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Frustrated Affiliate Marketers was born from 2 Play Polls to focus on one of the best methods to earn passive income: affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketers are business owners and, as all business owners, they face frustration: not enough results, too much time, too many methods, too many options, too many scams, too hard work.
Let’s try to keep things easy and to state what we need: secure investments, traffic, the right knowledge, free options, a strategy, content, cooperation, more time.

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For sure, you’ve already heard all the things I listed above. Because the point is that the game is always the same, but the way you reach results makes the difference. If you join Frustrated Affiliate Marketers you will see that here I want you to use the best technologies around to have a competitive advantage. Competition in affiliate marketing is hard, so the first thing we need to do is to compete with a fewer number of marketers. How can we do that? Using some tricks and thinking outside the box. But always keeping an eye on rules. If you are not ready to make things differently, maybe this is not the right place for you.

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My blog is all focused on making you reach results faster working from home with affiliate marketing. This includes technical knowledge that not all affiliate marketers use, products that will help you to manage and automate your work – they will allow you to work smarter and faster, tools that you must use to run your business online, tips and curiosities that will give you an advantage, books and giveaways related to your business.
Stay tuned, because this website reached the first position on Bing and Yahoo in a couple of weeks and the first positions on Google in a couple of months. Using the same tools and strategies I share with you, of course.

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Wealthy Affiliate – To create your business
Work from home with the best platform for affiliate marketers.
Why Wealthy Affiliate is worth it? Because you can find all you need to run your online business.
You can create your website and choose your domain, you can have the support of more than 1,000,000 affiliate marketers, you can have fast support for your website technical issues, you can get comments and feedback, you find the training you need to start with your affiliate marketing business, you can earn money within the community, you can refer the platform and earn commissions, you can drive traffic to your website and much more!


Jaaxy – To optimize your content and drive traffic
The right tool for your keyword research.
Jaaxy is an all-in-one keyword research tool because using it you can not only find the best keywords to drive more traffic to your website, but also analyze competition and the top ranking websites, check the quality of SEO for the keywords you choose, easily use the Alphabet Soup – one of the best techniques to find more keywords and content ideas, find the best affiliate programs according to keywords, discover what is trending online, see how your website is ranking, populate the brainstorm section to set up your strategy.


Show Your Ads: Your personal advertising agency
Promote all the products you want and keep all the money. As you can see on this page, with Show Your Ads your visitors will see a different product every time they jump to your website. With this product, you can create your own advertising agency, fully personalize it and sell adverstising spaces on your website. Show Your Ads: Keep all the money, Forget the crumbs!


Affiliate Bots 2.05 – To automate your work
Do marketing with bots.
This product is a great solution if you want to automate most of your work, save time and money. The price is extremely low: just $12 for 37 tools. And the amount of money you save is impressive if you consider how much you would spend buying each software separately. Don’t forget: this product is reliable because you have the full control of your website and because requires a minimum amount of work: the seller of Affiliate Bots V2.05 doesn’t make false promises!.