Affiliate Marketing Without Investment [Ultimate Guide]

Today, I would like to talk about the strategies to set up your affiliate marketing business – so, to earn money working from home – for free. And when I say free, I mean completely free.

Nowadays, ever more people are trying to figure out what affiliate marketing is. Many times, I told you that affiliate marketing is not as easy as many say, so it can’t be covered in one blog post. But, if you want to create your own business and to work at home, or if you just want to have another stream of income, you can also start with the basics.

And today, since here at Frustrated Affiliate Marketers the purpose is to suggest effective investments, or simply avoid to make you spend money if you cannot invest it right now, I would like to share with you a step-by-step guide to become an affiliate marketer and build your affiliate marketing business without spending a dime.

So, take your time, bookmark this post if you want to read it more than once, and reach the end of the article. You can start your business also today if you want, and the whole process and the tools shown here are completely free.

This process consists of three steps: get your affiliate link, set up your landing page, share your link.

As you will discover reading this article, I won’t suggest a lot of tools or cover more complex stuff like SEO and content marketing, because the purpose of this article is providing you with an easy and linear process to make you earn money, with tools so familiar and easy to use that you can really start even today.




The first step is to join an affiliate program where you can get your affiliate links.

An affiliate link to a product allows you to earn a commission every time you sell that product.

In this article I want to suggest only one affiliate program: ClickBank.
There are a few reasons why I want to suggest only ClickBank, all related to the fact that if you are looking for techniques to start with affiliate marketing without investments, it is very likely that you are at the beginning of your journey: later on, you will see that the more you invest, the easier will be to make money online.

ClickBank it is very good if you are starting with affiliate marketing, because it has no restrictions in terms of traffic: in fact, many affiliate programs will ask you info about your website, the amount of traffic you are able to get, your promotional methods, and, even if you are accepted, in many cases there will be further restrictions related to the way you want to promote each product.

ClickBank is not like this: you will be able to set up an affiliate marketer account easily.

Once your account is active, you will find a huge marketplace, full of products for every niche.

Another reason why you should start with ClickBank is that the majority of products have affiliate pages where you can find more info about the product: banners, target audience, giveaways, videos and so on. This will make it easier for you to understand what kind of customers you should reach and how.

Not all vendors provide you with this kind of info, but you can easily set filters directly on the marketplace to find the right products fast.

When you start dealing with ClickBank, there are a few terms you should know to fully understand all the characteristics of the products. This will help you make a more informed decision when you choose a product.



We give you the right tips, but you need the business. 

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ClickBank definitions (List)

– Here’s a list of all the definitions you should know before choosing a ClickBank product.

  • ClickBank – Gravity
  • – this value indicates if the product is successfully promoted: the higher the gravity, the more affiliate marketers who succeeded in selling this product.

    Now, you might think that the higher the gravity, the easier it will be to sell that product, since this means that the product has already be tested by many sellers and customers. In fact, many affiliate marketing gurus will tell you to use proven products, with a high gravity.

    In reality, higher gravity also means more competition. So, especially if you are at the beginnings and you don’t want to spend money in paid traffic or advertising campaigns, try to sell products with a lower gravity, first – let’s say, around 20. Don’t forget to choose reliable products, with clear policies, with a good support contact, with a vendor who is easy to find.

  • ClickBank – Avg$/conversion
  • – this value tells you how much money you can make for each sale. It is different from the Initial$/conversions or Rebill, because it basically indicates a sum of the initial commission and the estimated rebill value – if applicable. In general, it is considered as the estimated average amount of money paid by a vendor for a sale.

  • ClickBank – Initial$/conversion
  • – this is the secure amount of money you make for each sale, that is, the basic commission, without considering rebills and upsells.

  • ClickBank – Recurring$/rebill
  • – this value is applicable to those products that involve subscriptions and all those purchases that the customer needs to pay more than once.

  • ClickBank – Date added to marketplace
  • – this is easy: the date in which the product was added to the ClickBank marketplace. Setting this filter, you can easily find the newest products – that shouldn’t have a high number of competitors.

  • ClickBank – Timeframe for my stats
  • – setting up this filter, you can decide to analyze your promotional activity stats for a precise timeframe.

  • ClickBank – Physical
  • – if you choose this filter, you will see a list of physical products to promote.

  • ClickBank – Upsell(s)
  • – the vendor of this product has other products that will be proposed to the customer you find. You should earn a commission also for upsells.

  • ClickBank – One-time
  • – this means that the customer should pay only once, so – if there are no upsells and commissions on upsells – you receive a one-time commission for each sale.

  • ClickBank – Recurring
  • – this means that you receive a commission when you sell the product, and a certain amount of money recursively. For example: this product you want to promote involves a monthly subscription. You receive the first commission when you sell the product. Now, let’s say that the customer you sold the product to pays the subscription each month for six months. You will receive a certain amount of money each month for six months.

  • ClickBank – $1 Trial
  • – these products have a $1 trial.

  • ClickBank – Must have affiliate tools page
  • – this filter allows you to find only products with the affiliate page mentioned before.

  • ClickBank – Must have vendor spotlight page
  • – the spotlight page gives you more info about the vendor: statistics, announcements, links and so on.

  • ClickBank – Support for mobile traffic
  • – products for which the vendor provided landing pages optimized for mobile traffic.

  • ClickBank – Recently Promoted
  • – with this filter you find products sold by vendors that you have recently promoted.

