanted to invent them! – and I was really surprised when I found that people had already invented bots! Just to let you know, I published the first article about the bots/softwares included in the product: “Warning: I am a Bot” I hope you will find it interesting!:)

  30. It is discussed here that, ‘Affiliate Bots V2.05’ is a product that can be a real help in affiliate marketing. Is it true?
    If this is true, then its use will increase everywhere in the future, its sales will increase. All the discoveries of the earth have come from necessity. This type of product is really important today for the advancement of digital marketing and affiliate marketing. ‘Affiliate Bots V2.05’ may have come up with that kind of solution.

    1. Hi, thank you for your comment! You are right: I am sure that products like this are going to become extremely popular!

  31. This most certainly sounds like a super good deal! You said it right when you say 24 hours is not enough and this bot system seems to really tackle this problem. I’m really interested in giving it a try. Concerning the part about the bot getting a website done for you, is this at any additional cost or it depends on themes etc?

    1. Thank you for your comment! I need to tell you that I made a mistake for what concerns website: they offer a website done for you for 7 days with a $1 trial, the $27/month. So, it is not included in the 12 dollars. I’ve already eliminated the wrong info from the article. To apologize for the wrong ifo, I will contact you in a few days to offer you a special giveaway! Sorry again!

  32. I have tried this service and found it to sketchy, not accurate. It is recommended to research and write your own article content to avoid being penalized by Google. The bots for this type of service might do well in email marketing or traffic exchanges where you spend hours clicking in exchange for credit. As written a review on the bot program, Google removed my ads and stopped displaying ads on my site until I removed that article. If going to use bots, take it with a grain of salt per say.

    1. Hi Jannette, thank you for your comment, it is a very good point. Honestly, I don’t use Google ads, I rely on ‘smaller’ advertising platforms – maybe I earn less, but I have fewer restrictions. You know, I think these tools have to be used very wisely and avoid doing something that Google could recognize as ‘non human’ – for example, in my last article I explained I use it and then what I do to avoid duplicate content, so to avoid that Google negatively interferes with your content. I mean, I think that it is the way you use the product that makes the difference.

  33. This was a really eye-opening post. I didn’t realise it was possible to use bots in this way to write entire articles. I find it quite overwhelming to think of such a system and incredible potential. I have followed a few of your links and will consider this idea further. Thank you for the information, we are all looking for that edge. 

  34. I didn’t know there was technology out there that could do all of these amazing jobs for you. Your review is very appealing in the manner of saving time. I do affiliate marketing and I’m in the Health niche. Do you think it would help me to write blog posts for this niche? There are just not enough hours in the day to get everything done.

    1. Hi Lisa, thank you for your comment! Bots included in this platform work for any niche, but don’t forget this: they are bots, so they work according to your input; you should use them when the intent of your content is to sell!

  35. I like bots, actually, I like anything that saves time and money. I am surprised at the quality of the articles. Often with bots you get something that just isn’t natural. that isn’t the case here. As you said in one of your replies you can add a bit to make it a little real. But, this is the best bot I have seen.

    1. Hi Castle! Thank you for your comment! As I mentioned, I was extremely interested in the technology behind the product, and I can say that it is very sophisticated! It really makes you save your time and money, because using this you can avoid buying other necessary software! 

  36. I also look for ways to help automate my affiliate business, but I didn’t know using these bots to help was an option. It seems pretty high tech and reminds me of all the recent talk about using AI in the business world.

    It would be perfect to find bots that can help with areas that I’m not particularly strong at. I’m pretty good at writing articles, but could definitely use some help with the copy aspect of it.

    1. Hi Nick, thank you for your comment! Actually, the copy software is useful also because it focuses on the main copywriting techniques, highlighting the aspects that we should always consider if we are writing to sell something!

  37. Wow this sounds too good to be true!  It is amazing all the time you can safe as an affiliate marketer!  I will most definitely give it a try. I have been looking into bots for quite some time now but it sounded so complicated.  The way you explain that in your article makes it very easy to understand!  Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi Carole! Thank you for your comment! I know it can sound complicated and for this reason I decided to write a series of articles to show how I use the main softwares included in the product and to share my techniques. It is easier than it seems! So, if you are interested in the product, read my articles!:)

  38. Wow, that’s great..! I think all of us need to save time for work, it’s true that 24 hours is not enough making for pages and post, and this site surely helpful, thank you that you share this information. I want also to try this and to learn more from it, and can help to my website. Sales, products, etc. WOW! 

