Affiliate Bots 2.05 – The full list – Affiliate Marketing with Bots


Affiliate marketing with bots is one of the best outcomes of technology!

As you know if you read my blog, you know that I am a super fan of bots, but if used wisely and properly.

When I started publishing my Affiliate Bots 2.05 series, many users commented under my posts and the opinions were controversial: bots are a polarizing topic. But, that’s fine, because it shows that marketers use different methods and strategies. And that’s pretty good!

Personally, I want to save money, save time, make more money, and take care of all the aspects of my business, and bots represented the perfect solution. But, I know, bots can sound scary, especially if you don’t know how to use them – and if you don’t know the best ones! There are a lot of scams out there.


For this reason, I published my Affiliate Bots series, a series that is constantly updated: I want to share with you my strategies, full guides related to the most important software programs, and my answers to your questions.

Affiliate Bots V2.05 series:

  • Marketing solutions presented by a user – with this article, I wanted to introduce you to Affiliate Bots 2.05;
  • Warning: I am a Bot – with this article, I wanted to publish a full step-by-step guide related to 1 Click Affiliate, the copy bot included in Affiliate Bots 2.05;
  • How to Make a Video Sales Letter in 5 minutes – “how to” article related to 1 Click Video, the video sales letter creator software included in Affiliate Bots 2.05. This article includes also some important information on the inclusion of video marketing in your marketing strategy: an important step that every marketer should consider in order to increase conversions;
  • The Comboa selling strategy focused on PLR products created using 6 of the software programs included in Affiliate Bots 2.05.


Now, to let you discover all the tools included in Affiliate Bots V2.05 at a glance, I want to share with you the full list of software programs included in the product.



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This is the full list of the software programs you get if you buy Affiliate Bots V2.05:


  1. ProClub Affiliate Programs: daily affiliate programs for ClickBank, JVZoo and WarriorPlus
  2. AI Traffic Search Engine: the world’s first traffic search engine
  3. Web Widget: 10-in-1 website conversion  booster
  4. CB 250 Software: the 250 ClickBank best sellers, daily updates
  5. King of The Zoo software: JVZoo top-selling and new launches, daily updates
  6. 1 Click Affiliate Software: the copy bot
  7. Rapid Video Software: one-click video creator
  8. Auto Affiliate Ads V2.01 software: create ads in one click for the products you are promoting
  9. The Warrior50 software: top-selling products, daily updates
  10. 1 Click Video Pages software: create video sales letters in a few clicks
  11. The FlipDB software: access the Flippa database discovering the websites that have not yet been sold
  12. The Domainaveli software: a database of domains and their value, that you can use to build your profitable website. And, if you want, you can also choose to use the “website done for your” option
  13. The Dropaveli software: find dropped domains and check their availability
  14. Hosting Affiliate Bot software: find affiliate programs related to hosting services
  15. The IM Affiliate Bot software: find the best products for affiliate marketers and sell them
  16. The Resell Database software: find PLR products and make money
  17. The AutoMailer software: autoresponder
  18. T-Shirt Titan software program: Tee Searcher
  19. T-Shirt Titan software program: Idea Maker
  20. T-Shirt Titan software program: Auto Designer
  21. T-Shirt Titan software program: Auto Model
  22. Training Videos to use the software programs included in Affiliate Bots 2.05
  23. Quick Start Guide
  24. Training – Google SEO System
  25. Training – YouTube SEO System
  26. Training – Email Marketing System
  27. Titan Bonus – The Beginner’s Guide to FB: the basics of Facebook Ads and how to set up a Fanpage
  28. Titan Bonus –  The Proven Niches: top niche keywords to focus on
  29. Free plugin offered by partners: Advert – value: $27
  30. Free plugin offered by partners: Azon Box Deals – value: $97
  31. Free plugin offered by partners: Testimonial Pro – value: $64
  32. Free plugin offered by partners: No Right Click (to protect your content!!) – value: $27
  33. Free plugin offered by partners: Tube Maximizer – value: $29
  34. Free plugin offered by partners: iAsk – value: $ 29
  35. Free plugin offered by partners: News Pro – value: $97 
  36. Free plugin offered by partners: Recently Viewed – value: $97
  37. Free plugin offered by partners: Review Buddy


All this for just $12!



If you want to know more about Affiliate Bots 2.05, read my Affiliate Bots 2.05 series.

P.S.= Read carefully this article: you will discover how to buy Affiliate Bots 2.05 for $12 instead of $17!


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6 thoughts on “Affiliate Bots 2.05 – The full list – Affiliate Marketing with Bots

  1. I had no idea bots could be responsibly used in affiliate marketing. Ever since my days playing MMORPGs I have associated the word “bot” with “cheaters.” But your article made it seem as though bots in affiliate marketing can take care of the more repetitive, boring tasks of my business while my time can be dedicated to more important things like research and user engagement.

    1. You got the point! Even if many people associate bots with cheaters, it is not completely true, and the most advanced marketers are using them as a competitive advantage to avoid boring tasks, as you said!

  2. From reading your post, it sounds like I could get a lot of my more mundane tasks done by using a bot. That sounds great to me. I’m not all that good with technology, How hard is it to set up? are there videos you can follow? I think the use of bots are going to save marketers an awful lot of time. 

    1. Hi Lisa, thank you for your comment! It is not hard to set up, basically because you don’t need to set up anything – only the automailer software. You manage everything from their platform 🙂

  3. This sounds brilliant, I must be honest, I am really cautious about bots, but like you said, if you can have the bots do your work for you, then why not. We want to leverage our time at the end of the day to have either have more freedom or to work on the business and expand. I do have a question, how many of these bots are installed as plugins and how many just run as separate programs?

    1. Hey John! Thank you for your comment! The only plugins are those offered by partners. All the other tools are managed directly on the Affiliate Bots platform, so you don’t need to install other stuff on your website 🙂

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