B2B SEO Strategy – My Personal Experience

b2b seo strategy - my personal experience
Today, let’s talk about something you should consider when you create your content if you’re running a business and your customers are very likely to be business people: B2B SEO.

Business to Business Search Engine Optimization is the business to business marketing strategy you use to make your business website rank in search engines, so to make it visible to the highest possible number of relevant people – that is, to possible customers. There are some things you have to keep in mind when you are planning the SEO strategy for your business: let’s discover some useful tactics.


B2B SEO: What’s different

You know, if you ask “What is the difference between B2B SEO and ‘general’ SEO?“, there is no universal answer.

SEO works the same way, either if you are a blogger who just wants to share his/her thoughts or if you are running a business. So, I would like to share with you my personal answer: the difference is the focus.

If you are sharing your thoughts and you simply want people to know you and to share their opinions on your blog, you might like to write content using low competition keywords, but keywords that drive a sufficient amount of traffic that you don’t need to convert.

But if you are selling a product, the strategy changes: you don’t want just low competition keywords, you are also looking for keywords that convert and that are extremely focused on your possible customers. So, for sure, those keywords are not going to drive a lot of traffic, and the people who visit your website are not scrolling Google pages to find the more interesting opinions about a topic, or the blog that best fits their own opinion: they are looking for a good and reliable brand to buy a product. Then, when you are developing a B2B SEO strategy, your focus must be different because your audience is different.  Your audience is not spending time on the web to relax and reflect, your audience is online because is looking for a very specific product.


Your goal: SERP

Considering that people who want to buy a product usually don’t scroll too much, and look for a reliable brand, your goal when it comes to b2b SEO is to be on top of search engines’ pages. The Search Engine Results Pages – or SERP – are those pages that appear when you search for something on a search engine.
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You need to be on top of search engines results pages. You like it or not, when we are looking for a product we trust more those who are on top. And how to reach the first results on search engines? Using SEO.

If you don’t know how to deal with search engine optimization, you may find some ideas reading my free SEO strategy.

As I told you, keywords you use to sell a product need to be different from those you use for any other purpose. They need to be extremely precise but, at the same time, you have to be sure that sometimes people look for those specific keywords.

As you can see in my article about SEO strategy, I use a number of free tools to know what people are looking for, so now I want to focus on the right keywords.

You can use this keyword research tool!




Here’s an example. I have a shop – Code&Shop; – where I sell affordable web design items. I know that people interested in those items have a website, for sure. And almost all sell something: people who don’t sell their own products or third party products maybe are not very interested in customizing their websites, or making them faster, or focusing on AMP and technical SEO strategies. So, let’s say that my customers are very likely to be other business owners who want to optimize and customize their business websites through affordable web design. And this is the first step: I am targeting an audience.

Now, if I don’t want to be destroyed by all those companies that sell web design services, I am not going to try to rank for keywords like “website design“, “web design” or similar: my website is too young, it has almost no content yet and I am not interested in selling services that are worth thousands of dollars. I just want to help other business people to optimize their websites for a very low price. So, I am going to focus on keywords that can fit my possible customers’ needs.
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I go to Jaaxy and I start looking for relevant keywords: “affordable website design for small business” is the best way to define my codes shop, and it is a very good keyphrase: high-quality SEO, low competition and good amount of traffic.

And here’s a good list of keywords to describe my shop, keywords that I can use to create my next piece of content:

  • web designers for small business
  • web design for freelancers
  • website design for freelancers
  • ways to speed up my website
  • affordable web design for small business
  • affordable web design for small businesses
  • affordable website design for small businesses
  • low price website design
  • affordable website design small businesses

They are good for the reasons I mentioned above: relatively low competition, high-quality SEO, good traffic. So, as you can see, a SEO strategy is in place and being constant I will reach the results I want.


SEO is key

In this article you can realize that SEO is key, always. And always means that it is extremely useful also when it comes to social media, the environment where you can gather groups of people interested in what you are offering.

Read this article if you want to know what I discovered about Instagram and SEO!

In a nutshell: plan your SEO strategy keeping in mind your goal.

You reached the end of this article: I hope you can find it useful. But, if you want to improve the content or just share your opinion, leave a comment below and don’t forget to visit Frustrated Affiliate Marketing for a lot of useful tips and strategies!

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Have a nice day!


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