    Hey congrats.. 

    Thanks a lot


    1. Hi Ed, thank you so much for your comment! I really appreciate your words! If you are interested in learning more, read my articles!:)

  39. Hi, 

    I have no experience making use of bots to help me in my website. These seem to be too good to be true, with a very low price. 

    I think I will have to wait to read reviews of other marketers who have actually experienced using them and find them really useful.



    1. Hi Marita, thank you for your comment! If you want to read also my reviews, stay tuned and read my articles!:)

  40. I’ve had it on my list to look at more ways to automate my work.  It’s very interesting thanks for sharing.  I wonder how much massaging or tweaking is needed to get the appropriate “human” feel.  I imagine it probably regularly needs some edits.

    Do you have a complete list of what things all these bots do?

    1. Hi Daniel! Thanks for your comment! I started a series of articles to show how I use the main softwares included in the product, so I won’t publish a full list but the very specific use of each of them. If you are interested in understanding how they work, read my future articles!:)

  41. These bots certainly sound interesting, and is something I might have to look into.  I have so much trouble keeping up with everything I’m trying to do that having a bot to help might be just what I need.  I’d like to learn a bit more before jumping in, though.  Do you have any samples of posts done by a bot, for example?  How does that work?  Do you just give the bot a topic and it researches and writes?  I guess I just don’t understand completely.  Where can I learn some more, or see some samples of things the bots have done? 

    Thank you for this post — now I have my thinking cap on.  Tell me more, if possible.

    1. Hi Fran! Thanks for your comment! Since I know that more information is needed, I started a series of articles where I show how I use the main softwares included in the product, so you will have specific samples and complete info. So, if you are interested in learning more about the product, read my articles! 🙂

  42. Thanks for this review. However I have to say I  VERY skeptical about this program. I know you gave it a good rating, but I want to know a few things first.

    How exactly does it work, why does it cost so little, does if really do everything for you?

    Honestly I just don’t see this being as good as the creators make it out to be, plus even if it does write articles — are they good enough to rank and earn traffic?

    1. Hi Michael, thank you for your comment! Of course you have to be skeptical! Since I know that more info is needed I started a series of articles where I share with you my techniques to use the bots included in the product – so, stay tuned and read my articles:)

      In the meanwhile, I want to tell you this:

      – As I explain in the article on the copy bot, they are bots, so they work according to your inputs – I shared with you the way I use them to make sure to include the right keywords that rank and to avoid creating duplicate content

      – They cost so little because Affiliate Bots V2.05 is not the first product created by the vendor: once you access the platform, you can browse tons of products and buy also them if you want and, especially when you discover how they speed up your work, you simply fall in love with them. I guess the vendor knows this, Chris X knows very well what he does 😉

  43. I was particularly enthralled by the fact that the bot itself was used in writing this article. This almost seems too good to be true. I think the affiliate bot vol 2.05 is a very valuable product for anyone in affiliate marketing and helps that you’ve already shown through your article how it works. It has definitely piqued my interest and the discount is a deal too good to pass. Thank you for this

  44. I must say a very big thank you to you for putting out this awesome article for us..When it comes to marketing automation is a very important tool that would allow you to more done in less time. I have used quite a few numbers of bots in recent times and i must say it has really been good so far.

  45. I loved your article. It really kept me interested and so much so that I might buy it in the future. I am not sure how I feel about not writing my own articles but I can understand after doing it for so long it might pay to use a system like this.

    I will bookmark your page and look at it further later on. I got a little confused when I clicked “code $ shop” it looks like we are directed to a different website. 

    Great work

    1. Hi Maria, thank you so much for your comment! Don’t worry about that: you don’t need to abandon the way you write your content, but just using bots for help. But, of course, it is up to you because only you know your work and your needs. If you are interested in the product and you want to learn more about it, I suggest you read my articles! 🙂

      PS: yes, you are redirected to another website because there you can choose your giveaway!:) 

  46. A very interesting topic that I had not considered. I am not comfortable with outsourcing content at the best of times but this seems top be quite different. My question is always do I spend more time correcting writing than doing my own>
    I have tried this and get very frustrated trying to change to my style.
    I might give it a go and find out more.

