4 Reasons to use Discord in your Marketing Strategy

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Another good tip here at Frustrated Affiliate Marketers: use Discord for your business! In this article I will tell you what is Discord and why you should integrate it in your marketing strategy. If you like the content, don’t forget to press that follow button at the end of the post!




Discord is a messaging platform born in 2015. Even if it is often associated with game players, this platform is ever more used by people interested in other niches. Discord is similar to other social messaging platforms, but its strength is that it mixes the best qualities of the most famous social media with the direct engagement of chat apps.

In fact, Discord is organized in communities that could be associated with Facebook groups, but the difference is that groups can be broken down into different channels, and each channel can have different functions, different rules and different access requirements.
So, the first main difference between Discord and other social platform is that it is less dispersive: all people who join your group can be allowed to chat also in certain channels and you can set different levels of security to verify the identity of members in order to keep your group safer.
For instance, many groups have a channel only dedicated to rules: members who join the group will be invited to read the rules first, and they won’t be able to chat in that channel. But, at the same time, that group has a different channel for advertising: members interested in advertising will be able to leave a certain number of messages – this number can even equal one if the owner of the group decides that this is the rule – and, since there exist several Discord bots to manage chats – they are perfectly legit, so much so that you can use the one offered by Discord or create your own, only those who respect the requirements set by the owner will be able to chat in that channel, without any further maintenance from the owner’s side.

Then, in that same group there may be the traditional chat channels, where members can exchange tips, become friends or simply leave some updates – as you would do on a WhatsApp group of friends.
Even if also Facebook has these kinds of features, at Discord everything is easier and everything is in the same place. Moreover, even if there are high security requirements, restrictions are far far less – and this is very good news for marketers, especially for those who experienced how easy it can be to be banned from the major social media.
If it is not enough for you, I am going to tell you the 4 reasons why you should use Discord for your affiliate marketing or online business.



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If you are an affiliate marketer or a business owner, you should seriously take into consideration to integrate Discord in your marketing strategy. Here the reasons why.



#1 – Real engagement and sense of community

Being part of a Discord community it is not like being part of a Facebook group, it is more like being part of a WhatsApp group: you know that if you want you can silence it, it is easy to reach out, it is easy to send private messages, everyone sticks to the point – even with fun, and you can easily mention a member.
According to a doctoral dissertation published by Je Won Lyu at the University of Tennessee, The Role of Sense of Community in Online Brand Social Networking Sites, the sense of community traces back to the natural sense of belonging that we naturally look for, but when it comes to virtual communities, this sense is based on different assumptions:
Blanchard (2007) contended that virtual-world members feel and experience a sense of belonging more than face-to-face community members, because trust among members is presumably required to establish a virtual community and members’ voluntary participation.” (p. 37)


So, when it comes to virtual communities, it is not like, for instance, being part of local communities, to which you belong just because of the place where you were born: with virtual communities, you voluntarily look for a community that shares your interests.

If you think about this from a psychological perspective, you can easily understand why social media are so successful, that is, because they satisfy our need to voluntarily belong to a community that shares our interests. This is the same psychological need on which community marketing is based.

When it comes to a platform like Discord, since people can connect easily, but without sacrificing strong relationships, the sense of voluntary belonging is even more powerful if compared to the one developed on the most famous social media.
For what concerns marketing, the faster and stronger the connection with your community, and the easier the communication, the higher the level of trustworthiness if your ideas and intentions are good. Trustworthiness, in a world where people are constantly subject to scams and to an infinite number of choices, is what makes the difference in business.


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#2 – It is not saturated

If you landed on this website, you are an affiliate marketer or an online business owner who wants to understand more about marketing. Well, I want to tell you something: if you browse the communities on Discord searching the tag “marketing”, you get 3 results. If you search the tag “affiliate marketing”, you get 0 results.

discord marketing and affiliate marketing

Try to type the same queries on Facebook or Instagram to understand with whom you should connect to create strong relationships for your business: you will feel like a drop in the ocean. But don’t worry: it is not possible to find good results for these queries, but this doesn’t mean that you won’t find what you are looking for. You just need to try different queries to improve the visibility of your brand and advertise your products.


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#3 – Easy management

This happens because, even if also Discord has general guidelines, communities are managed directly by the owners of those groups called “servers”: they can set their own rules with fewer restrictions and, most importantly, they can manage everything from the beginning, setting the rules and maybe bots, to block undesired actions automatically, without any further management.
You can create your own server for free and use Discord both on browser and via app – a high level and fully functional app.


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#4 – Freedom

I’ve already told you about the problems you can face when you try to advertise your business on the major social media: even if you play by the rules, sometimes you can face serious problems.

So, for the reasons mentioned before, Discord is a very good alternative if you want security with less restrictions.

Moreover, it is free. You can buy the paid plan on Discord, but basically, if compared to social media like Facebook and Instagram, you still have great advantages and fast visibility even if you decide to stay free forever – the kind of visibility that you would reach so fast only running paid ad campaigns on the major social media (moreover, as I said, there is a lower tendency to dispersion).

But, just to let you know, this is what Discord Nitro includes:

discord nitro

This plan costs $9,99/month, or $99,99/year. There is also a Nitro Classic plan, that costs $4,99/month, or $49,99/year.

discord nitro vs discord nitro classic


We give you the right tips, but you need the business.

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You reached the end of this post and I hope I gave you another valid tool to advertise your business.

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We give you the right tips, but you need the business.

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