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I started with Affiliate Marketing because I realized that I cannot go on working for someone else. I want my financial freedom and I want time to do what I love. If you can relate to this, you are in the right place.

2PlayPolls wants to help people to create their passive income, because this is the best way to be totally free. But passive income is a journey, and it is made up of many things. In this page, 2PlayPolls focuses on Affiliate Marketing, and especially on the frustration it can cause. Because, let’s be honest: it can be extremely frustrating. It may be years before you earn your first commission.



I watched thousands of videos, I read tons of articles and books. But it is not enough if you do not find your way. Because there are a lot of experts out there, but each of them has his/her own method. Simply because it works this way. But while you look for your own method time passes.

They say “Don’t give up”, but it is easier said than done.

If you cannot wait, since you desperately need to see your first affiliate commission not to give up, I have just one tip for you:

If you have money, spend it.

It is like any other business: it needs investments.

And it needs knowledge, and work, and time, and practice. So, after you spend time and waste money – because, if you do not know where to invest, you waste money – maybe you will see your first commission.

Otherwise, if you want to earn money while you work – yes, you have to work! – to find your method, invest your money in the right products…



We offer you the best products, result of those thousands of videos and tons of articles and books. You will no longer need to jump from mentor to mentor. Let’s call this an “Affiliate Marketing for Beginners” website. And do you know what? The best part is that you will find a lot of content for free, result of what I learned from my bad, bad initial experience.

You do not need to suffer like I did!

Free Your Freedom,


Founder of Frustrated Affiliate Marketers

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4 thoughts on “About Frustrated Affiliate Marketers

  1. You have me intrigued. I wish there was some type of call to action; something I could do that would place me on a path toward success in affiliate marketing.

  2. Thank you 2 play polls, I was hoping to find a real name and a place of origin just to relate that you’re a human being not a robot but was linked to Instagram where I followed without any doubt. Thank you for the page for affiliate marketers. I am new in this industry and I can appreciate if you can help me to improve my website:

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