    Peter H

    1. Hi Peter, thank you for your comment! I shared an article where I show that I spent 6 minutes to create almost 1000 words. Of course, this is possible when you want to write a copy! If you want to learn more about the topic, I suggest you read my articles!:)

  47. This is a mind-blowing robot, and thank you for introducing the technology to the world. I learned Python a while ago and also created a robot just for fun, but I never  thought that it can be used this way! WOW! Just a quick question, can this robot be used in other languages other than English? 

    1. OOOOOOOOHHH I loved your comment! So nice to meet a colleague! If you understand coding and programming it is even better, you will understand very soon the logic behind the product! Actually, I found the product while I was trying to make my own bot and I wanted to see the same thing made by an expert. So far I’ve created only bots for social media – but I am not using them because I want to refine them before sharing 🙂 So, when I discovered the product I found it great because the way it is created makes a lot of sense, for this reason I shared it with you.

      For what concerns your questions, I tried it in different languages after I read your comment, and the answer is No, it works only in English!

  48. I am becoming more and more intrigued by the idea of having bots write my articles. I am not the best writer and It takes me a very long time just to write one article. Having this would definitely save me a lot of time and I could improve on my publishing frequency. To get it done in less time would be amazing. I’ll be looking more into Affiliate Bots V2.05. $12 will not burn a hole in my pocket. Thank you for sharing this.

    1. Hi, thank you for your comment! I suggest you read my articles on the topic if you are interested in the product and want to learn more about it!:)

  49. Using a copy bot that writes the whole article? I think i would love to know more. And which just 12 dollars? its a big deal.Its true the day can be very frustrating sometimes with the writing of articles, emails and so on. And sometimes you need to find a gut( motivation to writing articles) . With this bot, I hope to buy time and resort to other things that develop my website.

    1. Hi Paul, thank you for your comment! Keep in mind that, being one of the bots a copy bot, it works if you want to write a copy! I started a series of articles where I show how I use these bots, so I suggest read my articles if you are interested in the product!:)

  50. I was surprised to read your review. I didn´t know that such bots existed. I had to read the review twice to understand it all. Form what you are writing, this is an invaluable tool, to help productivity and having things done in parallel. As you write in your review, the important thing though, you have to make sure that the “human touch” in your content must not be forgotten. Keeping the content compelling, engaging, and satisfying to your visitors is not something a bot can do.

    All in all, this is a very interesting product. I need to read a bit more about before I am convinced.


    1. Hey Roy! Thank you for your comment! You got the point: the human touch must not be forgotten. If you are interested in the product, I suggest you read my content: I started a series of articles where I show how I use the bots included in the product!:)

  51. Hi there, your article was worth reading. I am an affiliate marketer and I have published several high quality posts and still do. However the results are poor. I will definitely need some help to increase my traffic and my sales. $12 dollars for something like this I think is nothing. I think Affiliate bots V2.05 could be a lifesaver for me. 

    Thanks for the article


    1. Hi! Thank you for your comment! If you are interested in the product, I suggest you read my articles on the topic!:)

  52. Well, this is really an exciting and interesting offer. You can do a lot of things just by purchasing the bot with only US$ 17. Is there a money-back guarantee? I’m still not sure whether I will it now or later. Is it a discounted cost? Also, do we always get free update to the latest software after purchasing it? Thanks for the information.

    1. Hi! Thank you for your comment! I started a series of articles on the topic, there you will find more specific info about the product!:)

      In the meanwhile:

      – If you buy the product through the discount link, you spend $12 and not $17 (I don’t know if the price will go up, but it is already going up for products of the same vendor)

      – 60 days money back guarantee

      – You can ask for updates related to keywords on the “concierge” section of the platform

  53. It seems that a lot of new affiliate marketeers are trying to use these bots to cut writing time. But anyone should be extra careful as there is a fine line between the work a bot does and how much work the person has to do. Bot follow specific guidelines so many posts will start to look similar and Google is smart enough to understand this. So they can certainly help but only to a certain degree.

    1. Hi! Thank you for your comment! It is true what you say, for this reason I shared my “personal guidelines” in my latest articles!:)

  54. Wow! I’ver never heard of a bot that writes articles. This is so cool! After I get caught up on my work today, I’m gonna come back and re-read this article. I believe that this product will work for me. Thank you so much for opening my eyes to another avenue to lessen my work load.

    1. Hi, thank you for your comment! If you are interested in the product, I suggest you read my latest articles on the topic!:)

  55. You have a very attention seeking website name – Congratulations for thinking this out!

    Bots – and using Bots for reviews – I hear it for the first time and it is very interesting. Creating a 1000-word product review in 6 minutes! This is my key take-away from the introduction.