  • ClickBank – Affiliates Require Approval
  • – these products are sold by vendors who want to approve affiliate marketers. This means that the group of affiliate marketers for that product should be more “elitarian” and you should have fewer competitors if approved.


Bonus Tip

– To discover all the info you need in a glance, use CB ENGINE, a search engine only dedicated to ClickBank marketplace.



We give you the right tips, but you need the business. 

Secure your future now for $49/month




The reason why I am adding this section is that, in my opinion, websites are still important for affiliate marketers. Even if many affiliate marketers will tell you that affiliate marketing can be done also without a website – and it is true, the website is a great way to reduce costs.

Even if you are not interested in a long-term strategy like SEO and content marketing, you should still have a website and use it as a place where you can collect your landing pages. Why? Because with a free website you can install a free plugin to collect info about customers and reuse that for email marketing.

Moreover, since some platforms where you might like to promote your products won’t allow you to share your affiliate links, with a website you will be able to share the link to your landing page, where people will find your affiliate link.

So, let me show you two free web hosting services you can use to create your website.



We give you the right tips, but you need the business. 

Secure your future now for $49/month



Google Sites

– Google offers a platform where you can create free websites. The con of Google Sites is that they are quite basic, but if your purpose is to have a “headquarter”, they are more than valuable.

Despite this, they have a great great pro: they rank well on search engines, even if you do not buy a personalized domain – as I told you at the beginnings, all the tools proposed here are completely free.

In fact, it is not uncommon to see top-ranking websites with the “” in their domains.

Moreover, you can create as many websites as you want, and easily manage them from your Google account.



– SiteRubix hosts WordPress websites, so, using this service, you can create more complex websites and fully personalize them. You will be able to create more catching landing pages and easily manage them. You can create your website below:


SiteRubix is the service used by Wealthy Affiliate: using Wealthy Affiliate for free you will have not only a website, but also training, cooperation and another affiliate program. If you want to know more about Wealthy Affiliate, you can read these three articles:



We give you the right tips, but you need the business. 

Secure your future now for $49/month




Now, let’s see some very effective ways to promote your products for free.


Social Media

– Social Media are the best places if you want to sell your products for free.

Of course, if you want to sell products without investing in paid campaigns, you should sell only after you have a good amount of followers to make your work more effective. With social media, the best way to succeed is by being proactive. Participate, interact, create good and useful content.

When it comes to Facebook, you can also use groups related to your niche to promote your products. Moreover, it is better to create a business page, in order to have a page only dedicated to your seller activity.

When it comes to Instagram, focus on graphics and captions and overcome the problem of links: in fact, you can share only one link in your bio. What if you need to share more than one link?

Use Linktree. You can sign up and use it for free: you will be able to add as many links as you want on the platform, along with an anchor text for each link.

The platform will provide you with a sharable link that you can add to your Instagram bio: when people click on that link, a page with all your links will appear, and they will be able to choose the link they are interested in.

Of course, you can use the social media you want, the important thing is avoiding spam!


Q&A Platforms

– Questions and Answers websites are those sites where people can ask questions and receive answers, or write answers to help other users. If you use these websites cleverly, you can drive even thousands of visitors to your websites.

Obviously, to do this, you need also some content on your website, and not just landing pages. Content that will give a more specific answer to people’s questions – and, once again, we can appreciate the importance of having a website in affiliate marketing. The most famous Q&A sites are maybe Yahoo! Answers and Quora.

But Yahoo! Answer is considered less “professional” and with a lower quality standard. So, if you want to use Quora in your marketing strategy, I suggest this article by Neil Patel.


Free Ads Posting Sites

– There are tons of websites where you can post your ads for free. After analyzing and testing many of them, I created a list of 29 websites where you can post your ads for free, plus some notes to make it easier to understand what you can do and speed up your work.



We give you the right tips, but you need the business. 

Secure your future now for $49/month




You reached the end of this article, and I would like to end this blog post with a few more tips.

As I mentioned at the beginning, I avoided covering complex techniques like SEO – search engine optimization. This is because, as promised, the process shown here is completely free, so I didn’t suggest buying your own domain, and as far as you do not have it, it is impossible to set up a complete SEO strategy.

The purpose of this article is to focus on sales with a process that can help you to reach results relatively fast.
Moreover, since the point here is not to build a content marketing strategy, I avoided covering also keywords and keyword research tools. This is because if you want to build a fast strategy, it is more useful to focus on topics rather than on keywords. To make the process shown here work, you should know what people are looking for to choose the right product, or to know what are the trending topics related to the product you want to sell.

You can discover the best topics just by browsing social media or using tools like Quora, Google Trends or Exploding Topics – all free tools.

To sum up the whole process:

  • Go to ClickBank and sign up;
  • Set up business pages on the major social media and be proactive to start building your network;
  • Use a free web hosting service and activate your website;
  • Now, you have two options:
    • You already know what you want to sell, so you get your affiliate link on ClickBank then you find the trending topics related to that kind of product;
    • You don’t know what to sell, so you first look for the trending topics and then you choose a product accordingly;
  • You search info and do your research to know everything you can about the product you chose and a good amount of info about the niche related to that product;
  • You set up landing pages for your products on your website;
  • You start publishing on social media and start answering questions – related to your product’s niche – on Q&A platforms, cleverly adding your links to posts and answers.


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That’s all. Everything here is free. Once you start earning money you can decide to invest it and grow your business, or to use the free strategy forever. It’s up to you!

I hope you found the article useful and I hope you will start earning money soon! Have a nice day!

P.S.: If you want to share your opinions with us, or if you have any questions, leave a comment below!


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