    Buying through affiliate links in Affiliate Marketing Ethics! Once again thanks for bringing this concept forward. I hope and believe many Affiliate Marketers will look at it and appreciate it when buying – thereby helping out each other in their affiliate marketing efforts.

    Article Bots V2.05 is definitely worth a try. Thanks for sharing this great article.

    1. Thank you for your comment! I really appreciate that you liked my article!:) And thank you so much for your feedback! If you like my content, feel free to subscribe to Frustrated Affiliate Marketers newsletter so it will be easier to communicate!:)

  56. Writing contents is indeed of the utmost importance yet the most torments for online marketers. If there’s any solution that can relieve us from such the pain, the whole world will be grateful. I’ve heard of this auto bots thing before from Alibaba. The vendors in Taobao are already using such technology to save time in writing appealing product introduction. I used to wonder why only Taobao, but now there finally is another for affiliate marketers. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Hi Henry, thank you so much for your comment! This product is extremely useful and helpful, but not many are using it yet!  

  57. Hey, thanks for sharing the article and you’re right about writing content it is time consuming and boring if you don’t like to spend 3 to 4 hours in front of the laptop or PC writing these types of articles. I am actually involved with chatbot which does interact with customers when people visit your website. 

    I am pretty sure you have seen them on the company’s website pages. I will look into your Affiliate Bot V2.0 and I have bookmarked the page so I won’t miss it – If it can help you save time and money it is good. 

    Yes, we got to find a way that everyone doesn’t have to depend on Google for traffic I hope you agree with this view. I am aware of bots just learned about this one now. 

    All the best 


    1. Hi Jos, thank you so much for your comment! I hope you will read my latest articles so you will have more info about the product, I think they can be very interesting for you!

  58. I am sure that bots must be a helpful tool. It is quite new to me and I just have a few questions. What about the quality of the content these posts are producing? and are there any up sells? How will this affect rankings on Google?I signed up to your newsletter so I am sure to get some more info about this.

    1. Hi Hilde! You can find more info in my latest articles about the topic!:)

      For what concerns upsells, on the platform you will find tons of products you can buy, but they do not condition the use of what you have already bought!

  59. I was really impressed with this topic …

    I had no idea that a bot could do this! Help us write articles in such a fluent way!
    I have recently started with the world of digital marketing. especially through my blog, and I’ve found that writing blog posts takes the longest!

    It gives me the same confidence that you do to know that these product owners say you have to work hard to get it. That is more realistic than those who from day one tell you that you will earn $ 1,000 on autopilot, for “some rare reason”

    I asked you a question, does this site also “teach” all this? Is there a course, or just a few “press here and there” videos. I like when there is some sense of community (of real people) learning and teaching.

    Thank you very much, I was impressed with this product, I did not know it existed! I’ll take a look at it right now


    1. Hi Jason! This is the comment I left for you – I’m pasting it also here:)

      Hi Jason! Thank you so much for your comment, I really loved your questions.

      All those 979 words took me 6 minutes, in total. The bot spends a few seconds to create the content once you fill the fields. Then I spent something like one minute to select the text I liked and to copy and paste the text on Wealthy Affiliate site content – because I DO NOT download the file. I spent a few minutes reading the text and adding some clever keywords – like ‘frustrating’. Finally I submitted the text to the duplicate content checker. So, of course I did some tweaks, but it is always better than writing the whole review if you don’t have time 

      You have training on the platform and there is a blog with the main info you need to increase sales, and there is also a “Concierge” section where you can request updates. There is not a community as the one you find on Wealthy Affiliate, but the vendor is impressive: he replies to your emails very soon and he answers like a friend:) Also for this reason I like the product: you have always a contact with the man who created the whole system and has even a patent thanks to his job. It is extremely important and it is very unusual!

      As I mentioned, there is not the sense of community you can find on Wealthy Affiliate. But there is my website! hahahah And I am a WA member!

  60. This sounds worth trying for only $12, which is nothing compared to the many benefits the bot can give, requiring just minimal time from me for a possible $400/day or more! 

    One of the great things I like most is the “60-Day No Questions Asked Money-Back Guarantee” that makes me think the product is ligit, plus the other interesting benefits such as: you get access to tons of data related to products, competition and affiliate programs; you are always informed on new products and best sellers according to your niche; you can create banners and video in a while; you can create the copy of your ad or product review in a while and you get information about Google SEO and the most famous affiliate programs. 

    Thanks for introducing this amazing product that can make everything about my online business easier and faster!

  61. Affiliate marketing is no easy task. I get what that get said whereby sometimes you would just wish you had a boss that would tell you what to do so you can just go home and sleep. That is not the way affiliate marketing works and it is like 24hours a day is not enough. I would like to work as much as I can but the body can only take so much before it decides it is time for rest which is why I think making use of bot marketing is not a bad idea as it would take some of the jobs you usually do away from you giving you time to spend less time on some activities that would take more time to accomplish. I really like this idea and for the amount they are charging, I think it would be worth giving it a try.

    1. Hi Manuel! Thanks for your comment! I can relate! If you are interested in the topic, read my latest articles!:)

  62. Okay, so I presume this bot pretty much writes articles for you, saving time and possibly money in the long run. I didn’t hear about this kind of idea much but did hear it before somewhere. It sounds really good on paper, but can you tell me what’s the general process of this?

    Do you put some kind of article theme and structure it how it will be and then the bot does it for you? Where does it get its sources from? Would you recommend it for a sports website?

  63. Wow. That was an extremely interesting article. I don’t have a lot of experience with bots. I do have a Chatbot connected to my website to help interact with people. Having an Affiliate Bot is something I had never heard of till now. It sounds like an interesting idea. It might be something I consider for myself. Thank you for sharing. 

  64. Great post, this is really a comprehensive and helpful article on Bot, i have never heard of bot but from the article it is a very nice one, being an affiliate marketer is not an easy job these days it comes with a lot of task and attention and writing an article requires a lot of time and attention, it is really nice to know that the bot can help in writing an article, and also according to the niche and keyword…This is really helpful i will give it a try and also recommend it to others.Thanks for sharing this awesome information.

  65. Hey there!  I had never even heard of bots until reading this article and I am defiantly going to have to look into them.  From what I am understanding by reading this article bots are more helpful when as an affiliate you are writing articles reviews is this correct?  I have a few reviews on my website but I mainly write devotional articles and use ads to try and get paid.  Would a bot be of benefit to me?  Maybe if I used them I would write more reviews?  Thoughts?  

    Thank you so much for this review and the giveaway!  Also…the picture so cute (sorry I’m a mom and my 2 year thought it was adorable!)


    1. hahaha thank you for the feedback! 🙂 I suggest read my latest articles for all info (they are better than a short comment:) )

  66. I have tried writing bots before but never for 12 dollars. That in itself seems worth a try! 

    “I spend my whole day doing researches, managing social media, finding solutions to help other affiliate marketers, finding solutions to better run my business, answering emails, looking for collaborations, participating in other marketers’ activities and so on.” 

    That statement is so spot on I thought I might cry! It would be nice to be able to automate some of these things! I am definitely ready to give it a try!

    1. Hi Brianna! Thank you for your comment! You are right: you should try, and if you don’t like these bots, there is the refund! (but I am sure you will like them!)

  67. Hi and thanks for your highly informative post. Was it written by a bot? I have heard that if we don’t go along with progress, we will be left in the dust of those ahead of us. I also heard, “Be not the first by which a thing is tried, nor yet the last to lay the old aside. AI has and is producing many useful things.

    At this time I will go with what I understand, but I will definitely be looking toward the future. Bots would save a lot of time spent creating posts and all the other work that needs to be done to make a website successful.

    By the time I am ready to try out bots, I am sure the price will go up. Your price seems very reasonable.

    All the best!

    1. Hi Carolyn! Thank you for your comment! Only the first lines are written using a bot, but if you are interested in the topic, I suggest read my latest articles!:)

  68. Affiliate Bots V2.05 is an interesting tool.  I am sure that I will also find this a useful way to market.  I will be returning to your site to give this information farther review.  With your claims that it fits so many of our marketing needs, I know that it will be around for a while. How long does it take to set this tool up on your site?  Have you had to contact the help desk?  How through and helpful is the help desk?

    1. Hi Sami, thank you for your comment! I started a series of articles on the topic, where I show how I use the main bots included in the product, so you will have very specific info reading them!

      In the meanwhile, I want to tell you that you don’t to set up all the tools on the site – just some of them. I keep things easy, so it will be extremely easy to set up things. I didn’t need the help of the vendor, but I contacted him for some info not related to the use of the product, and he is extremely kind and answers very fast!

  69. This is actually a decent product, i bought the package when it first came out. Like you I was looking at bots not as a why to become rich over night but as a practical tool as a web creator. The main feature that I like is it will make a article copy for you. While this is great if used the right way. You still have to read that copy and edit enough to make it your own. If not google will punish you for duplicate copy.

    1. Hi, very good to have also your comment! I specified this many times in comments and especially in my article dedicated to the copy bot, and it is very good to have also your opinion! Thank you!

  70. As a affiliate marketer just starting his first website on health, I find bots too early, at least for me. I know what you mean about entailing a lot of hours in researching and so on.. So even for a review, I will need to make sure its ok. It looks very promising to lessen time.

    I spotted something though, the e-mail responder, and affiliate programs in the package of 12.00 dollars. When I get into the nitty- gritty details on marketing I will for sure get to look closely to bots. 

    1. Hi! Thank you for your comment! Stay tuned to have more info, so you will make a more informed decision!:)

  71. Bots are really coming in handy in virtually all areas of life and online means generally and seeing that it has made its way into the world of marketing comes not too much as a surprise to me. Though this is s very crucial and considering what I read about this bots here, it actually requires more careful usage to actually turn in the right results from them. Howeberz it is still a step in the right direction

  72. I’m just starting at as an affiliate marketer but the work load and balancing out life can be challenging at times. By using this product I think it would be beneficial to me since it would save me a bunch of time. However, I would have to do more research on this because it does seem too good to be true. If it is legit…oh boy. BIG TIME SAVER

  73. Hi There, the bots tool seems to be good to be true. Yes this will save a lot of time that one takes while trying to compile a good post for SEO to recognize. Probably one need to validate what ever that has been produced by the tool before publishing. May be I should try it at some stage, how do people view it and is it something that people are starting to use?

    1. Hi Joel! Thank you for your comment! To answer your questions, I suggest you read my latest article – in the article dedicated to VSL creator, I share some very interesting data that will surprise you!

  74. Hi

    A very interesting concept and something which I am sitting on the fence at the moment. It cam be very beneficial  helping you to write great and detailed reviews on any niche but then this begs the question will the bot use by the search engine pick up that it is written by a bot and then punish  your rankings. I am sure that in the future the search engine bots will become wise and it may backfire  on you. I think everybody will jump on board but not if your ranking will get hammered. We will have to wait and see.



    1. Hi Antonio! Thank you for your comment! If you read my latest articles, you will see what I do to avoid the problem!:)

  75. I loved you’re ending “Warning I’m A Bot” LOL cool I am so interested I can’t even explain like you I’m on something else to do with traffic after I get it’s going I’ll more than likely buy a bot or 2.

    This is my problem with my site no good visitors just a few stop by’s and right through maybe these bots can help do you think they might if this other program is a scam Ill be looking you up.

    I love workhorses these little guys are definitely workhorses     

  76. I must admit there are days I wish I had a bot to do most if not all of my content writing for my affiliate websites. Notice I said websites and not website. I have often shied away from such bots because they seem to be way too automated and I have always believed that the “done for you” scenario is most times a waste of money.

    However you are saying that Affiliate Bots V2.05 does require you to work and that it does not do everything for you. This sounds like a legitimate possibility for me and other affiliate marketers. I am not so worried about making lots of money right away, but rather making my work load less stressful. Could $17 or $12 really provide a quality product?

    1. Hey Robert! Thank you for your comment! I provided examples and more specific info in my latest articles – they are better than a short comment! Of course, keep in mind that to use properly the copy bot – only one of the tools included in the product – you have to use if you are writing a copy to sell something!:)

  77. Wow this is great for me, I’m new to Affiliate Marketing. I like writing and typing but at times it can be overwhelming. You gave me a solution so far that can help me and my business grow rapidly by using this method Thank You. This is an amazing article btw 

  78. I had never heard of affiliate bots before and your site absolutely informative and educative to me. This is most certainly sounds like a super good deal. Thank you so much for your brilliant and insightful site.

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    1. Hi, and thank you for your comment! I am always here to give the best tips, because being an affiliate marketer who started with nothing – and especially without a team – I know that it is very important to organize the work and automate the great part of it, because we need to take into account too many things, and it is always good to have some help! 😉

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